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Healthy Snacks? Anonymous 18166

Hey nonas, what are some of your favorite healthy snacks? Can either be something you can buy at the store or something you make!

(please try to be a little more creative than "carrot sticks" or "celery and peanut butter")

Anonymous 18172

Alright check this out :
>baby carrots. but with red pepper dip or hummus
>celery and peanut butter is gross. but celery and tzatziki sauce is “””kino”””
>rice cake topped with peanut butter, banana slices, and cinnamon
>piece of fruit and nuts (i like mango and pecans)
>can of tuna. mix some mayo in there if you like yourself
>old bananas = banana bread or banana muffins (i like adding protein powder to the batter)
>boiled egg good
>yogurt mixed with frozen berries
>yogurt in cute shaped ice cube tray (or normal ice cube tray if you don’t like yourself)

Anonymous 18173

Anonymous 18179

My go to has been these apple sauce pouches from target, they come in blends with carrot, spinach, banana, etc. you don’t taste the veggies that much. Super yummy only downside is they’re meant for kids so the portion is a little small

Anonymous 18183

>can of tuna. mix some mayo in there if you like yourself
I like canned tuna with mayo for rice balls. Its really yummy and easy to make

Anonymous 18184

Samefag but seaweed is also healthy and is in rice balls, but seaweed on its own is also really healthy and a great alternative to chips. I like the spicy ones

Anonymous 18198

In my opinion, as soon as you have to add something to an already healthy food, it stops being healthy. Like apple slices and peanut butter instead of just apple slices. Even a lot of the “healthy” snacks are still loaded with sugar. If I want something quick I just eat a plain fruit or I grab a Quest bar to keep me full for some time (not one of those Clif bars with 20g or sugar)

Anonymous 18205

More satiating meals.

Anonymous 18206

an entire chicken

Anonymous 18213

Tbh if I'm having a high sugar snack anyway I would prefer it to have some nutritional value and be easily digested, so there's still some health benefit

Anonymous 18220

Healthiest snack is no snack. If I'm craving chocolate or something crunchy I just wait and have it as part of my meal.

Anonymous 18222

a peach cut in half with pumpkin pie type spices sprinkled on and baked in the oven tastes basically exactly like peach pie

Anonymous 18236

Be careful though, if you wait too long between meals you may end up overeating later in the day. It is better to have several small meals during the day rather than three big ones, in my own experience (and with research). I feel less hungry when I allow myself to have small items and small plates of food; I just remember to stop eating as soon as the hunger signals go away, and eat very slowly to allow myself time to savour the food and digest it–which also prevents overeating.
That's true.

Anonymous 18238

I drink a lot of flavored water to make myself full and combat cravings.

If I crave sugar I go to blowpops cause they are low in calories and you cant binge eat them.

Anonymous 18275

here's my go-to's for snacks

greek yogurt with small handful of crushed cereal on top
protein bar or granola bar and a cheese stick
container of gerbers puffs
whole grain toast with hummus, cream cheese, or jam (i use thin sliced bread or keto bread, and sugar free jam)
snack sized bag of smartfood popcorn (tbh not that healthy but gets rid of cravings for chips)
unsweetened dried fruit and freeze dried fruit (make sure u look on the nutrition label, it shouldn't say there's any added sugar)
sliced boiled eggs with hot sauce
wrap with a low calorie tortilla, mustard, deli meat, and pickles. you could choose different stuff for the filling of course, another combo is spinach, mozzarella, and egg whites
crackers and hummus, but this one is usually reserved for a bigger snack than usual

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