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Basic Hygiene Maintenance Tips Anonymous 18217

For women who were never taught hygiene maintenance tips by their parents. I'm still learning.

>Teeth should be brushed once in the morning, once at night for 2 minutes each
>Personal preference to brush teeth mid-day
>Floss once a day before brushing teeth, specifically at night to get gunk out of teeth
>After brushing teeth, use a tongue scraper to prevent build up of bacteria, which causes bad breath and health issues
>Visit dentist for cleaning 2x a year (every 6 months)

>Cleanse face in the morning and at night
>Apply moisturizer when done

Body - General
>Get a checkup 1-2 years
>Ears - clean outside, the ear canal (ear is self-cleaning), otherwise you will back up earwax
>Legs - strawberry legs appear when you scrub too hard or lack exfoliation, exfoliate gently and shave gently

Private areas
>Don't put soap inside
>Clean outside with a non-scented soap

I am not joking when I say that I was never taught any basic hygiene tips at all. My mother would always care for herself but never even bothered to take us to the dentist. I'm still learning. Could you guys drop any other basic tips.

Anonymous 18218


>Teeth should be brushed once in the morning, once at night for 2 minutes each
Also don't forget to brush your gums, but not to harshly, and also the very back of your mouth. I did not do this for quite some time.

>Cleanse face in the morning and at night

Salicylic acid is very good against pimples and other spots. I only use it when I have something to "clean away" though.

Anonymous 18219

Oh I have tips! Some might be too basic, but here goes.

>Like mentioned, exfoliate/scrub legs, arms, body with a washcloth and shower gel/body soap
>Shampoo first, working shampoo into scalp before rinsing
>Apply conditioner and leave it for a couple minutes before rinsing out
>If you can’t/don’t want to wash your hair every shower, get a shower cap to keep it dry while you wash your body
>If you have curly or textured hair look into curly girl method, some people get better results by washing their hair with conditioner (cowashing) rather than shampooing every time they get their hair wet
>Change towels every couple showers (I change my towel once a week.)
>After towel drying yourself, apply lotion/moisturizer to body

>Wash sheets once a month
>Wash pillowcases more often to prevent acne (I can’t manage more than once a week)
>Try not to eat like more than a couple hours before bed, and not to go to bed under the influence of anything for best sleep
>Some people swear by not going to bed with wet hair, (showering in the morning or blow drying your hair afterwards) but I’m lazy and go to bed with wet hair

Private Areas
>Wipe front to back in the bathroom
>If you masturbate/have sex pee afterwards to prevent UTIs

>Keep nails trimmed to desired length/filed to desired shape with nail scissors or clippers and nail file
>Even if you don’t grow out your nails, get a cheap nail brush and keep it by your sink to scrub dirt from under nails while washing hands
>If you do keep long nails, it’s extra important to keep them clean

>Wear sunscreen every day, even if you have more melanated skin

Anonymous 18608

on top of brushing your gums, make sure to use mouthwash.

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