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Anonymous 18233

Y'all have any advice on how to dress "normal?" I've loved alt fashion styles all my life but it just repels people, I'm ready to try just being a normie.

Anonymous 18234

I'd try going on pinterest for inspo. I have a few boards I've put together about fashion that I like and it's helped me sorta get myself together

Anonymous 18240

Growing up I was way into alt style. I still am. I’ve kinda matured into my style. In winter I tend to wear more alt styles bc of black and it seems to be more culturally normal to wear black, heavy boots in the winter. So I tend to wear minimalist avant-garde pieces. What I recommend is finding clothes you’re comfortable in. Like during spring and summer I’ve always pulled cottage core (even before it was a thing). Like you don’t have to go 100% into the aesthetic and alt fashion. But “water it down” to every day casual style. If that makes sense.

Anonymous 18244


Buy all your clothes from H&M and other such chain stores from now on. Get all your outfit inspiration from their websites as well.

Anonymous 18265

Look at normie gossip sites and see what people are wearing. Look at normie fashion magazines/online catalogues. Go downtown and see what people are wearing and try to imitate the styles you like.

Anonymous 18278

What gossip sites do normies go to? That seems like important knowledge for my normal woman research.

Anonymous 18282

The last time I kept up with celebrities was when oh no they didn't was big on livejournal, idk what's relevant now.

Anonymous 18311

Just buy stuff on Uniqlo. Everyone shops there and they are mostly plain essentials.

Anonymous 18317

'Normal' depends on your age/generation, location, and context. There's a difference between a 30-year-old office worker strutting business casual versus a 20-year-old university student on a day off. People from different parts of the world will not dress the same as each other, either.

Anonymous 18325

Use tiktok or pinterest

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