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Shy bladder Anonymous 18289

Do/Did you have shy bladder? How did you overcome it?

I've always had trouble peeing in public places, but nowadays it's the worst, I can be dying to go but my own body shuts down down there and won't let me pee. Of course I end up feeling like shit, very bloated and sick. It still won't come out. How do I even fight this

Anonymous 18290

Deep breaths. Closing your eyes or just staring at some random spot on the wall helps as well.

Anonymous 18291

I'll try that thank you nona
This has been hell lately

Anonymous 18296

Just moan whilst peeing. It will be so ridiculous that your piss neighbour will feel more comfortable

Anonymous 18309

Okay… Resident pee shy sufferer and overcomer here.

It was so bad when I was a child that my first grade teacher called my mom to tell her she was really worried about me because I never used the bathroom at school.

In middle school I would squeeze the milk out of my cereal before eating it so I would be so dehydrated I wouldn't need the bathroom, all though high school.

How I got over it:

I started stomping a bit, or bringing a backpack with my and making a big deal of unzipping the zippers so I could start peeing. Making any noise that is totally normal in a bathroom stall and pushing as hard as I could to pee during it. Once you start it's usually auch a relief that you keep going after that hurdle.

You can also cough or clear your throat but sometimes that would make me nervous personally. It also helps to take deep breaths, but honestly nothing worked better for me than rustling my bag personally. It's also important to do this immediately upon sitting down, the longer you sit the harder it will be.

Good luck, nona, I was convinced I would never fix this. I'm not perfect, I still avoid peeing in public but at least I /can/ if I really have to.

Anonymous 18427

I have this problem. Maybe this is creepy but it helps to hear someone else pee first because then I can relax a little and tell myself "they peed knowing you can hear it and it wasn't a big deal, so it shouldn't be a big deal for you to pee too."
Trying to have a mindset of confidence and not giving a fuck helps sometimes.
I have stories:
>On a bus for 5 hours, probably over 12 without urinating and I had to go BAD. When we hit a rest stop there must have been 15 others in the bathroom and I couldn't pee no matter how hard I tried to force myself, so I just didn't and sat with a full bladder for like another 3 hours
>In the bathroom in highschool, girls in there gossiping and I am waiting for them to leave. One of them hears me sniff and asks if I am crying, I insist I am not but she repeatedly asks me and at that point I am so embarassed I refuse to even leave the stall until she does and class has already started
And just last week some woman was in the bathroom literally just pacing around or some shit while i waited to be able to pee.

Anonymous 18433


Anonymous 18439

I block my ears, it's totally a sound thing for me. I guess I subconsciously don't want anyone to hear me pee (consciously idgaf but I still get bladder shyness), so if I can't hear anything either that kind of goes away.

Anonymous 18464

aubrey eilish.png

I even hear people farting while they're in the bathroom at my home, so it's a non-issue for me.

Anonymous 18465

Lol how do you cope with the far worse things in the world if you can't even pee in a public bathroom:/

Anonymous 18466

I mean if this gives you anxiety what else gives you anxiety.

Anonymous 18478

I pee fast while flushing. Or I pee discreetly, by putting some paper to avoid water noise and by targeting above the water and by peeing slowly.

Anonymous 18934

I used to whistle while I peed.

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