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how to look mature when you have 'cute' features Anonymous 18318

like subject says, i want to look more mature. i'm 24, but i have a very round face and big eyes (girls on socials would say "doe eyes") but i get mistaken for younger than i really am. often times its led to people talking down to me as if i were a child. i lost over 30kg in the last year, but my face is still very round. i really like feminine jfashion styles like dark girly and picrel, but as time goes by and im entering a period of my life where i'm starting my career in healthcare, i feel my "cute" appearance has become a detriment to my goals. what can i do to gradually transition into looking more mature?

Anonymous 18319

I have the same issue
>feminine jfashion styles
You can start by dropping this and dressing more mature. You don't have to dress matronly, but simple things like ditching bows, wearing more fitted longer skirts and coats and changing shoes really make a difference. I found that combining medium/high-range designer "adult" items (like LV Alma bags, Stuart Weitzman shoes, etc) with "cuter" feminine clothes makes you look more adult and put-together while still maintaining your overall style.
Makeup makes a huge difference too. I found that, contrary to what I thought would happen, bold lipstick (like bright red) makes people mistake me for younger more often. Look at normie western influencers and see what they're doing, sharper arched eyebrows, dark eyeliner especially in the lower lashes or the millennial "cat eye" can age your face quite a bit.

Anonymous 18324

i'm in the same boat as you at 21, i don't really have any solutions besides what above anon said. if you want to look mature, don't accentuate the things that make you appear young. but yeah, people so often assume i'm 16/17 that sometimes i want to say i'm that age for the lols. i do think the way you carry yourself makes a bit of difference, i think sometimes that if i acted more confident and sure of myself it might lead people to assume i'm older but it could also have the opposite effect

Anonymous 18334


I'd like to know as well. I still look 14 and I feel like only pedos and other creeps are attracted to me. People tell me I should be glad I look younger but I feel like I can't be taken seriously because of it.

Anonymous 18338

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