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How to tell if I'm getting fat or just a paranoid eating disorder haver Anonymous 18353

So I am recovered from a restrictive eating disorder for over a year. However me and my bf broke up two months ago and now I'm starting to feel the desire to lose weight again. I know for a fact I've gained weight since I've recovered, and I'm not sure if it's a good amount of weight, or if it's getting to the level of chubbiness.

How do I tell if I'm just having body dysmorphia and not actually fat? I plan to weigh myself tomorrow morning (my weight would be inaccurate now since I obviously ate today, it's 11 pm where I live)

Anonymous 18355

It’s probably just the ed talking since it works like that. Ending a relationship can leave you feeling insecure. I don’t think weighing yourself would be the best idea if you’ve had an ed in the past.

May I ask what triggered these feelings to come back?

Anonymous 18356

>my weight would be inaccurate now since I obviously ate today, it's 11 pm where I live

Only someone with an ED would think like this. This strikes me as an odd thing to say. It's probably the ED talking. Stay healthy.

Anonymous 18357

Yeah, you're right, I've avoided weighing myself like the plague for the whole time I've been recovered, so starting again probably will easily bring me down a bad path.
Honestly, I think what triggered it is that I want to find someone else to have feelings for and move on as fast as I can, and I guess my ED having brain thought that losing weight will help the process. I also was kind of feeling insecure about how much junk food I've been eating lately, because for some reason in the past couple months I often don't feel hungry, and then when I do, I only want specific foods which are typically "junk".
Thank you for pointing out that it's not a normal thought. I wouldn't have even considered it to be outside of the norm, which is probably bad. So that opens my eyes.

Anonymous 18362

i feel similar nona. im "recovered" now but when i look at myself in the mirror i feel like my thighs are huge and i must be considered at least chubby. but everyone says i am at a healthy weight. so idk

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