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how to get my parents to stop buying unhealthy food Anonymous 18372

I was able to stop my binge eating for a few months. however it came back and I know why, since i still live with my parents they do most of the shopping. they wont stop buying unhealthy food. even when i do my own shopping they still buy unhealthy food. when i tell them to stop they say they will but then the next week i see a bunch of garbage in the fridge. luckily i havent gained alot of weight, honestly my weight is maintained. but im worried it may make my heart worse because thats usually what happens when i binge

Anonymous 18373

i have the same problem, I have stopped to eat after 8pm to avoid gaining weight. When I get craving for unhealthy food I buy a lot of fruits and eat them between meals, also when I see them eating fast food I just stay in my room and drink a lot of water to forget and pretend Im full

Anonymous 18378

I go grocery shopping with my mom and buy food I would eat. When I crave sweets, I eat fruit. I also try to only drink water, this limits any cals or sugar from sweetened drinks. You can just create a substitute for each craving.

There’s a chart somewhere on each craving and a substitute. It usually means you’re lacking in some nutrient that your craving contains.

Anonymous 18388

>I have stopped to eat after 8pm to avoid gaining weight.

That's also good because it will force you to reconsider what you eat. As carbs aren't very filling, you'll be hungry again at midnight, while if you eat protein and vegetables and stuff you will be much more comfortable at night and be able to fall asleep.

Anonymous 18401

Brush your teeth after every meal. It removes the sugar and cravings from your mouth.

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