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Ray Peat Anonymous 18376

Is anyone here into Ray Peat? Do you follow his philosophies? I only started down the rabbit hole that is his website but I find his ideas pretty interesting.

As a coffee-drinker, I enjoyed his article on how coffee is a vitamin.

I'm going to start incorporating some of his ideas and eat more fruit but I'm not sure how deep I'll go.

Anonymous 18384

Today was my first day starting breakfast with OJ and having fruit/veg juice with lunch. I'm not sure if it was the vitamins or the sugar but I felt great all day.

Anonymous 18428

Peat's ideas are really amazing and the deeper you go into the rabbit hole the better it gets imo lol
Some staples in my own diet that are 'peaty' are coconut oil, ice cream, lots of milk and oj, organ meat once a week and a carrot salad when I remember to do make one lol.
My fav thing about his work though is his ideas on estrogen, I reccomend everyone read on what he has to say on it.

Anonymous 18429

My next steps are more organ meat and ice cream! Luckily canned liver is easy to find where I live.

Anonymous 18430

How do you incorporate coconut oil into your diet? I can't cook with it and I have no ideas other than adding it to coffee.

Anonymous 18431

What does he say about estrogen? Initially I thought this thread was the guy shilling himself but turns out he's dead.

Anonymous 18432

I just cook with it. I've heard some people add it to salads but i guess youd have to heat it to get it to melt and mix in.
How come you can't cook with it?

Anonymous 18434


btw not just linking these to be rude or lazy but i think that reading the full article gives you a lot better information than i could condense into a post.

Anonymous 18435

Not for health reasons, I live with other people we just don't cook with oil to keep down on the cleaning.

Different anon but those are interesting, thanks!

Anonymous 18441

Trying milk, orange juice, and coffee with my lunch today. I had to cut out the carbs so it's just that and protein. I'm not sure if all the liquid is going to be filling or not.I'd like to try the carrot salad as well, maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous 18447

Wow. I had a juice box, a small black coffee, 500ml of lowfat milk, a serving of protein powder and some canned sardines and I was uncomfortably full. But I also had energy throughout the day and don't feel that hungry. I'm calling this a success.

Anonymous 18448

I forgot how utterly disgusting canned liver is. Opening is like opening cat food and the texture/taste is so bad. But I felt great for the rest of the day. I'll definitely incorporate it into my meals a few times a week. There's a Chinese place nearby that does good liver but it's in a stirfry and probably drowning in pufas.

Anonymous 18470

I actually got into him after years of struggling with PCOS and OBCD and I don't follow this fully because meat grosses me out. I thought there's no other way for me to lose weight then to just starve myself but now I just eat a lot of fats/dairy/sugar and I've lost around 5kg in a month

Anonymous 19112

if you can, you should try to get fresh liver from a butcher's it tastes SO much better

Anonymous 19729

Bumping this thread to ask if anyone has ever supplemented progesterone? What was your experience like?

Anonymous 19735

i followed his advice a few years ago but there is too much contrary evidence to me. i wish i had a strong background in physiology to do more of a deep dive but from the research i can do too much of it just doesn't hold up.
increased vaginal discharge, higher libido, better masturbation. i stopped taking it because when ever i took it i got purple dots on my skin (petechiae?)…it was supposed to be bio-identical progesterone.

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