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What do women find attractive in other women? Anonymous 18416

Im not comfortable showing my face but what kind of personality, looks, body, and fashion style do most women find attractive in other women? I dont know why women find me repulsive

Anonymous 18417


i like girls that are strange in some way, it doesn't matter what as long as it shows they are true to themselves and have a deep self and outer awareness. anything that makes me think they are "like everyone else" is an instant turn off.
my favorite kind of girl is aloof, a bit mysterious but also secretly incredibly sweet and protective.
i prefer logical thinkers rather than emotional ones (that tend to get on my nerves a lot actually), but being passionate about something, especially if humanitarian in some way, is a big plus.
i like autistic and schizoid traits in girls.


i don't have many preferences, i like all kinds of healthy shapes and heights but if i really had to choose then i'd say i like pale skin, slim girls the most.

>fashion style

again no preferences but i'm not big on the normie (like trends following, slightly elegant but still casual style) or hip-hop fashion, the first because it makes me think she might be uninteresting and the second because it's ugly to me. anything else goes, maybe i prefer feminine clothing though. your picrel is a good example of something i would find nice.

Anonymous 18418

>strange in some way
>secretly incredibly sweet and protective
>pale skin, slim
Lel that’s basically me. Not into feminine clothing though.

Anonymous 18426

Tbh you'll never get a straight answer because everyone will have a different opinion on what makes a woman attractive to them.
As for me, however
Introverted, but a bit more extroverted than myself is okay, she should be at least empathetic and willing to listen, likes/doesn't mind going outdoors, intelligent to some extent
Dark curly hair (at least shoulder-length) seems to be my flavor, but I'm not wedded to this either
Pear or hourglass shaped, can be slim or a bit chubby—just as long as the shape is there
>fashion style
I'm not very picky about this. It just needs to look good on her.

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