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Anonymous 18515

I ate pizza again despite it being so unhealthy. How do I stop eating junk food?

Anonymous 18517

difficult answer? avoid them as best you can until you lose appetite for them.

easy answer? use appetite suppression pulls.

Anonymous 18518

>appetite suppression pills
do you know of any that work without having too annoying side effects?

Anonymous 18550


cook your own healthier, less calorie induced version. i use

>one tortilla (160 calories)

>less than one serving of tomato sauce (20 calories)
>one slice of mozz cheese (70 calories). i cut the slice into smaller slices to put around the pizza, then i put it in the oven and suddenly i have a pizza that does not go over 300 calories and is a decent meal. pic related

Anonymous 18553

Don’t keep it in your house! Additionally, don’t eat out unless you know you’ll pick a healthier food option. Opt out your cravings for a healthier option.
Sweets?= Fruits
Savory? = Avocado & Eggs

There are so many other options. Also, keep healthy snack options so you don’t have to cook a whole meal to eat something healthy.

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