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nutrition Anonymous 18660

i think i might be intolerant to sugar and flour
shit, this sucks

Anonymous 18661

so you are basically doomed to permaketo?


Anonymous 18662

yeah my mom got banned from sesame and gluten not too long ago, rip stir fried rice and tasty pasta noodz ;_;

Anonymous 18663


i do not know
i was skeptical about sugar and flour some years ago because I was quite fat and tried keto, lost some good amount of weight.
But back then i just tried it out to see how it would go. Now eating things with sugar or flour make my stomach revolt, and get gag reflexes.
I blame it on eating a fuckton of refined flours and sweets after my mother died, and maintaining the shitty diet my dad has.
It will be an expensive way of living.

Anonymous 18664

Maybe your body rejects it because you've gone so long without it you don't have the stomach flora to process it. Or maybe your body now recognizes how bad it is for you. I guess you really are doomed to permaketo… or what about whole wheat?

Anonymous 18665

i think keto is at least affordable in the manner that you just have to avoid sugar. i imagine the hard part will be avoiding flour :?

maybe a clinic can help you get this sorted out

Anonymous 18666

I'm getting my studies done next monday. They will tell me afterwards what the issue is.
>Maybe your body rejects it because you've gone so long without it you don't have the stomach flora to process it.
Mind you, this diet was about 4 or 5 years ago, and it lasted around 3 months, I did it after a week of water fasting.
Maybe the culprit is just abusing sugars + weath.
>what about whole wheat?
I went to a store that sells these kind of foods and bought a bag of if. Will try doing some bread when I have time.

Anonymous 18667

no wait, the flour i bought said it's gluten free.

Anonymous 18668

I think three months can be enough time. I had a hippie teacher who said she took a trip to Africa to live in a village and I think it was only for a few months and now she can't eat any bread. She was also crazy and broke her neck doing a handstand on a desk so whatever. She was also mean.

Anonymous 18669

always hated sugar and high gluten foods then i found i was prediabetic, maybe thats you? did you starve yourself? it fucks with your pancreas apparently

Anonymous 18670


apparently that condition is common within my family, I asked my cousin about it and she also said that this disease is metabolic.
What she has is hyperglycemia, which just seems to be prediabetes, but also Coeliac disease.
This just sucks.

Anonymous 18671

It's not so bad. Stuff like tofu is cheap. Permaketo looks expensive, but the smaller portions needed to stay full help to balance things out. I eat a lot of kale salads, and, while avocados seem expensive, one is enough for, like, two meals. You can also look into things like blueberry smoothies. Blue berries, a lot carb nut, yogurt, and ice makes for a great and fast meal.

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