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Quick weight loss no matter how unhealthy Anonymous 18752

So I’ve been a fat piece of shit my entire life but once I had to get on hormones for fucking chemo therapy to work (which didn’t help me lose any weight whatsoever) I gained 30 kg and over the course of 5 years have not been able to lose even a bit. I barely eat, I do strength training and cardio training, walk at least 5 km a day and according to my doctors apparently my blood and organs are all fine and I should just stop stuffing my face :)
I am telling you I am at my fucking limit
I’d rather die than stay fat and I’m too poor to avoid coke
Any recommendations to lose a lot of weight as quickly as possible? The good old finger doesn’t work anymore since it seems I’ve gotten used to it and smoking makes me break out. Help a girl out
P.S. I know I have a severe eating disorder and I’m not the most sane nona around. I’ll get therapy once I’m skinny and pretty

Anonymous 18753

Get help

Anonymous 18754

>I barely eat
Where are all of the excess calories coming from then? Are you a binge drinker? Do you drink a lot of whole milk?

>Any recommendations to lose a lot of weight as quickly as possible?

You probably shouldn't try to do it as quickly as possible. From what I've read it can be dangerous for your health but I also imagine it's psychologically harder to maintain rapid weight loss and you'll probably be more likely to fail and binge at some point. I think you're also more likely to end up with loose skin if you lose weight rapidly.

>The good old finger doesn’t work anymore

Don't do that.

>smoking makes me break out

Don't do that either. What would you be trying to accomplish with smoking anyway? Suppressed appetite? That shouldn't matter anyway, since you already "barely eat".

Step one is probably to stop hating yourself. Then you can start being honest with yourself about your situation and what you actually want to accomplish. Give yourself the opportunity to develop good habits, don't replace eating with sticking your fingers down your throat or smoking. You're better than that. And set realistic goals. Don't try to lose 30kg in a month, you'll die or something.

Why do you want to lose weight anyway? Being fat is cool as long as you're not touchy about it. You should just be a jolly fat person instead. Fat people who are touchy about their weight are the worst. If you're not going to be jolly then eat less. Tolerate feeling hungry more often.

Anonymous 18755

>I'd rather die than stay fat and I’m too poor to avoid coke
Too poor to afford water?

Anonymous 18756

Since what you clearly want is someone to play into your binge-restrict problem, why not pay a visit to edtwt or mpa where there are plenty of retarded wannachans who will tell you to eat 500 calories a day?

Anonymous 18757

get liposuction

Anonymous 18758

>get on benzos
>become a hypersomniac
>eat one meal a day
> sleep the rest of the day away

Anonymous 18759

I think nona means she’d prefer becoming a coke fiend with a dilapidated nose by 30 than stay fat.

Anonymous 18760

Anyways, the non ironic answer is go get a thyroid panel or some shit. Get test for pcos. Go on a calorie counting app (for maintaining consistency not so you could feel better about having a 1k+ deficit because that shit is not sustainable). Walk. Walk and that’s it. Walk on a steep incline. Prioritize protein and eat slowly, and try extending your meals. Don’t inhale your food.
I know you don’t want to hear this, but it’s gonna take a minimum of 6 months to establish and maintain healthy eating habits that will get you to a healthy weight range. There’s no magic 1 week solution. There just isn’t. I was in the same boat as you as im sure many nonas were, where i was just desperate about dropping the weight off asap. a watched kettle never boils.

Anonymous 18761

Have a gastric sleeve done in Poland at a private clinic. Lie about height and weight (they take into consideration your lifetime weight rather than current) as well as comorbidities. Costs about 5k euros. I went to a clinic called kcm in jelenia gora. I'm very slim now.

Anonymous 18762

Count your calories and find out what's providing the most, protein it's the coke I already know from the post. I've lost 50 lbs in the last half year or so. Muscle mass burns 3x more calories than fat per gram just by existing so lift weights instead of falling for the cardio meme, there's a reason why male weight lifters don't bother with cardio a lot of the time. You will also be more toned as a result, and no you won't get "bulky". Make sure you consume a high protein diet to support your muscle building while also providing high quality meals that keep you feeling full longer.

The main thing however is to cut emotions out of it. Look at yourself objectively and literally count every single calorie for a week and where it's coming from. If you can't do something as simple as that you'll never be able to lose weight anyway. Also, I suggest chicken breast for meals. Straight up, nothing else. Yes it's boring and sucks, but it works.

Anonymous 18763

>I barely eat
>I’m too poor to avoid coke
With what you've mentioned, that stands out. Sugar is far more addictive than anyone wants to say in a social setting and these days there is too much sugar available to us. Almost anything dense in sugar like chocolate, ice-cream, coke just isn't anywhere near filling enough to be worth how many calories it has. Just drink water.

If you want to lose weight, my general advice is to keep trying different things till something works for you. Fasting/Intermittent fasting works, it doesn't work for everyone. Exercise works, not everyone can stay motivated for more than a certain amount of time. Crash diets work, only a small % of people don't put the weight back on. Basically don't be afraid to keep cycling through methods till one sticks harder than the others.

>I’ll get therapy once I’m skinny and pretty

I'll do X once I've done Y is a box we put ourselves in, look up "The Toolbox Fallacy" video.

Anonymous 18765


go too crazy and your heart is going to stop. losing and regaining weight makes your body deflate. don't drink soda. walk more than 5 km. stop having an eating disorder. eat 3 balanced meals a day with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and proteins (like legumes, fish, and no fat dairy products). get therapy. starving makes you dumber and gives you osteopenia

Anonymous 18769


first off, seek help immediately. both for eating disorder and possibly PCOS. whether or not eating an actual proper diet is actionable for you. you need therapy now and not in some hypothetical future where you are skinny


they make more versions of coke that don't have calories than ones that do. and they are the same price. learn to live with artificial sweeteners or switch entirely to water.

also it's probably the coke sorry anon. sugar fucks with your head and makes you hungry
>barely eat
food volume and calories are not the same thing (you can get fat on a diet of just peanut butter easily), and if you have a binging problem you can offset any deficit from one day of binging
>as quickly as possible
ive lost extreme amounts of weight before i started calorie counting and can tell you this is a destructive mindset to have that will feed into your eating disorder

you will look fatter if you go into an extreme deficit and lose the muscle you have. and your body will demand food because you are starving and you will feel like shit and possibly threaten your life if you don't listen to your body and eat.

download a food tracker app, get a food scale, set a healthy protein goal and calorie limit and give yourself time and space to adjust and plan meals and ACTUALLY EAT

good sources of protein are:
-chicken breast
-egg whites
-powdered peanut butter (you can get it sugar free, called "pb2 pure" on amazon and add artificial sweetener and salt to it if you want)
-protein powder

pair with other healthy low-calorie foods such as celery, lettuce, fresh fruit

weigh your food for accurate measurements and measure out your fat sources such as oil and butter and use them extremely sparingly

don't starve yourself, always eat close to your calorie limit you set in your food tracker and learn to accept that nourishing your body properly is the only sustainable way to lose weight and feel and look good doing it. if you really strength train and do cardio all the time you burn a hell of a lot of calories and just need a little bit of discipline to lose fat and maintain muscle. use a fitness tracker watch to track your calorie burn if you can and set a ~500 calorie daily deficit with the help of a food tracker app like cronometer. you can sync them together so your food tracker dynamically adjusts to your workouts, too

and get help, seriously

Anonymous 18806

ADHD meds such as adderall & vyvanse will have u dropping weight instantly

Anonymous 18809

The blackpilling truth about skinny people (I mean SKINNY and not fit and healthy) is that they do not achieve thinness through healthy eating and exercise, but through heavy stimulant use–especially legal stimulant use. I'm talking having 6 cups of coffee and a pack of cigs/1000 vape hits for breakfast. They prefer that to food. Heck, stims make food seem like an absolutely repulsive idea. You'll generally find that they've never even seen the inside of a gym and that their diets consist of pure shit like ramen and sweets, but the thing is that they don't eat very much. This is why you often see photos of really skinny girls eating large meals/junk food–-what you see them eating in the photo is likely the only thing they've eaten that day.

Sources: Skinny with tendencies towards tweakerism who instantly gains 15+lbs and can't stop binge eating as soon as she quits caffeine and nic. Every other skinny I've known is the same as me.

Anonymous 18811

If you "barely eat" then what's the explanation for gaining? Unless you heavily restrict and binge regularly.

I lost 30 kg last year by doing a calorie deficit + walking a shit ton. First, do the math to find out your what BMR (amount of calories burned by simply being alive) and subtract 300-500 and that's the amount of cals you intake per day.

if you've done a calorie deficit before and still gained then chances are you're underestimating your intake. Invest in a food scale for more accurate numbers.

Anonymous 18812

That's why I said skinny rather than thin and healthy and called it the blackpilling truth. It goes without saying that fit and healthy should be the goal here. However, I was just sharing some observations.

Anonymous 18815

You're right, I misread your message.

Anonymous 18829

I gave myself exercise bulimia consuming as little food as possible (1 meal a day, palm portion rice and meat with little dessert) while fasting at least 16 hours daily up to 23-24 at a time. I fasted for at least 100 consecutive days and exercised almost daily (alternating between jogging, walking, and cycling which soon changed to jogging for at least 3 km daily). I did this for three months and dropped 10% of my body weight. Naturally when I couldn't take it anymore I gained all of the weight back and then some, and then settled down to about the range of my old weight before I had done all this.

Anonymous 18833

I know you don’t want to hear this. The only way you will lose weight is if you do it in a healthy way and commit to making a lifestyle change. I was very fat and went through many periods of anorexia and bulimia. Those were the darkest times of my life and I was not alive I was killing myself. I gained all the weight back after recovering and then started to do activities I enjoyed like Skateboarding (which is super fun and anyone can skate, it’s great exercise as well) and I also started doing more cardio like cycling or walking. I aim for 45 minutes of exercise everyday but sometimes you can only do 15 or 20 and that’s fine. It’s about being realistic and consistent. You can track your calories but make sure it’s in a healthy range and you can calculate how many calories you should be eating online. Again, you will only binge and gain it back. You may never even lose the weight by not eating. You will be stuck in the same cycle and body forever unless you realize you have a problem.

Anonymous 18838

aside from the obvious that extreme diets should be avoided, i find that one meal a day intermittent fasting is highly effective

Anonymous 18839


its not about meals, its all about calories, you cant break the laws of thermodynamics by doing a half-arsed islamic fast, all that it really helps with is autophagy

Anonymous 18840


currently drink pepsi max to substitute desserts when cutting calories, any better alternatives then?


isten to me LISTEN,
calorie counting + calorie deficit + literally any type of exercise that burns calories

drink water, and if u must then just drink water between every glass of coke

when eating check the calorie info shit on the back, it will give u how much thats supposed to be of how much to consume daily, so try to eat less sodium, and a huge tip is to get as much protein as you can eat in, get good sleep and be active after eating (metabolism), pooping is ur friend literally, switch from pop to tea/coffee/some juices, dead ass kool aid pouches arent that many cals per pouch and are so fucking toe curling so good

Anonymous 18881

do keto. keto shake during breakfast if you have to eat, 3 eggs for lunch, steak and salad for dinner. eventually you can fast until 3-4PM and just eat dinner. have a cheat meal every 3ish weeks to stay sane. cut all carbs from sauce and drinks out. I lost about 25lbs last year doing this, then my bad habits came back. When you go off keto, you have to continue eating vegetables and exercising, a restrictive diet like keto helps you plan out your treats and treat them special like they are supposed to be. Stay under 20-25g of carbs, this allows me to have a small bag or two of small chips every day.

Anonymous 18900

Keto takes 2 weeks to set in and if you fail it you reset. This diet is retarded and not quick at all. Just eat less simple sugars and sodium dont completely cut carbs. I don't understand how this shit fad diet is still being propogated in current year.

Anonymous 18922

How do I even lose weight without coffee and amphetamines, I used to fast and exercise daily while restricting but eventually snapped and gained back more than what I lost anyway, I don't know how to soothe myself other than with food.
>Go fix your mental issue
I'm not willing to replace my binge eating addiction with sex, smoking, or gambling. Video games aren't as stimulating/ no longer more pleasurable than food is. Wtf do I do

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