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Psychiatric medication Anonymous 18794

ITT we talk about psychiatric medication.
>Do you take any? Which ones?
>When did you start?
>Are you diagnosed with anything?
>Which ones have you tried? Did they work?

Anti psychiatry posts and negative experiences with psychiatric medication are welcome.

Anonymous 18796

loss of light in h…

>Do you take any? Which ones?
I used to take fluoxetine, an SSRI for depression.

>When did you start?

I started it in roughly Nov/Dec of 2018, I stopped 4 months later.

>Are you diagnosed with anything?

I was diagnosed with depression. But reluctantly so by the doctor.

>Did they work?

It made me make an attempt on my life by the end of it.

Alright nonas, buckle up it's story time with my god awful experiences with the mental healthcare in my country.
>depressed since 2016
>2 years later I decide I need help, I hated living with the constant heavy weight on my chest
>poorfag student, decide to go through the public system
>no parental support, they don't believe in mental illnesses unless you're one of those 'crazies'
>see general doctor for referral to a public mental hospital
>bring my diary to show them my inner thoughts
>"you just sound angry"
>wtf ok
>she refers me anyway
>months later, see doc in mental hospital
>"you don't look depressed, you smile and make jokes"
>what the fuck
>he puts me down as moderate depression and prescribes me an SSRI
>kid dosage because I was underweight
>start to feel feel a bit ok
>month later, see doc again
>it's a different one
>ask: "so what am I going to do about the dosage? are we upping it to the adult dosage or keeping it the way it is?"
>she literally tells me to take as little or as much as I want wtf
>I go home and start taking the adult dosage
>the meds really start to kick in, I start feeling like a zombie
>less and less I felt like I cared
>in turn I started taking more, because the void was getting worse
>perpetual cycle
>in the end it got so bad I decided that I wanted to rope
>family member comes home, freaks out and calls the police
>get sent as an in-patient in the mental hospital
>get off the meds
>still feel like shit, but my personality started coming back

Feeling anger, annoyance and having agency took a bit to adjust back. But ultimately I didn't like SSRIs. It sucked too that they didn't think to give me any anxiety meds at the time, so I was anxious throughout all of this, but I couldn't outwardly 'feel' it. My parents were giga against meds and stopped me from taking them. In a way it was a good thing to get off them, but I wish I had a choice to pick up a different kind of anti depressant. Right now I'm doing a lot better, I wouldn't say I'm depressed anymore. But I'm actually less functional that I was back then. Nona it'd be interesting to make this thread also include other psychiatric stories like therapy and etc. I bet there are worse horror stories people could tell here kek

Anonymous 18797

antipsychotics = brain poison/chemical lobotomy
>Are you diagnosed with anything?
""schizophrenia"" (had been involuntarily hospitalised 2 times now for it, both times they made me take the poison pills and i hated it)

Anonymous 18814

What did they put you on when you were admitted? Any side effects?

Anonymous 18820

>Do you take any? Which ones?
Sertraline and Cariprazine, thinking of quitting both.
>When did you start?
I started taking SSRI meds at 15 years old.
>Are you diagnosed with anything?
Autism and major depressive disorder.
>Which ones have you tried? Did they work?
A bunch. I hate depending on pills to function. Whenever I don't take them, I want to kill myself. They messed my brain up and made me dependent on them. They only work because it seems I have become addicted.

Anonymous 18841

i've been taking lithium for about a year - i'm bipolar. i had been on antidepressants, other mood stabilizers, and many different antipsychotics and they didn't help in the long term or made things worse. i still get depressed or manic sometimes, but it is mostly manageable

Anonymous 19022

>Do you take any? Which ones?
nope not rn but used to take seroquel and prozac
>When did you start?
prozac awhile ago as a kid, seroquel more recently
>Are you diagnosed with anything?
no and if i am the cuntfucks didnt tell me
>Which ones have you tried? Did they work?
wanna be numb then sure. i'm not even fucking psychotic they just wanted me to shut up and the ssris were after i tried to kill myself as a kid because of people being shitty to me and prescribed under 5 minutes by this stupid bitch. no "informed" consent, get gaslit about withdrawals/side effects. i fucking hate shrinks so much. many get away with prescribing dumb shit because IME they dont see you again .

Anonymous 19366


>Do you take any? Which ones?
I take Invega and Pristiq.
>When did you start?
I started taking medicine when I was 14, started with Abilify and Prozac.
>Are you diagnosed with anything?
Schizoaffective, OCD and GAD. Even ADHD and BPD at one point.
>Which ones have you tried? Did they work?
I've tried Abilify, and it honestly helped a lot minimizing the voices and the delusions. Ativan works for me very well for anxiety. Haldol knocks me out. Prozac worked okay in low doses, but in high doses caused me to have suicidal thoughts. Wellbutrin sucks. I honestly didn't notice much of a difference with Vyvanse, other than I didn't eat very much and lost a lot of weight. (wish i could go back on it for that reason, kek) Medicines in general just suck, they make you gain weight and shit. I'm on a good regimine now, but God it took forever to get on the right one. I've taken SO much medicine throughout the years.

Anonymous 19375


>Do you take any? Which ones?
Citalopram, Buspirone, Effexor, Adderall, Prozac
>When did you start?
between the ages of 14 to 16 for Citalopram and Buspar, 18 to 20? for Effexor, 22 to 29 with Adderall, 28? to now with Prozac
>Are you diagnosed with anything?
Bulimia, GAD, OCD
>Which ones have you tried? Did they work?
Citalopram, I was too young to appreciate whatever I was feeling. Buspirone gave me "brain shocks". Effexor was good but expensive and I had to stop taking it cold turkey when I lost my parents' insurance. Adderall was great but I became hopelessly addicted to it so I stopped taking it. Prozac has been great, no complaints. I'm on the lowest dose, I may need to up it soon, but it helps a lot.

Anonymous 19455

>Do you take any? Which ones?
Lithium carbonate, quetiapine, and two others for anxiety and depression symptoms.
>When did you start?
I've started taking medication when I was 15, but these… Only this year.
>Are you diagnosed with anything?
BPD with comorbidities, recurring depression. Testing for autism right now.
>Which ones have you tried? Did they work?
I've went through a lot of medication throughout my life; my body "gets used to them" and they stop having their effect on me. It gets pretty annoying. But I'm thankful mine are working pretty well up until now.

I guess the only bad thing to notice, in my experience of course, is my really bad memory. I don't really know if there is anything related with all the medication I've taken (and the suicide attempts with it) but I feel like it might be the meds. It definetely fried my brain! :B

Anonymous 19533


>Do you take any? Which ones?

Sertraline (100 mg) and Trazadone because my anxiety doesnt let me fall asleep
>When did you start?
Maybe in august
>Are you diagnosed with anything?
Severe MDD, GAD, Social anxiety disorder as well as Anorexia.
>Which ones have you tried? Did they work?
Currently only sertraline since ive only been recently medicated, but they arent really doing it for me

Anonymous 19587

I took various different antidepressants and other medications throughout my teen years. from about 13-19. I never felt like they really "helped" me and much of my adolescent years are a blur of depression.
Sometimes i wonder if i should try taking them again. i dont think they will help me with my underlying problems but maybe it would make me functional enough to get through college. Right now im a depressed neet. Just waiting for my heart to stop beating.
Pristiq was the last drug i was on, from maybe 17/18-19. It ended up giving me these weird yellow balls in my shit. like literal yellow balls. they mustve been like a half inch in diameter and they were filled with this white stuff. nightmare shit.
And the tapering off/withdrawal from pristiq was like nothing id ever experienced. i would have some sort of demonic version of sleep paralysis where i would hear buzzing electronic bees in my ears and couldnt move. It would feel like my head was exploding. I still get sleep paralysis (which i never had before pristiq) but it isnt as bad now that ive been off pristiq for a good 3 years. It is what ultimately truly turned me off from medication, along with the weird attitude i would encounter with psychiatrists. They were always super patronizing and weird to me. I can't stand them now.

Anonymous 19590

>It's been 6 months, first time in my life after puberty, that I'm not on any medication. I was on Prozac, Citalopram and then Effexor between the ages of 15-21. I also took biphentin. Am currently prescribed seroquel to take if I'm in crisis.

Effexor worked the best by far.
Biphentin worked to help me focus, but when I was 17 I got out of a toxic relationship and started abusing it to lose weight and masturbate all night. I was taking it by the handful. Very dangerous.
Seroquel turns me into a sleepy retard, I don't know how anyone can function on that. It does make me too tired to self harm or attempt suicide, though.

>Generalized anxiety disorder, but I was medicated for symptoms of depression. I was diagnosed with PTSD but I still feel like they were too laissez-faire with that label so I don't identify with it. Also have ADHD and take 20mg biphentin if I really need to get something done.

In the past 7 years I've come to learn that physical ailments really affect your mental health, and it's not something that can just be brushed off.

In 2021 I took a bottle and a half of biphentin, a bottle of aspirin, slit my wrists and neck open to kill myself. I did a CT scan for my neck at the hospital and coincidentally found out I had thyroid cancer. I'd cut an inch above the tumour.
My mood problems were likely caused by the cancer. In the process I also found out I'm anemic and vitamin d deficient.
Now that I regularly take my synthroid, iron and vitamin d, I finally have energy and motivation. I feel competent again. I need to exercise and take my medication on time or my body begins to betray me and trick me into depression.

Mentally ill nonas, get your thyroids checked.

Anonymous 19598

back in to report Vyvanse, best drug eva

Anonymous 19716

… I hope you're locked up

Anonymous 19739

Anyone have any success with medication for insomnia? For me SSRI-type drugs make my jaw clench so the only thing that works is diphenhydramine (benadryl), which is terrible for you. Being able to consistently sleep would fix like half of the problems in my life. I've been to the doctor many times for it over the years and they do jack shit despite not being able to sleep for several days at time. If you were prescribed something harder than an SSRI, how hard for you was it to get prescribed it?

Anonymous 19740

Was prescribed Atarax, it did not go well at all: I was unconscious during nights, got up in a limbo, a zombie until 2 p.m..

Lots of physical exercise and giving up caffeine did the trick for me. Plus I don't use screens after a certain time in the evening. I sometimes take gaba or melatonin but I don't feel it has a big influence…
It is just me tho.

Anonymous 19755

Had severe allergic reaction to Lamotrigane even though it was working for me… so after my next pill fill I'm going to be on Abilify. I can't afford some of her more expensive recommendations, esp if I lose my insurance in coming months. Please tell me this works.

Anonymous 19795

antipsychotics are poison

Anonymous 19797



Pill junkie, doctor shopper, here. Attempted suicide more than a dozen times, was hospitalized 3 times, one of them for more than a month. Had to have my stomach pumped many times because of attempted suicide through OD. Was kidnapped,sexually, physically and mentally abused for 2 years, almost got killed 3 times by that person and they used me as a way to extort all of my family’s money.

>Do you take any? Which ones?

Sertraline, Keppra (I’m epileptic), Alprazolam (Xanax) and Zolpidem (Ambien, my beloved)

>When did you start?

I started to take Sertraline and Ambien at 14. Quickly became addicted to Ambien and started abusing it.

>Are you diagnosed with anything?

BPD, PTSD, major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, suicidal ideation, panic disorder, insomnia.

>Which ones have you tried? Did they work?

Other than the ones I’m taking right now:

Quetiapine - absolute shit, makes me extremely angry when I take it. Was pushed heavily by my doctors even though it’s originally an antipsychotic, and I was never psychotic nor have I ever come close to being schizo. Idk why doctors think Quetiapine can be considered and antidepressant. It’s just not.

Mirtazapine - Makes me sleep for too long and I wake up feeling like shit.

Haldol - Made me pass out and hit my head at the mental hospital’s bathroom.

Lithium - Absolute shit too. Makes my stomach hurt and makes me angry as fuck. I already have very serious anger issues, and Lithium along with Quetiapine made my anger issues reach deadly levels.

Some others I don’t remember the name - Quit them since they either didn’t work or had unpleasant side effects.

I’m still suicidal, I still cry everyday at least once because of my PTSD, I’m basically a shut in at this point and nothing got better, tbh.

But I feel like as long as I can abuse my Ambien I can live. But doctor shopping is hard, expensive and probably illegal where I live (Japan). I started drinking moderately to try to replace my Ambien doses and gradually lower my tolerance and it works but I hate the taste of alcohol and I hate hangovers.

Hope for all s here to have a speedy recovery and a happy and healthy life.

Anonymous 19811


>Do you take any? Which ones?
Every SSRI basically until one sent me to the hospital with psychosis (Viibryd).
Buspirone, Seroquel, Risperidone, Adderall, Vyvanse, Xanax, Ativan.
The Xanax & Ativan are the only ones I took consistently (10 years) and I tapered off 2 years ago
>When did you start?
>Are you diagnosed with anything?
MDD, ADD, Panic Disorder
>Which ones have you tried? Did they work?
the SSRIs would always help my depression and give me boosts of energy for a few months and then quit working and i would try a new one. the benzos worked for my panic attacks but since ive tapered off, i no longer have panic attacks but just kind of live in a constant state of uneasiness + feelings of dread a few times a week.
adderall is amazing for making me be productive for once in my life but i cannot take it because the come down makes me suicidal

Anonymous 19812

Can't fall asleep until 4am and wake up until 4pm on Invega. Dose is only 3mg. Pain.

Anonymous 20005

>Do you take any? Which ones?
used to take abilify and tegretol
>Are you diagnosed with anything?
no but does anyone know why they might have prescribed those two pills?

Anonymous 20023

I'm on Latuda and Lamotrigine for bipolar. I don't know if I really need both but I've been feeling very stable since I added Lamotrigine.

Anonymous 20024

>Do you take any? Which ones?
sertraline and quetiapine
>When did you start?
sertraline in 2022 after 4 years of prozac and mirtazapine didn't work, quetiapine as of 2023
>Are you diagnosed with anything?
oh boy. autism, ocd, depression, getting tested for borderline.
>Which ones have you tried? Did they work?
prozac did nothing for 4 years and mirtazapine made me go fucking crazy

Anonymous 20025

also quetiapine will make you gain crazy weight if you don't keep an eye on it, i've gained 30 lbs in under a year.

Anonymous 20031

>Do you take any? Which ones?
Abilify and Seroquel
>When did you start?
6 months ago
>Are you diagnosed with anything?
Major depression, Generalized anxiety, PTSD
>Which ones have you tried? Did they work?
Escitalopram didn't work, Sertraline didn't work, Duloxetine worked extremely well with negligible side effects.

My doctor's trying antipsychotics because I might have bipolar disorder. So far they're nothing but side effects. I've gained 15 lbs and sleep 12-15 hrs a night. APs suck hard. They keep threatening to hospitalize me on top of it all.

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