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Sleeping too much/too little Anonymous 1880

>do you sleep abnormally? Do you know why?

>do you have advice for miners who sleep abnormally?

I'm trying to get into a normal sleep routine but it's summer break and I'm sleeping more than 12 hours a day; up to 16 TBH. My friends always make jokes about how much I sleep but I feel super unproductive and would like to be awake to do personal dev 9-5 whilst I'm not doing anything else

Anonymous 1881

I sleep way too little, maybe 4-6h max. I've recently started working out so hopefully it will help me to fall asleep faster at night. I need to, you know, just close my eyes and try to sleep but that's almost impossible if I keep texting people at 11pm. It's a matter of creating a routine, I think.

I used to take melatonin and I would recommend it.

Anonymous 1882

I usually sleep 12-16 hours a day because I have an autoimmune disease, longer if I'm having a bad day. I'm a NEET, so sometimes in winter I don't see sunlight for weeks.

Anonymous 1883

No matter what I do, I end up sleeping during the day and being awake all night. I don't even like being awake at night because I feel much more depressed and lonely when it's dark. And then if I stay up all night and all day, I end up not being sleepy and staying up the night after that so I end up sleeping during the day again.

Anonymous 1884

I always cry of happiness like the 2 days of the month I manage to do a normal sleep schedule of like 12 midnight to 8 am. It makes me feel so good because I love sunlight and daytime so just experiencing it for so long makes me a lot more productive and accomplished during the day.

The rest of the month though I'm in a hellzone irregular cycle where it changes virtually every other day. Right now I fall asleep around 9/10 am and wake up around 5pm which makes me feel like shit because I waste literally the entire day.

Anonymous 1885

6-8 hours on work days and 8-11 hours on the weekend

It takes me really long to fall asleep and I'm a light sleeper. I keep waking up during the night just to turn around lol

Some things that help me sleep better;
>a clean room
>showering before bed
>light stretching or yoga

Anonymous 1886

Same here. I either sleep too much or I stay up straight for a day or two. :c

Anonymous 1887

>>1885 is a clean room really a thing for good sleep?! I always thought it was my mother bullshitting me lol

Anonymous 1888

It has to do with relaxing your mind. It's also a de-stress tactic. Basically it's meant to show people who feel overwhelmed/out of control that they CAN control things like cleaning their space.

Plus it makes you feel good that your space is neat/you can be like "If my space is clean things are ok!!!"

Anonymous 1889

I wonder if this is why I am obsessed with tidying and get upset if any part of my house is messy? Or if it's just an OCD thing. I feel calmer and more in control when things are neat.

Anonymous 1890

I sleep WAY too long if I forgot to take my thyroid medication for a few days. If I could I would sleep literally all day long.

Usually I sleep 10 hours but if I drink coffee I can also deal with 6 to 8 hours per day, maybe with a short nap.
Currently I'm working on having normal sleep habits. It's kind of hard to get yourself to get up when you know you could sleep two hours longer. But forcing myself to get up relatively early is the only thing that kind of works for me. Now at least I go to bed at 1:00 rather than 4:00 o'clock. I need to prepare myself for when I'm done with uni.
The next step is to establish a night and morning routine.

Anonymous 1891

It's almost 8am and I didn't sleep at all last night. I either sleep too much or not at all I fucking hate it.

Anonymous 1892

This probably sounds weird but it makes me more committed to being comfy, if I have a nice clean room I'm more relaxed and more keen to snuggle up in bed for sleep. Usually I'm kind of reluctant to sleep because I want to stay on the net or whatever.

Anonymous 1893

If I could I would sleep all day long, no ragrets.

I have kids now so forget about waking up late :( I wake up around 6-7am every single day, including weekends and holidays. So I always feel tired, although maybe thats due to anemia.

Anonymous 1894


MFW when this has actually helped me sleep a bit better. What the actual chub is this witchcraft?!?

Anonymous 1895

You have to be strict with yourself and choose healthier options.

I used to sleep a lot and irregularly, and constantly need a nap or otherwise feel drowsy in the daytime.

I started by cutting down my naps, instead of taking hours long naps I went to 15 min power naps (trust me these are great) and forcing myself to go to bed at the same time every night (like 9 or 10pm since I woke up at 5am to study before class (this was more productive than staying up until 5am to study imo)) even if I just lie in bed for hours. Even after classes ended I stuck to this schedule, though I would lie in bed and surf my phone at 5am instead. But I could still get up at 7am and feel ready to be productive.

Eating nutritious food and getting daytime energy from vegetables during the day helped a lot too. I try to avoid heavy food and some carbs at lunch because of the glycemic index (http://www.glycemicindex.com) causing essentially a sugar crash.

I also found out that I'm really weak to caffeine so no coffee after 12pm and no tea at night if I need to wake up early. I still wake up to an alarm but it feels more like naturally waking up/I don't feel groggy and I'm able to go through a whole day without feeling like I need a nap or energy boost like coffee/redbull or whatever. I do get unbearably tired if I try to stay up past midnight but that's a small price to pay.

Anonymous 1896


As a person with ongoing mental and some physical struggles since childhood (my thyroid gave out at age 12), I've always overslept and felt tired. The only way I have been able to overcome this was not with numerous pills I tried but with DBT therapy. For me, I've learned how to prioritize my sleep quality and consistency more highly than I used to, and that means not oversleeping. So, I do what it takes to wake up and get my day going now, versus before where I would regularly sleep 11+ hours per night.

So yeah, find morning things to look forward to–a workout, stretching, caffeine, Vyvanse/Adderal XR if you can get it, myo or d-chiro inositol/spearmint tea (for hormonal treatment–helps a lot of women but not all, but I definitely want to spread the word about these as a lady who's gone thru so many different hormonal treatments and found easier and healthier methods!), B-vitamins, certain foods, certain routines like using a facewash/toothpaste/other product you love the smell/taste of–just try and see what helps you wake up and want to wake up and value your day so you can value your sleep.

Try taking melatonin at night, it helps many people. And of course use f.lux on your PC or Twilight app on your Android device and tint your screen orange in the hours before you're going to bed, because I think most of us here are going to use our devices before bed.

Anonymous 1897

Apparently mediating can help you gain an hour of sleep per day.

Anonymous 1898

I have a similar issue and just can't stop sleeping, sometimes I'm only up for 6 hours a day. I used to use f.lux, but I do a lot of retouching and need my screen calibrated or I'll go nuts

Anonymous 1899

I have a pretty odd/bad sleep routine, which only gets supported by my job now.

I always had issues going to bed early.
My usual "tiredness" routine looked like this, when I still went to school:
>waking up early morning (between 6-7am), feel like shit
>feeling awake first at 1pm
>starting to get really tired around 3pm, often gave up and took a nap as soon as I got home
>gets better around 8/9pm
>starting to feel good around the 10pm mark
>super energized and creative from then on onwards
>start to get tired at 1.30/2am
>rinse and repeat

I knew I was going to bed too late, but I wanted to use the few hours I actually felt full of energy.
To change this I tried for a long time to do the whole "go to bed early, have a regular routine" thing but it never worked out. I tried it during school, tried it during my first jobs.
I got more sleep but was still tired in the mornings, and my brain still was in full force during the late hours, just that I was now forcing myself to ignore it and just lie in bed.
In the end it felt like it wasn't the amount but the actual times.
Like having eight hours of sleep didn't matter to me when I had to wake up at 6am, but those eight hours were just right when I woke up at 10am. And being awake for X hours didn't matter as soon as the sun went down, I was suddenly wide awake.

I gave up on forcing myself to have a regular routine and now do this (I start working at 12, midday):
>wake up at 11am
>go to bed 2am
I get comfortable nine hours of sleep, can still work during my most active time, can skip the horrible morning.
Never felt so good, despite the odd hours. Just dread the time I will get one of those "be there at 8am" jobs again.

Anonymous 3085

>>1896 yo this was actually a mega good response, gonna try some of this stuff you've said. I've been changing screen colours lately on my phones/ipad but my friend told me of an app for my PC and laptops. I've been trying to not use screens as much nearer to bed time but it's hard to kinda step away from it all. I'm going to start reading again I think.

Anonymous 3094

If you're the type to roll around in bed endlessly and feel exhausted when you wake up, I recommend sleeping on the floor as that helps me a lot.

Anonymous 3247

Does anyone have a really good quick fix for changing the times you sleep? I'm currently going to sleep at 4am and waking up at 1pm but I'm a heavy sleeper so even if I set an alarm for like 8 my brain just ignores it or I get up and press snooze (please don't be like just don't press it/turn off snooze, I will still go back to sleep, it's like I'm on autopilot). I'm back in lectures tomorrow so I have to be up 100% by 5.30AM but if I don't sleep until 4.00…. argh.

Tempted to get one of those light alarms too, that recreate sunrise. Do any miners use this? Would you recommend?

Anonymous 3250

>>do you sleep abnormally? Do you know why?
yes. several reasons
>I have chronic pain, it's not as bad as it used to be 2-3 years ago, but especially around my period I'll get really awful back pain and joint pain which makes lying down uncomfortable
>i'm on wellbutrin which gives you crazy vivid dreams and mine stress me the fuck out
>i'm generally a depressed person and I don't like just lying there waiting for sleep because it means I'm alone with my thoughts in the dark and that isn't very fun. I will get mildly drunk or just stay up until my eyes are closing on their own
>my depression is also atypical so I'm tired all the time no matter how much I sleep, which means that it doesn't really matter if I sleep at all
>I love the feeling of working hard beyond physical limits and I think sleep is an unfortunately necessary waste of time
>I love my dark circles, I don't cover them up too much. I love the heroin-chic look on myself – ill, super skinny, etc.

>>do you have advice for miners who sleep abnormally?

see if you're depressed that might be it

Anonymous 3251

should also mention that I average around 5-6 hours a night, anything more feels like a waste of time imho

Anonymous 3266

A lot of my friends have kinda fucked up sleep schedules, where they often take a lot of naps or go to bed at really late even on days where they have classes. I guess compared to them my sleep schedule is pretty okay (typically 7-8 hours on days when I have class or work, 9 on weekends).
Typically about an hour or two before I go to sleep (note: I try to go to sleep at the same time every night except on weekends) I like to wind down and not do anything that will make my mind start to work/think a lot so I tend to stay away from texting people, using social media, and making sure I complete all necessary chores/work I need to do that early on. I also tend to stay away from naps since they feel like a loss of productivity to me, unless I'm sick or feel really shitty. In my hour or two before bed I like to browse chans/sites where discussions are taking place or just read a page on Wikipedia or something (they do say reading helps before bed! wink wink).
If I even slightly mess up my sleeping schedule a bit I feel really worried that I won't get a good nights sleep. It's like I'm a working clock now, but it's worth imo

Anonymous 3268

I used to seep fine now I find myself waking up at night. It's cause I got dumped.

Anonymous 3286

I'm about to get dumped too, I'm mostly sleeping the day away every single day.

Does anyone know how to prevent or fix the physical discomfort and headache that comes with sleeping too much (other than getting up/not sleeping as much?). I can't sleep for more than 12 hours because of it, ideally I'd like to stay awake for less than 6 hours a day total

Anonymous 3292

Stress or knowing I have plans the following morning has lowkey been messing up my sleeping schedule. I'll wake up like 2-3 hours before my scheduled wake up time and start stressing myself out to the point where I cannot sleep. It sucks cause sleep is all i want

Anonymous 3298

Same. But in my case Ill wake up at 3am and instantly start thinking about the reason Im stressed about. Cant sleep anymore after that. it sucks

Anonymous 3318

>do you sleep abnormally? Do you know why?

For nearly 20 years my sleeping pattern was: sleep 3-5 hours, wake up completely normal, once every 3 weeks sleep an entire day, rinse and repeat. I have manic depression, and barely sleeping is a sign of oncoming mania, but there's no way I've been manic for that long

This past month I have been ridiculously tired nearly every day. It's not unusual for me to sleep 14 hours now; I'll wake up extremely groggy and then go back to sleep for ever. Luckily I'm taking online classes this semester or I'd be fucked

>do you have advice for miners who sleep abnormally?

Really try to reset your sleep schedule when you have the time, which usually means staying up for 24 hours

Anonymous 3320

I've been ridiculously tired for like the past 8+ months. I sleep 9-10hrs most days. Some days I nap all day and I'm still so exhausted that I can sleep another 10hrs that night. My memory and general cognitive ability have gone down the drain.

I don't know what's wrong, but I'm thinking sleep apnea. I tend to wake up once or twice during the night, sometimes sweating or heart racing. I had my thyroid checked, but it was fine. I'm doing a sleep study next week and I'm hoping it'll give me an answer.

If you're having issues, I very much recommend trying typical sleep troubleshooting like exercising more or cutting out caffeine. If that fails, try to get your blood tested and if that doesn't show anything useful, get a sleep study done.

Anonymous 3321

Is there any possibility of some sort of thyroid disorder? Maybe you could've switched from hyper to hypo and have graves disease or something.

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