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Learning beauty from scratch Anonymous 18960

Hi /hb/. I'm new to the site.
I was always really shy growing up. I was too quiet and introverted to make friends, and my parents were terrible role models who didn't teach me anything. I'm an adult now, but I don't feel like one at all because of my bad upbringing. Eighteen feels so young, but at the same time, I feel like I completely missed out on girlhood.
When I leave the nest for college, I want to be as confident as other girls my age.
But I never learned anything about makeup, fashion, or anything… I just wore what my parents tossed at me.
I promise I'm not trying to throw a pity party. I'm just really overwhelmed by how big and busy the world outside my town is.
Where do I even start with beauty, fashion, makeup, things like that? I would probably cry if I had to ask this from a classmate I barely know… Please help?

Anonymous 18961

Welcome. I was in the same place as you where I didn't know a thing about any of that. I think you first need to decide what kinds of fashion you like and how you want to present yourself. One resource that helped me was browsing Pinterest for clothing styles that looked good to me, and then looking for similar clothing pieces that go with it. If you're not sure what you like, looking up 'minimalist wardrobe' can give you ideas for some clothing pieces you can mix and match together to get multiple outfits out of, which can give you more of an idea of how to layer clothing and wear different pieces. This similarly applies to makeup. Look for inspiration, watch any of the countless tutorials on YouTube, Pinterest, or even Tiktok if that's your thing. I think going for simple styles of clothes and makeup in the beginning will be a good step. Once you're familiar with that you can feel more confident branching/experimenting into other styles.

As for beauty, you can look up basic beauty routines other people have for some ideas? I think the main things to get into a routine for are washing your face, showering regularly, brushing hair, and applying skincare (which can be as simple as lotion and sunscreen). Starting with that is good, then you can do some research into hair care if that's your thing (like a weekly conditioning mask).

All in all, learning a lot of these things from scratch feels like a lot. Take it one step at a time and good luck

Anonymous 18962

Slight correction- searching up 'capsule wardrobe' will give you more pictures and ideas of sets of clothes that you can make multiple outfits from.

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