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Memory loss Anonymous 18981

Does anyone else with serious memory problems? For years now I have felt as if I developed some kind of early stage dementia. Recently, it feels like it's gotten worse. I just almost threw my keys out with the garbage because I forgot they're in my hand and thought they were somewhere else. Had to fish them out of the garbage bag. I struggle to remember which side to turn my lock to lock/unlock the door, and I end up sleeping on an unlocked door whole nights because of it sometimes. I still struggle to find my way around routes I have been to several times before. I don't know pretty much anyone's birthday except my own, but even then I've unironically forgotten how old I've turned sometimes and have to do the math (No joke). I almost always leave home having forgotten something, like my money or umbrella. It's gone beyond being some kind of "haha, how cute" kind of airheadedness to being like I'm going to legit wake up one day and not even remember my own name. Any advice?

Anonymous 18983

Might not be comforting but sounds a lot like me. For me personally it has to do with my ADHD and paranoia/anxiety. I have found it's gotten a little worse as I have gotten older but I think mistakes like that just start to matter more the older you get so not sure.

Every time I leave the house I am convinced I have forgotten something catastrophic. I also have to check my purse like 2-3 times after using my debit card to make sure I put it back and didn't lose it. I've left my phone on the toilet paper dispenser at a public bathroom before, and I also can't ever remember how old I am unless I think for a bit. Oh, and this is the worst one.

I cannot EVER remember the difference between left and right. Every single time I have to hold up my hands and see which one makes the "L" shape for left. So, yeah you are not the only one and I really don't think it's dementia.

You should start doing memory puzzles/games on your pc or phone to train your brain a bit.

Anonymous 18984

I also can't remember how old I am without thinking about it but I think thats because after 21 you just kind of exist

Anonymous 18988

Same and I also misread stuff all the time. Lately I've noticed that I see negative particles when there's none and vice versa. Makes studying more difficult. Same with typos (as in seeing them), but at least they are not misleading. Also had to answer an open question once and when I was about to submit I noticed that half of the words were missing, took me a few iterations to complete the text. Actually I blamed it on being tired from uni but it hasn't gotten better on a break.

Anonymous 18989

oh thank god it's not just me, I'm turning uh i think 35 this year and i can never remember if I'm already 35, about to turn 35 or if I'm turning 34. Nowadays when people ask me how old I am i just say 'yes'.

Anonymous 18992

You know sometimes you have to use your common sense and see a doctor instead of posting on an imageboard. Seriously go see a doctor.

Anonymous 18994


How condescending. The doctors are expensive and usually shit where I come from. If I could, I would have checked it ages ago.

Anonymous 19001

Could be some kind of severe nutrient deficiency or an environmental issue (carbon monoxide poisoning, inhaling some kind of microplastic/glue 24/7 in your house)

Anonymous 19002

hi nona, i can't say i fully relate to you but i do have some pretty bad memory issues and i sometimes forget where my keys are when i'm literally holding them. i've found out from experience that a lot of memory issues come from suppressed trauma. like you're so used to suppressing memories it's leaking into your normal life. i know doctors are expensive in some countries but i highly suggest talking to a therapist about this, please consider it a priority as your mental health is as important as your physical health. take care!!

Anonymous 19003

image_proxy (68).j…

Anonymous 19032

Anonymous 19046


OP here. Thanks for the suggestions. Maybe I should start looking into brain puzzles. I've actually been learning another language and I heard that helps strengthen memory but that doesn't seem to have been working for me…. I am already bilingual and if anything, I just forget what word was what in either language I already know.

>I cannot EVER remember the difference between left and right. Every single time I have to hold up my hands and see which one makes the "L" shape for left. So, yeah you are not the only one and I really don't think it's dementia.

Think I had this problem as well, growing up. As well as the age I finally learned to do basic things like tell time on a clock and tie my shoes as well. I think that may have just been me being a retarded slow child in general, but I'm also high paranoia/anxiety. When I get anxious, the memory issues and clumsiness seem to get twice as bad. I was forgetting things like bringing ID for taking care of residence registration and showing up several days early when I agreed to meet somewhere with someone because I forgot the date we said.


That is true. Except it feels even earlier. After 18 I completely stopped caring about how old I am.


Yes, I do have Vitamin D deficiency as well (Cus never go outside as much as I should…) Also likely depression that has been rotting my brain away.


Good video, thanks for sharing. In that case it is just weaker memory. It has just been concerning because the frequency of forgetting seems to have been increasing over the past several years. I also write stuff down to help me remember, but in that case I should probably "tie the pencil on" like she mentions, as well. haha

Anonymous 19100

>For years now I have felt as if I developed some kind of early stage dementia. Recently, it feels like it's gotten worse.
> When I get anxious, the memory issues and clumsiness seem to get twice as bad.

Hey, I know I'm late to this, but I was having similar issues before I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem. I also felt like I was developing early stage dementia. It also gets worse for me when I'm stressed. In hindsight, I had memory/brain problems for a couple of years before I developed other symptoms that made me realize it could be something more. The memory and thinking problems had started so gradually that I thought they were personal traits that I'd always had but had only recently started noticing, but no, they were symptoms of a health problem. Not saying you have what I have, but it's not normal to feel like you're developing dementia at a young age. I hope it gets better!

Anonymous 19104

Sounds like depression and probably other mental health disorders like >>18983 said

Anonymous 19137

Screenshot at 2023…

>>18988 samefag
It's gotten worse, I started mixing up words to the point when it's difficult to communicate, and the words I say are still in the same category as the words I mean to say, so people don't even question it. Like mixing up fruits, money stuff (cash/tips) etc. I tried fish oil and it seemed to make my periods (at least one period) regular but haven't noticed any benefits for brain yet (tbh wasn't consistent due to travelling). Idfk, my diet seems balanced enough other than that. Researching CBD oil rn. I would see a doctor but unsure which one + it feels like a stupid thing to complain about

Anonymous 19138

For your word problem a neurologist/psychatrist

Anonymous 19140

I have really bad memory, short-term and long term. I'm in my thirties but my memory is that of someone in their 60s/70s. My dad and paternal grandma also have/had memory problems dating back to when I was a kid.

I tried brain games, but they don't really help. They just help you get better at the games.

Make sure you are getting dha, I think gaba helps memory as well.

Anonymous 19141

you have a tumour in your brain. go to the doctors. NOW!!

Anonymous 19143

I do the same thing but I abuse alcohol and get really flustered when socializing. Are you similar?

Anonymous 19144

In the past I would drink something light on family gatherings, but recently I stopped completely. I've always had issues with socializing but now it feels hopeless, I mostly talk to my family and usually it's through calls/texts. Idk I guess that could affect speech?

Anonymous 19145

try B12

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