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Physical Condishuns Anonymous 1900

What kind of physical issues do you deal with? How do you treat them? Have you found alternative treatments helpful? How do other people react when learning about them? Etc.

Let's share our trials here.

Anonymous 1901


I've had right shoulder/neck/upper back pain for a few years I woke up with one day. I went to doctors-specialists, physical therapists, practiced yoga, strength-training, with little results.

Someone told me right shoulder/neck pain can be connected to a gallbladder issue. So, I tried the popular, natural quick-fix: apple cider vinegar. The next day I had the least pain I've had in years. I am having an ultrasound and blood tests to confirm.

It's frustrating to only find this out now when other symptoms I've been dealing with all make sense now: the "probably IBS" one doctor said I had (diarrhea often), my dead-looking skin from the lack of nutrient absorption, the nausea/vomiting, extreme bloating, heartburn with every meal, gas, issues consuming alcohol, and even itchy skin… so far, these have gone away with the ACV. I just wish I had known sooner as I'm 26 already.

(If my gallbladder turns out to be ok, I'll follow up here.)

Anonymous 1902

I have osteoarthritis in one knee. Constant achy pain from my ankle to my hip and instability. I used to work out up to 4 hours a day and did a lot of running in my teens and early 20's, but now I can barely tolerate a brisk walk. I went and got diagnosed after returning from a hiking trip and having my leg cramp up so hard that I could not unbend my knee.

I had physical therapy to regain functionality. My orthopaedic doctor said my only option for the arthritis was steroid injections in the knee, but advised against it. I just live with the pain and take some naproxen when it gets distracting.
Lately, I've tried going on a walk 2-3 times a week. I started with a 5 minute one, then a 10 minute one, then a 15 minute one, and so on. I think I'm building up strength that way. I'm so proud that I can walk for one whole hour now without dying. It's hard to know where to start when things were so effortless before.

People either don't believe I have arthritis (I'm 24) or think that I got it from being overweight. I wasn't fat until I couldn't walk anymore. My body was bangin' back in the day. I'm maintaining 200 lbs on a 1200 calorie diet and I'm very hungry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 1903


Colitis, my dad has it too. If I eat well and drink lots of water in the morning I can do a poo no problem but sometimes I go up to 2 weeks without one which usually ends in explosive diarrhoea and cold sweats, always in the middle of the night for some reason. It goes back to normal right away and the explosive shits are now spaced further apart, but it still happens (albeit seldom).

I had bad cramps once and had to have a colonoscopy, and the moment I get into the office there's a big black doctor (Ali, his name was) holding the yoke in his hand, Christ on a bike I was terrified. 5 minutes later my bum was being defiled by a big black bloke and I was howling in pain as the accomplice nurse held my hand. Never again Jesus, never again.

In addition to that I've poor eyesight (thinking about LASIK/LASEK) and an as-of-yet-unidentified allergy that makes my eyes and nose itch and sinuses hurt. Otherwise I'm in good health.

Anonymous 1904

Are you certain it's an allergy? Someone I know has had similar symptoms and doctors telling her it's an allergy, until recently she caught a cold, went to urgent care and the doctor was like "I think you've had a low-grade sinus infection for the past year." And sure enough, antibiotics cleared it up. So, that could be a possibility too.

Anonymous 1905

I've been to an ENT who just gave me some roids to snort which hasn't helped much, and my eyes are also crusty and unbearably itchy, as is my nose. The whole thing's been dragging on for months now, so idk. All signs point to an allergy of some kind. I bought some mild OTC antihistamines today, I'll see if it gets better by morning.

Anonymous 1906

Chronic migraines, they always come around during my period and sometimes during other times like if I'm stressed, which is great.

I haven't bothered getting meds for it yet, but I probably should, I'm just lazy.

Anonymous 1907


I get chronic migraines that happen every 2 to 3 days. Sometimes they're so bad to the point where they make me throw up but they ALWAYS make the back of my head and my neck pulsate. If I lay on my back for even a few minutes, that causes it too.

I don't have health insurance so I can't go to check out what the problem is. I'm definitely stressed all the time but I think I need a good neck crack too.

I'm trying not to take excedrin as much because I hear that if you take too much, that causes more migraines and it becomes a vicious cycle. I find that staying hydrated and putting an ice pack on the side it hurts to make me feel better. I don't even lay down anymore because that sometimes will make it worse.

Anonymous 1908


Another chronic migraine anon here. I started getting them in college and was really freaked out, like I had a tumor or something.

I take Topamax daily for it now, which helps a lot, but I have experienced some of the weirder side effects.

Anonymous 1909

I've heard botox can help, idk you could look it up?

Anonymous 1910

I used to have something called alar collapse which basically meant that the cartilage in my nostrils was so weak that everytime I inhaled my nostrils flexed inwards against my columella and prevented me from breathing, but I finally got surgery to correct it this year.
Aside from that just problems with hormonal bodily acne which I'm trying to cure with various medications (to no avail yet). Pretty embarrassing that I'm still dealing with this at 25 desu.

Oh Anons that's awful.
I've only ever experienced a proper migraine once but even then I remember the pain being so bad all I could do was curl up under my duvet and sob. Props to you guys for coping with something so debilitating.

Anonymous 1911

To all of my lovely fam:

Ive watched all seasons of House MD at least TWICE so i practically have an MD.

So go 'head and tell me your problems.

Anonymous 1912

At 22 I developed chronic bacne that I can't seem to shake off. At first I thought it could be diet related but I've since become vegan and nothing's changed. Antibiotics like lymecycline and tetracycline don't seem to work either, but if it's not dietary and it's not hormonal, what's causing it?

What's the diagnosis doc, should I get my affairs in order?

Anonymous 1913

One thing for sure: it is NOT lupus

Anonymous 1914

I'm chronically ill in a very visible way, been in and out of institutions since I was born, live on disability bux, the works.

One thing that never fails to enrage me is that even people who know I've dealt with this since I was born think they should tell me what to do about it. In the most basic ways, like the equivalent of think happy thoughts, eat well, do some sports' and then they get upset if I say I've done that over and over or that it's spiritualist crap that won't heal my PHYSICAL condition. People even chat me up on the subway to tell me about treatments. How is that appropriate???

Today I dragged myself to see a friend despite feeling like death and she said 'eh I've seen you look worse'. I'm so pissed right now. Thanks for your evaluation.

Anonymous 1915

Do you happen to be the anon in the other thread talking about dropping her ass?

For what it's worth, I have seen chronically ill friends claim that certain things do nothing for them or are impossible for them when every doctor I've ever seen recommends it for their specific condition. I've seen it mostly with exercise; I had a friend with arthritis who refused to exercise because "she was too sick to exercise" but it's a known fact that being obese (which she was) contributes to arthritis and at the very least makes it more painful.

At the same time, you guys are adults, so even if I'm sure that something would help you and you claim it didn't work or that you won't try it… like, that's your decision, and it's got nothing to do with me. It makes no sense to get pissy over it or whatever.

Anonymous 1916

Yep that's me.
The thing is, I'm open to treatments, I try new and different things all the time. But I definitely know what you mean, some people are like your description.

Anonymous 1917

This past two weeks i have a constant feeling of choking.
Went to the doctor, he quickly brushed it off as a summer cold after a very short examination and gave me some ibuprofen.
I've had multiple summer colds and they never felt like this, i've got 0 mucus or pain, it just basically feels like someone is grabbing me by the neck full force and not allowing me to breathe, kinda like if i got a ball stuck on my neck. It's not waking me up on my sleep or anything of the sort, but it is making my life quite miserable.
Been taking the ibuprofen, avoiding air conditioning and drinking a LOT of water with 0 results so far, in fact, i feel it's going even worse.
Could this be a hardcore summer cold like the doctor said or should i seek a second opinion?

Anonymous 1918

Get a second opinion. I don't know what it is but it does sound weird. Maybe some new mild allergy? It's better to be aware of that stuff.

Anonymous 1919


Do me a favour and go to a mirror, tilt your head down, open your mouth as wide as you can and check to see if your throat looks like picture related (spoilered because gross).

If yes then you have tonsillitis. I'm only suggesting this because I had it too and your symptoms sound eerily similar to mine, and I was also dismissed by my cuck GP.

Anonymous 14873

Bordering on having anemia from being a self-harming moron

Anonymous 14886

First of all, I'm sorry if I sound whiney. I know I don't have it horrible. I just want to vent.

I've felt like a zombie for most of my life and I don't know why…I mean, even in old family pictures, as a little girl I had black, hollow, tired eyes despite no one else having them. People constantly asked if I was ill (and still do) or say I look like I'm dying. I always acted numb and distant. I never cried or emoted, even as a tiny baby.

One night in college I spent talking to a good friend and laughing and having fun, which was already pretty shocking for someone like me who is super reserved. The "laugh once a year" type…

…I slept all day and woke up…and I felt so goddamned alive. Everything felt different and I flew out of bed. I felt so good. I told jokes and made several people laugh too! Like holy shit! Me thinking of jokes! Wow!

Everyone I knew immediately was shocked and said I looked amazing and glowing. Someone took a picture of me and compared to what I usually look like to make a point (which was rude but whatever)…and it turned out my lifelong black circles were gone. What was very surprising was it being nighttime and STILL feeling great.

And then…I went to sleep…and woke up feeling like shit again, burning bloodshot eyes, head and neck pain, with a numb-feeling, heavy body.

I don't have a condition, I think. I just wish I felt energetic. I have brain fog constantly and I'm barely capable of speaking or really functioning as a normal person.

Thank god I found a way to independently earn money because I'm not sure how I'd get the spine to work 9 hour days 6 days a week, feeling this way.

Anonymous 15614


Anonymous 15615

Had a stroke and I lost a wide range of my vision so I bump into things/people. It's embarrassingand kind of dangerous because I don't notice bikes and cars when I'm walking.

I also get this big bump on my left wrist that I thought was from working it too hard but I don't do anything that strains the wrist like puships and I got another huge bump right now. Maybe from holding my cellphone for hours? idk. If kind of hurts and I think it's filled with liquid. It's bigger than my wrist bone and kind of hurts.

Anonymous 15620

I'm dumb as a box of rocks but the lump on my wrist I was trying to describe is a ganglion cyst, I think.

Anonymous 18499

look into SIBO

Anonymous 18583

Got diagnosed with Grave’s Disease at 15. Had all of the symptoms save for the eye-bulging. Literally couldn’t sleep some nights due to the insomnia and heart palpitations. I’m in remission for the third time now, but I’m honestly thinking about just having my thyroid shrunk since I’m tired of hopping on and off my medicine when it resurfaces (always mild, thankfully). Still heat sensitive, so that’s a bitch in the summer.

Anonymous 18584

Anon maybe ask a psych about BPD. Sounds like depression/mania

Anonymous 18610

Chronic fatigue. I haven't found anything to cure it. I think it's due to a vitamin d and iron deficiency. I technically have tablets for that but my tablets taste so awful that I don't want to take them. I'll try to find a way to make them taste less horrible.

Anonymous 18617

Gastritis and bad acid reflux. I can't eat shit and have been fighting it for almost two years now, good fun! It wouldn't be as bad if it didn't burn my esophagus and affect my breathing.
Also have had skin issues of some sort for my whole life. I had psoriasis as a child (it still acts up in the winter) and have had some form of acne for 13 years now. Last summer the heat also inspired eczema in my body so I'm getting the best of everything.

Mostly my body functions though and I do love her.

Anonymous 18639


Same on the acid reflux. Have you tried cutting out chocolate, tomatoes, that kind of stuff? Stress is also a big part of it. Get it treated asap because it can fuck up your teeth and give you throat cancer.

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