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earring problems? Anonymous 19092

>be me while young
>see all my friends getting their ears pierced
>beg to get ears pierced and get them pierced
>everything is fine for a few years and can wear any earrings
>stop wearing earrings cuz i stop liking them
>tries them again after several years
>ears now get super irritated when i wear them and i can't wear them for more than 10 minutes

anyone else have any advice or similar experiences? not really sure what i can do lol

Anonymous 19093

did you develop an allergy? you could try earings that are made from different materials

Anonymous 19095

I might have, problem is I don't really know what my earrings are made of

Is it possible there are an issue with my earring holes themselves?

Anonymous 19099

Have you tried sterling silver or genuine gold earrings? If those are fine you've probably got nickel allergy.

Anonymous 19101

I experience the same thing. I don't wear earrings for long periods of time now (weeks to months) and whenever I fight to wear earrings again I have to deal with them being super irritated because I had them pierced in the mall with a piercing gun, twisted them a throughout healing (they told me to), changed the jewelry too early it reacted pretty badly, all back when I didn't know any better and so they didn't heal 100% unproblematic and still act up almost as if they're 6 months into still healing since getting them rather than 7 years. And I only wear one pair of 18k gold earrings now rather than any pair I don't know the material of back when I used to wear earrings all the time in the immediate years after getting them. I guess having earrings in all the time is a necessity to keep the irritation and acting up down to the very bare minimum of fucked up-ness.

Anonymous 19119

That sounds super similar to me, I guess I might have to try some real gold or silver earrings then.
Anyone have any recommendations on where to buy some cute ones?

Anonymous 19120

wait you guys can still wear earrings after years of not wearing them? I stopped for a few years and when I wanted to wear them again, I found that the holes had sealed shut, so now there's just a dent instead. I haven't felt like repiercing them since my new hairstyle covers my ears
I got them done in a mall and twisted them nonstop as well but mine never had any complications. Maybe because at that time I took the aftercare so seriously and would literally wake up in a cold sweat because I only applied the anti-infection cleaning fluid 2 times that day instead of 3 times like they said.

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