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Vomit/Acid and shit Anonymous 19147

I vomit a few times a day, anyone got advice on how to not destroy my throat or teeth?

Anonymous 19148

get something basic in your mouth to neutralize the acid, like toothpaste, but don't brush them, just like gargle it, not sure how well it works but its probably better than nothing

Anonymous 19149

Rinse your mouth with sodium bicarbonate after vomiting. Drink a lot of water to flush the acid from your throat. Go to a doctor and get help to stop vomiting because it will cause permanent injury even if you do damage control.

Anonymous 19151

You should rather find out why you vomit a few times a day. For how long is this going now? You sound like you don't just have the flu…

Offtopic, but are you swiss or why the picture? Would be nice to have another miner here :3

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