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How do I stop cutting my hair? Anonymous 19188

I know I've been depressed for quite awhile and that's probably why I do it. I've had a pixie/grown out pixie for over a couple years now. Just recently, I promised my moid I wouldn't cut it for 3 years. But, I get urges every so often. I settled on the fact that I'll grow out my hair as a sign of strength and commitment. What do you nonas suggest? I don't like having my hair this short btw, it's not because I want to impress my moid or other moids. I just want to feel pretty and feminine again

Anonymous 19192

I had short hair for years until one day I came to the conclusion that it was causing me to feel less feminine/more insecure. Throw your shears away!

Anonymous 19199

Ty nona, I don't cut my own hair but I do feel less feminine and more insecure with short hair. It's a bad coping mechanism I have when I think things are out of control but it makes me sad whenever I have super short hair. So, I guess I just have to put more faith/confidence in myself

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