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Healthy comfort foods Anonymous 1920

Habitual eater here, I want to take better care of my health and skin and not eat as much crap. What are nice non-garbage comfort foods?

I crave salt more than anything.

Anonymous 1921

I like to roast almonds and then dash some soy sauce over them in a bowl. Holy shit it's good, somehow more than the sum of its parts and should be salty enough for you.

Other than that I like houmous and pepper or carrot slices, porridge, oatcakes, edamame beans.
Basically anything not terrible for you that fills you up so you don't have to think about feeling hungry all the time. I used to be a habitual/ binge eater too, and mostly I've found that every day you have to eat as much as you need but less than you'd like to. It's not bad necessarily but that kind of curbing does take some getting used to.

Anonymous 1922

Another habitual eater anon. I'd recommend popcorn with grassfed butter/salt (and popcorn seasoning if you'd like) or fruits/veggies. Sometimes making a large fruit salad in the morning gives a great thing to snack on throughout the day too, although I know it's not salty.

You can also slice up potatoes into wedges, toss with salt, place on a tray in the oven and then make your own healthy oil-free French fries. These taste especially amazing with garlic powder too lol

Anonymous 1923

Edamame in the pod tossed with coarse salt are delicious as hell and will make you feel like you're eating more due to the fumbly nature of the food.

I also love tossing bits of cucumber with a bit of soy sauce and eating it as a fresh snack.

Anonymous 1924

Omg Edamame are the shitttt
I love them so much, I'm completely crazy about them!

I also like to eat canned tuna. Straight from the can. I feel like a big cat when I do that. Probably not so cute tho

Also I eat almonds a lot, especially when I'm agitated.
And what's really comfort food for me is strawberries.

Anonymous 1925

>>I also like to eat canned tuna. Straight from the can. I feel like a big cat when I do that. Probably not so cute tho

Shush anon, it's cute!

Anonymous 1926

no ur cute uwu

Anonymous 1927

I love eating watermelon for sweet needs or Oatmeal with Honey.

For salty cravings I'd reccomend sunflower seeds or any fried/toasted nuts.

Anonymous 1928

Rice cakes and light fit greek yogurt. i love snacking on them. yumm

Anonymous 1929

Pomegranates! Peeling out all the seeds ads an extra level of relaxation. I do it while listening to ASMR then I eat that shit like popcorn.

Anonymous 1930

It's literally better and easier to do a restrictive diet for a couple months to reset your taste buds and gut flora so that you'll stop having these cravings rather than try to look for ways to satisfy them. I am doing more or less vid related's diet (a bit over 6 weeks so far) and it's been so much easier to refrain from eating the shit I wasn't supposed to than when I was calorie counting.

Anonymous 1931

The healthiest snack foods I like are frozen blueberries and fresh green beans dipped in ranch dressing.

Anonymous 1932

I'm another edamame+salt fan. I've got a huge box in my freezer. I also buy popcorn, nuts, cherry tomatoes, apples, mandarins, grapes, blueberries, and baby carrots. I don't crave those things and I think some of them are bland, so I find myself going to the kitchen to find a snack and I realize I don't actually want any of it. It's always there if I really need something though. I also chew mint gum if I remember to get some at the store.

Anonymous 1933

Cucumber with miso paste is good too. Thats how they eat it in japan during hot months (they let the cucumber chill in ice for a bit before eating it ).

Maybe egg-drop soup? with salt and pepper

Anonymous 1934

My number one comfort food is udon, just has the taste of my childhood. I don't think it's unhealthy as part of a balanced diet.

Can't go wrong some some stewed cabbage either, I can eat my weight in that shit. I also love steamed broccoli. And veggie soups.

Anonymous 1935

Cucumbers, rice-cakes, most berries, baby carrots and plain popcorn, steamed broccoli, mushroom!

Anonymous 1936

Friends I just discovered mixing tahini (sesame paste) with miso in equal parts, then using it as a sauce on edamame beans. It's so filling as well, it's more like a meal than a snack

Anonymous 4708

Frozen grapes.
You can look up ways to prep them online.
bumping this thread since it's a lovely idea lol

Anonymous 4709

Roasted chickpeas are good too. You can sprinkle some paprika or curry powder on them. I also love hummus and raw veggies, DIY chips (cut potatoes and sprinkle them with whatever you want: salt, paprika, rosemary, onion/garlic powder, mixed spices…they take a long time to cook but are worth it!), pistachios/peanuts in shells because they take a long time to eat and avocado/sweet tofu sushi (is a pain to make but I recently got these little molds that you can put the rice/ingredients into and makes a perfect shape every time!).

I fucking love edamame. I know they're normally served cold but I prefer when they're warm.

Anonymous 4712

Oatcakes. You can get them with black pepper and sea salt now.

Anonymous 4727

Oatmeal always cheers me up for some reason. Warm, creamy, has never hurt me.

Anonymous 4732

crunchy and you can put honey and basically anything on them

Anonymous 4736

Frozen strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are also healthy comfort foods for me.

Anonymous 4739

mmm…i want to contribute! okay…

watermelon, blueberries (specifically in warm oatmeal)

avocado sushi, steamed broccoli/zucchini/mushrooms, sweet potato, unsalted pretzels, kettlecorn

Anonymous 4877


one of my fav go-to's is roasting up some broccoli, carrots and potatoes with some garlic/salt/pepper. It's hard for any veggie to taste bad when it's cooked this way. Also a lot of veggie meat substitutes are lower in calories/healthier than meats while still being really tasty - my favs are linda mccartney sausages. Also just drenching any veggies in hummus is amazing.

Anonymous 4929

Oven baked fries. 1 pound of potatoes is like 350 kcal with a tiny bit of oil and salt, paprika and garlic powder it can be very savory, filling and low calories.

Anonymous 4931

Based anon.

Anonymous 4944

I like to make oven-baked barbecue chicken

Buy some boneless skinless chicken breasts, some extra virgin olive oil, and some BBQ rub from the spice aisle (same barbecue flavor with much less (sometimes zero) added sugar).

Preheat oven to 400 F, lightly coat chicken with oil, then with the bbq rub (it might take a few times to get a feel for how much bbq rub is enough), bake in a shallow pan for about 25 minutes or until internal meat temp is 165 F. Maybe turn them over halfway through if you're worried about them sticking to the pan.

Then just grab some steamed veggies and refrigerate/freeze the rest for later.

Anonymous 5034

I replaced my old staple breakfast bread with whole grain bread that has red berries in it, and now I stuff it full of veggies instead of expensive cheese slices. Both tastes better and makes me more full than the old rye/flour/sugar bread I used to eat. I also replaced my oats based cereal with regular cornflakes and toppled them with various fruits or berries.

Not sure if it can be considered a "healthy" breakfast, but it has less sugar and a whole lot more vitamins in it, but the main plus side is that it motivates me to wake up in the morning and it feels more like a rewarding snack than a "meal for sustenance" like breakfast used to be for me. Highly recommended with veggie sandwishes though.

Anonymous 6197


Bread with red berries topped with vegetables sounds heavenly!!

Anonymous 6501

dip them in mustard or use malt vinegar. ketchup has a stupid amount of sugar in it.

Anonymous 6514

Cook up oatmeal (the stovetop kind) throw it into a bowl, then mash a banana into it while it's still warm & throw some fruit on top, or honey or agave. I add peanut butter & vanilla protein powder on days I need a post-workout snack.

On a similar note, but on the savory side: cauliflower rice (or whatever rice you have) mashed up with avocado + an over-easy egg on top + spices. I add veggies depending on how hungry I am, usually I throw in some sauteed kale.

Anonymous 10579

apples + peanut butter or almond butter

Anonymous 10619

Oh yeah that is a very tasty combo. Peanut butter goes well with bananas also.

Anonymous 10631

Thank you for reviving my thread Anon but I regret to inform you that I'm allergic to all three of these things lmao, I'm sorry. Thank you for posting

Anonymous 10637


Anonymous 11591

Frozen grapes, frozen banana, frozen mango…

Home made fries made in an air fryer seem to be healthy enough in reasonable portions

Anonymous 11592

I love frozen fruit, especially in the summer.
Protip: frozen bananas can blended together to make a healthy "icecream" with no added sugar. Just add some vanilla extract, cocoa powder, or strawberries depending on what flavor you want to make.

Anonymous 11593

Homemade banana nicecream is elite. I mash bananas with nut butters, usually peanut butter, and a bit of honey and I just… oooo it's so good

Anonymous 11594

sliced avocado with salt and pepper

Anonymous 11599

Silken tofu mousse is sooo good

Anonymous 11621

Roasted chickpeas have already been mentioned in this thread - I've tried them, they're great - but personally I prefer roasting butter/lima beans. I don't even bother using any oil for these, I just drain the beans, add some cayenne pepper and salt and then roast in the oven at 180c for around 20 minutes. Very filling, great to snack on and they have an interesting texture too. Here's some pictures: https://simplesavoryandsatisfying.blogspot.com/2014/03/crunchy-roasted-butter-beans.html

Anonymous 11629

Blueberries, especially frozen. Boiled eggs. If you want a really low kcal snack, you can take out the egg yellow, the eggwhites of two small eggs are about 20-25 calories (but I don't recommend doing so because egg yellow has a lot of good nutrients)

Anonymous 11634

Oops you're right. In my native language we call them egg white and egg yellow, hence the mistake. My bad!

Anonymous 11637

egg white is ok in english

Anonymous 11714

crunchy vegetables and fruits really fill me up, also small stew with vegetables and bean sprouts feels like ramen and i eat it often when i get hungry. its even better with eggs, tofu and rice seasoning. just 2 hard boiled eggs dipped in a but of salt always fills me up. Usually though, if i wanted something more sweeter making a parfait with some berries, honey, nuts, and plain greek yogurt always helps me out!

Anonymous 14495

not sure how healthy these really are but i love to just sautee onions or zuccs in a pan with some salt

Anonymous 15857

Almonds with (at least) 85% dark chocolate. Only a standard serving size though.

Anonymous 15869



I love oatmeal with honey and peanuts so much. I've eaten oatmeal almost every morning for the past year, only pausing if I'd run out and when I did it made my day a bit sad. Wheat farina is a fine substitute but not the same.
Right now I can't eat peanuts because I fucked my stomach up with coffee and anxiety, but I still eat honey oatmeal with a more gruel-like texture every morning. As a child I used to eat raw oats while watching cartoons in the wee hours.

And I love oat milk! Warmed vanilla is so good. Not Silk though, it's too watery.

Anonymous 16645

For comfort I like eating strawberries, almonds, boiled eggs and banana blended with milk.
Just try eating more real food and avoid ultra-processed food.
It's hard at first but you get used to it and it's really worth it. I've been doing that for a while now after a lifetime of eating like crap and my skin looks much better, I'm less tired, menstrual cramps are much less painful and I even got hornier.

Anonymous 16650



Pita chips with hummus is probably one of my favorites.

I also like veggie straws and fruit snacks personally.

Anonymous 16653

Green beans! Lightly seasoned with lemon pepper or dashi is amazing.

Also edamame has already been mentioned a bunch in this thread, I also recommend chamame which is even tastier.

Anonymous 16655

Toast with homemade strawberry jam always brightens up my day

Anonymous 16780

Celery! I always accidentally freeze it when I use my minifridge though.
Then when it thaws it's all wet and floppy.

Anonymous 18702

Miso soup

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