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going on birth control soon, any recommendations/tip? Anonymous 19200

any major downsides or types to avoid completely?

also are there any that have helped like lose weight??? i know BC goes hand in hand w weight gain and i wanna avoid that since im kinda chubby already :P

Anonymous 19211

Made me crave cheese, made me crazy, made me gain 10 lbs, fucks with your brain in general. I don't know the point of getting on it in the first place. If you don't want to get pregnant then don't have sex with someone you don't actually completely trust and use condoms if you do and you're in your fertile window. Your periods are harder without it but you can also just suck it the fuck up and take a midol because it's better than being on hormones and brain altering pills.

Anonymous 19214

I also recently started taking contraceptives, I'm a little worried, because I think my anxiety has increased (I don't know if there would be any correlation). I don't think all pills make you gain weight, but I'm eating less and exercising more anyway.

Anonymous 19215

Pills equalized my moods but dampened them too. Good to rein in crazy periods. And not being pregnant.
That said, I regret taking them for so long. I finally feel like myself now, and it was a long time coming.

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