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stimulant brain damage Anonymous 19305

what has your experience been with any dopamine reuptake inhibitor. would write more but i can barely think right now

Anonymous 19306

i am sweating i am going insane. i can feel the sweat and all the hairs on my body and my lose hairs rubbing against me. all i had was one cup of tea after a year of taking CONCERTA

Anonymous 19307

my eyelids are so heavy and uhh uhh its hard to chew. god it is over.

Anonymous 19326

it fucking sucks. im so skinny now.

Anonymous 19332

CONCERTA??? I was on that shit when I was 13. Made me feel very antsy and anxious a lot of days and I didn't know why. I think concerta actually made me more sensitive to caffeine, bc I never remembered being sensative to caffiene before that, I remember being able to sleep easily after drinking caffiene, but after concerta I started getting horrible anxiety when I drank caffeine. Stop taking it.
Slightly tempted to go on it again to lose weight now….

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