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kyua moonrightoh.j…

How do I make my chest grow? Anonymous 19456

Yes, I know, we're only obssesed about our chest size because of men running society, and backpain, and all that, I get it, I do.
But you gals don't understand what's it like to be flatter than an A cup
Please don't suggest implants, nothing that requires surgery please

Anonymous 19457

Gain weight

Anonymous 19458

No, it all goes to my tummy

Anonymous 19459

Deprogram yourself, being flat is a gift

Anonymous 19461

Small tits are best tits, but I have no tits, I just want to have a femenine shape when I put on something,
B cup would benice, you know

Anonymous 19462


Anonymous 19463

If you check the catalog, you'll see three others threads on this subject. It is not possible, unless you want to gain weight.

Anonymous 19464

Get pregnant

Anonymous 19465

It's really hard to do that because tits are mostly a result of hormones and body type. But you can work in other part of your body,for example i think nice ass with small tits look really pretty.
You don't need boobs.

Anonymous 19478

Often with weight gain it all goes to tummy at first, but then the fat will disperse to other parts of your body later on. I went through something similar when I gained weight, it was all in my gut at first, but within a few months my gut was smaller and tits/ass was fatter. Birth control might also help

Anonymous 19517

honestly, why not wear a padded or pushup bra? it's low risk and low effort.

Anonymous 19525


birth control made my breasts grow more than i expected, but there was about a month where i had hard lumps in my breasts that eventually went away after getting used to the pill. i would not recommend going on bc just for bigger tits tho

Anonymous 19526

Stop spreading misinformation to trick clueless nonas into becoming chubby

Anonymous 19527

I went on bc it made my tits big too

Anonymous 19555

misinformation? thats common for women on birth control, for breast AND weight to change. i told her she shouldnt do it anyway

Anonymous 19558

There's no consistently reliable, easy way to make that happen, stop being stupid, you sound like a tranny if you aren't one.

Anonymous 19625

Gaining weight is the easiest but I’ve also heard doing weight training that targets the chest and pecs makes the breasts perkier which might help. You might also hit a second/final growth spurt randomly as you pass through young adulthood. I’m almost 30 and in the last year or so my breasts look larger (this might also be due to weight loss in my midsection which accentuates everything else, idk)

Also look into fenugreek supplements

Anonymous 19747

get pregnant. Thats what breasts were made for.

Anonymous 19749

>Mom why did you have me?
>I wanted bigger tits

Anonymous 19753

unironically: spironolactone. you can get it prescribed for hormonal acne or buy it online
it made my boobs grow 4 cups BUT i have pcos and the women in my family already have big boobs. my daily dose is 200mg

Anonymous 19813

there is no healthy way to do it that doesnt create a crisis in your life. You need to get an acute hormonal imbalance. Your options are:
get fatter
get on birth control
get pregnant
get pcos

honestly its just a better play to get a bigger ass, you can do that just by exercising and it does kinda the same thing

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