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What are some trends your glad to see gone? Anonymous 19476

That thing in the early 2000s where girls would use too much mousse on purpose and end up with those disgusting crunchy curls. I always hated it, I feel so vindicated seeing people in modern times scrutinize it.

What are some trends your glad to see gone? Can be from any era you lived through

Anonymous 19496

Sleeveless coats

Anonymous 19497


Anonymous 19498

Galaxy leggings.

Anonymous 19504

cold shoulder shirts and dresses

Anonymous 19530

The overly defined "fleeky" eyebrows. I always hated it, I dont like the brushed laminated brows much better though.
Things I wish would go away: Overlined "juicy" kardashian lips. Hate hate hate. Normalize lips being lips again. Istg.
I am kinda tired of the overly "snatched" look with dramatic contour and high cheekbones
Any kind of fake plastic filler look
>early 2000s where girls would use too much mousse on purpose and end up with those disgusting crunchy curls
IMO this looks nice if you actually have wavy hair but girls with straight hair do it and it looks like crap

Anonymous 19553

over the knee boots. the christian girl fall reunion type. usually slouchy and suede but unflattering in all forms. i tried telling everyone how ugly they were years ago and i got argued with, i feel vindicated now. if they're sooo cute why'd ya all stop wearing them.

Anonymous 19570


I disagree. Hair should be soft, it it's hard and crunchy it looks gross and greasy.

Anonymous 19783

Sadly, a lot of things i was happy they were gone, came back to the fashion. Idk why all the 17 yo girl wear ugly sweatshirts and baggy pants. They all look so ugly in it.

Anonymous 19784

Bad opinion

Anonymous 19785

Armchair sociology: baggy clothes were in style when expectations of thinness were insane (in the year 2000, Jennifer Lopez was considered fat).
I guess we're back to that, with the botox/surgery twist.

Anonymous 20039


People wearing these cardigans as a shirt

Anonymous 20040

people still wear this, I see it all the time

Anonymous 20041

This kinda looks good

Anonymous 20042

Are you nuts it looks strange. A lace camisole underneath would be cute

Anonymous 20043

I mean, it's definitely sexy, but imagine how it would feel to be perceived in public wearing that. Way too much unwanted attention. Plus it looks designed to keep you warm, and wearing it this way would definitely defeat the purpose of that. I'd probably judge the person as being an attention-whore if I saw this look anywhere in public.

Anonymous 20044

It looks like it’s blatantly being worn the wrong way to be adventurous

Anonymous 20060

Doesn't mean it looks good though

Anonymous 20065


>That thing in the early 2000s where girls would use too much mousse on purpose and end up with those disgusting crunchy curls.
Oh kek that was deliberate? I thought everyone was just as bad as I was at putting it on. My mom had gotten me the tresemme curl mousse and it was honestly great at getting my curls to bounce but I was so bad at figuring out how much to add (and it lies when it claims it can be added to dry hair) so I'd get to school all crunchy and try to sneakily break up the crunches during first period. Thankfully it usually broke up well and then it was fine and honestly looked really good. I've swapped to curl creams more focused on hydration than appearances, but at times I'll pull out the mousse cause it'll give me these super fun bouncy ringlets that I like pulling like a spring and letting bounce. I have fond memories of this super cute popular girl in class playing with my curls when she was bored or thinking hard. My bestie in HS did the same.
Now I'm nostalgic and probably gonna use the mousse after my next shower. I still have some old bottles cause my mom stocked up on a sale like a decade ago

Anonymous 20071

I always saw that as beach hair tbh. A lot of people where I grew up would try to say they went to the beach and that's why there hair looks like that

Anonymous 20093


As a fat woman with hip dips I rejoiced when the tik tok zoomers declared that skinny jeans weren’t stylish anymore. They only look good if you have nice hips, like pencil skirts, but everyone got gaslit into thinking that it’s flattering as long as you put a sweatshirt or shapeless tunic over it.
Also the distressing is terrible but I literally had a pair back in 2017

Anonymous 20094

i dress like this sometimes lol

Anonymous 20096

I really hate this, both the skinny silluette and the dumb ripping all over, but I still see women wearing these kinds if jeans all the time. I really wonder why they like it in the first place.

Anonymous 20100

I'm not fat, but low rise skinny jeans give me no figure. I don't think they look good on anyone

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