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Anorexia recovery Anonymous 19479

I'm in recovery because I wanted to commit suicide but all the food makes my stomach hurt. I think it happens because I have gotten used to only eating vegetables and coffee or tea. Could it be that coffee damaged my stomach? Or maybe it's just my anorexia mind feeling guilty for eating?

Anonymous 19483

a lot of times your body isnt used to a proper amount of food if you have been restricting. a lot of it could be psychosomatic. i would say try to distract yourself from the feeling, eventually it should go away. are you seeing a doctor or nutritionist during your recovery? its important to be monitored during it.

Anonymous 19806

kinda offtopic but what helped me recover was studying nutrition, metabolism, food, digestion, cells, vitamines, hormones etc etc the more i understood the proces and the effects of foods on the body, the better my relationship with food got. it sounds silly but any time a bad thought came up like "this food will make you fat" i'd be able to respond with real information and facts like 'no if i eat X, then my body will produce Y and Z and that's exactly what my body needs to be healthy so you should stfu <3'

Anonymous 19807

doesnt sound silly at all <3

Anonymous 19808

Everyone's digestion gets fucked up in anorexia recovery. Try some yoga for stomach pain like puppy pose. I saw doctors for it but after like a year and a half I figured out that most of the pain was just trapped wind

Anonymous 19834

It's not the coffee, you can keep drinking that.

Anonymous 19912

>Could it be that coffee damaged my stomach?

Coffee can cause heartburn.


>Effects of Coffee on the Gastro-Intestinal Tract

Tea as well, I'm sure there's a study somewhere confirming it.

These are the facts, though I don't know what to suggest, I don't want to imply you should stop eating or drinking something. Maybe try other drinks that are not fizzy or wash down the coffee with water.

>Or maybe it's just my anorexia mind feeling guilty for eating?

I don't think anyone here can answer this. Try to reduce the physical pain, eat food like soup and beans that is easy on the stomach.

Anonymous 19930

It takes time for your body to readjust to processing normal amounts of food. When I was recovering from undereating I also had gas problems. It goes away and recovery is worth it.

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