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Anonymous 19669

Recently watched this video and while I don't normally like scrotes' side of YouTube, I stuck through this one to see something
I, as a biological woman who's not particularly a tomboy, haven't been able to answer most of those questions??
I didn't even know women referred to their mood swings throughout their cycle as a "rage cycle", I couldn't name makeup brands off the top of my hair, I didn't have any particular routine for anything. I felt like I would have gotten eliminated out of that show very easily..in fact, I probably could answer like 5 questions tops, one of them was about a Disney princess
Why did this get to me so much. Am I missing out on the "average female experience"?
Is it just autism diff?

Anonymous 19688

I don't have a routine either. I just splash water on my face and brush my teeth and call it a day. I don't keep track of my menstrual cycle either because I have PCOS and it isn't regular anyways. I am moody but more like every other day.

Anonymous 19689

I haven't watched that video but the first thing I thought is that the type of person who actively seeks out going on a youtube show, probably isn't the best representative of the average.

Anonymous 19691

I haven’t watched the video but I think I know that feeling. You don’t have to feeI bad and you’re not missing out on anything. I don’t wear makeup and that alone makes me feel awkward around acquaintances occasionally. It doesn’t help that I also don’t shave. Sometimes I sense that some of the makeup wearing women around me are disturbed or think I’m unclean. You really just have to find your people

Anonymous 19693

maybe invest in a skincare routine, doesn't have to be expensive. you could save your face from looking dry or oily (depending on your skintype) and remove the dirt or clogged pores. this isn't just a female thing, it's just being hygienic.
you def are and that's ok, but you gotta start taking care of yourself because it sounds like to me you don't kek

Anonymous 19718


God damn watching this video felt like such a chore… These guys's channel is disgusting it virtually smells like broke male living space… Nothing could convince me to put myself up on a show like this, I was surprised that many women on the show were mothers maybe even grandmother's, older and responsible and mature… I thought this kind of TikTok-able content only appealed to gen z wannabe influencers with ego problems

Anonymous 19724

Slapping moisturizer on your face has nothing to do with hygiene unless you meant cleansing by skincare.

Anonymous 19727

the fact you are worried about it is proof enough you are a normal woman. You think men ever go, "am I missing out on the male experience"? You're just a bit insecure, don't worry about it too much.

Anonymous 19746

Honestly, that vid was a scam because they changed the voices, and a male voice is a dead giveaway no matter how many hormones or surgeries they have, their nasty frog voices. None of them got caught because of their routine, there were even several women who didn’t have a skincare routine.

Anonymous 19758

>Is it just autism diff?


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