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What's everyone's go to jewelry? Anonymous 19769

I've never really felt comfortable wearing jewellery in the past
I want to try it more often, but whenever I wear stuff with an outfit it seems like it doesn't fit

Anonymous 19773


Small stud earrings and a simple necklace. I try to get the metals to match, so if I'm wearing gold jewelry, I'll wear a gold necklace to match. You might be mixing silver with gold.

I used to wear a gold cross as a symbol of freedom when I escaped a bad situation with a moid. I bought it for myself right after we broke up. It was a security blanket. I don't wear it now since I'm much better off.

Anonymous 19775

Somewhat related, but please know that nowadays some 10% to 30% of all diamonds in the market are artificial (while being sold as from mines).
So all that money spending on huge expensive diamonds to "prove one's eternal love" is much better spent elsewhere, like investing it wisely for a better future for the couple.
And that's not even entering on the issue of blood diamonds.

Anonymous 19776

Thank you for that TIL, fellow redditor!

Anonymous 19780


A watch because I love to pretend that I'm being busy throughout the day

A bunch of antique necklace. I'm a sucker for vintage things. And, earrings from time to time, when I feel fancy

Anonymous 19781

I bought a cool chain and wore it until my neck became itchy and red. I haven't worn jewelry ever since.

Anonymous 19782

I wear a flat silver snake chain necklace, bracelet and a simple silver ring. Everything else either gets tangled up or annoys me when I sleep with it so I rarely wear more than that because I can't be arsed to put it on and off everything morning and night.

Anonymous 19786

A gold necklace and bracelet. Used to wear earrings too a few years ago but they were uncomfortable.

Anonymous 19787

Pearl earrings, slim gold and diamond encrusted rings

Anonymous 19789

There are some metals you could be allergic to like nickel

Anonymous 19790

limited run 1/50 silver necklace from an emo artist i like

Anonymous 19816

I recently got some silver rings and faux diamond earrings

Anonymous 19901

I wear two earrings per earlobe so in the upper holes I wear little zirconia and silver cubic earrings and in the lower ones small silver hoops. I never take them off since silver is water resistant. Sometimes I wear a vintage silver ring with a tiny amethyst or a short silver chain with a tiny irregular garnet.

Anonymous 19916

I think earrings look the best. They're simple and make you look cute. I just wish I would stop losing them

Anonymous 19924

I want earrings that I can just leave in and not worry about. But I don't know what style I want.

Anonymous 20066

Just small hoop earrings and a nose ring

Anonymous 20079

I have a bunch of stuff but I really only wear the expensive jewelry my partner has given me on special occasions. I would rather never take it off than wear any of my other stuff bc im sentimental like tht

Anonymous 20086

Basic stud earrings when I wear earrings unless it's a nice occasion. Usually a sterling necklace with a switching selection of charms on it. I prefer silver to gold but I have a couple gold necklaces. Seldom wear old chunky bracelets that was passed down to me by my grandma or nana, those are beautiful but heavy. I've been blessed to own or have inherited nice jewelry and I feel like I often don't deserve it

Anonymous 20124

silver cross necklace or silver heart necklace i think its mary's heart or something idk but the back side has jesus and mary on it so i guess the silver part is also some christian symbol… for earring i always go with simple pearl ones they make me so cute and feminine! i used to overaccessorize but i figured it looked a bit tacky on me. but some cute dainty shiny jewelry is always great!

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