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Plastic surgery Anonymous 19802

Has anyone here underwent it? Im saving money for rhinoplasty

Anonymous 19804

you should try face and nose yoga

+ cheaper (only hands and oil needed)
+ improves bloodcirculation in face
+ natural face lift
+ improves breathing through nose (mouthbreathing is unhealthy)
+ connects you to yourself instead of destoying a part of you
+ you cannot regret this
+ lots of free tutorials on youtube
+ you embrace yourself instead of letting unnatural beauty standards win
+ you deserve this kind of selflove
+ it is both physically and mentally relaxing

+- requires consistency and patience => this restores your fried dopamine receptors and teaches you to not always choose fast and easy solutions

- takes longer to see results, but results will come if done correctly

=> it's very worth it

Anonymouse 19805

i wish you luck, hopefully they dont fuck ur shit up

Anonymous 19817

Yes I had rhinoplasty. I had to get scar revision a year later now it looks completely normal. It was extremely painful to heal from and sometimes I have trouble breathing at night. I would 100% do it again.
Face yoga doesn't do anything and the people that started pedaling it have all had procedures done.

Anonymous 19819

My rhinoplasty was the best thing I've ever done. I spent 5+ years in counseling trying to fix my body image issues, meanwhile the plastic surgeon took 2 hours to cure me completely kek. It was an easy surgery, the healing process was fine and I wasn't in any pain. The worst part honestly was getting the things they stick up your nose taken out a week after the surgery is done. My nose took about a 8 months to go down, and really only 2 years after surgery did it feel "normal" again. Just remember that no plastic surgery will be "perfect," I have a small bump from scar tissue but it's barely noticeable. I will caution you to keep it to yourself. I've only told my parents and two of my close friends about it. Once I was at work and mentioned I used to be self conscious about my nose, and my coworkers were very shocked and one said "it's crazy you could be self conscious, you have the perfect nose" and that's when it hit me that I don't ever have to worry about it again. Now I can just be me without having to feel ugly or worry about something on my face.

Anonymous 19820


>sometimes I have trouble breathing at night. >I would 100% do it again.
To each its own, but this doesn't convince me. Breathing unencumbered is kinda high on my list of priorities.

Anonymous 19821

nayrt but can you give any suggestions for resources? also could it potentially fix a badly healed fracture? not that badly but i notice it when i breath and stopped breathing through my nose for the most part since then

Anonymous 19822

Nobody is trying to convince you nona we can believe different things. OP asked about people who had plastic surgery, not people who do face yoga kek

Anonymous 19823

I'm only expressing my amazement. It is very foreign to me, not good, not bad, just foreign.

Anonymous 19824

anastasiabeautyfascia has a youtube playlist on nose massage techniques

i don't know about the fracture, maybe ask her on social media or ask another professional about it before you do anything

Anonymous 19826


Muh nose sucks

Anonymous 19835

Don't jump down my throat, but I'm against cosmetic plastic surgery in general because I don't think women should have to go under the knife just to feel good about themselves. Look at all the ugly wretched men out there who don't feel an iota of shame about how they look, then look at the women next to them who look fine but hate themselves for some reason. For example, >>19826 , there's nothing wrong here. I don't know what mirrors you're looking into.

Ask yourselves:
>Who is making me feel bad about how I look?
>Would I be as harsh on one of my friends with similar features?
>Where do I stop? What features? What age?
>Why do plastic surgery results seem to end up looking just one way? As in, why don't you see rhinoplasties offering wider noses, or ones offering to emphasize a dorsal hump?

I'm not controlling or shaming anyone, I just think you all have worth far beyond what you look like. And you can spend that money on a fun vacation or an awesome hobby instead.

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