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acrylic nails Anonymous 19827

what is everyone's opinion on the expensive habit that is getting fake nails? i dont even do it anymore after thinking, "who am i actually doing this for? i dont really care."

Anonymous 19828

I think it signals a level of desperation to improve your looks no matter the cost, time or discomfort invested that I don't want to give off.

I also don't think they look good a lot of the times.

Anonymous 19830

my opinion is that it keeps my 60yo mum (ex-hair salonist) occupied with something to do so i think it's sweet.

Anonymous 19831

A lot of my peers get them done and were talking about how it cost them $120 and 2 hours. No thanks, I enjoy my money time and ugliness.

Anonymous 19837

I've got them a few times, and they make every day tasks frustrating. It's also expensive and I don't have much money for stuff like that

These days I just paint my nails if I feel like it

Anonymous 19899

My friend has gotten into designing nails since she stopped dancing and does nails for her friends who still work at the clubs. She's starting to make more and more money for her nails and even just commissioned a logo. Her designs are really pretty and elaborate but I still don't wear them even though I know she'd love to practice on me because I'm a little autistic or something and they give me sensory issues. They're nice to look at but idk how anybody can stand to wear them. If you're artistic at all it seems like a really cool hobby to make your own.

Anonymous 19925

I almost got them when I was younger but I had no idea about the time/pain commitment on to if how expensive it is. I still think women with nice nails look good, though.

Anonymous 20052

I just find it a fun way of self expression, I spend so much time just staring at my nails honestly

Anonymous 20054


The girl in my city who does fake nails I love makes them in press on format. Part of me wishes to make an appointment and get them done on my hand with the full experience, but they don't exactly last. Plus, if they're press on I can get a more extravagant set since I don't have to wear it through the day and can take them off after I'm done enjoying them.
If I had the money I'd love to get a set in person and a set to go. Just for the experience just once. But then again, I might get bored halfway through

Anonymous 20055

Press on nails are just as cute and way cheaper

Anonymous 20056

In my experience they come off very easily.

Anonymous 20057


the glue I use is just dollar store super glue, they last me at least a week if I file my nails and cut them first. I will say solid nails are better cause the transparent ones get air bubbles in certain spots, and you can see the glue buildup if you reuse them. Anyways heres my nails :)

Anonymous 20061

You're right, that's super cute. Still I'd be scared that one would randomly pop off in the middle of the day. Or do you just glue it back on?

Anonymous 20062

Yes.The glue I use comes in a tiny bottle so I just keep it in my purse for emergencies. They don’t really pop off in my experience if you prep them good. I buy most of my nails from etsy (usually around $10-$20 for a set) or Temu (up to $5) if I am struggling with money. These ones came off Temu and they were super thick and strong which I wasn’t expecting.

Anonymous 20063


I got these yesterday cause your nails look so cute!
Have some house stuff today but I'm going to attempt putting them on tomorrow or later tonight. I'm most scared of filling the edges to fit my nails lol. Hope I don't ruin the pretty accent nails in my attempts

Anonymous 20068

Those are super cute, where did you get them?

Anonymous 20070

They look cheap and trailer trash. I think if you can't invest in good nails, you should leave them alone, or paint them with basic nail polish.

Anonymous 20072

>trailer trash
so are all other kinds of ugly thick long fake nails

Anonymous 20085


I struggled filling them down to size but got them on! The other hand's nails look a little worse on the nail bed cause I filled a little too agressive but still they look really nice! They're thin so they don't really look like bad quality acrylics like you'd get done in a mall. Up close you wouldn't say they're customs but they're really cute
I got them at a local African beauty store. They're a brand I've seen around called Miss Yes that's under 10$
You can buy press on nails by real nail artists. They're real acrylics just done to your size on a mannequin then applied later by the artist or you at home. Imo they're a better idea than getting the acrylics done on you cause it's the same quality and will actually last if you remove them carefully. As for mass produced press ons they're nothing like they used to be in the 00s, I think they're better than a cheap nail artist now cause they're thin and come in nice designs you'd be paying so much extra for to get done. Tbh they beat a lot of "artists" in my city from seeing pics online unless you jump to 150$ minimum but I couldn't imagine paying for that to be applied temporarily instead of getting a set to keep at that price

Anonymous 20089

how cute! I recommend brush on nail glue, i can link the one I use. super strong. also you should have pushed back you cuticles and put the nails further up so they looked more real

Anonymous 20095

I would really appreciate the glue recommendation, I used these stickers it came with but the nails popped off by night haha. It did come with glue too but it's probably not great.
Should I cut a bit of the cuticles do you think? I pushed them as back as I could but they're a little long so they moved back into place onto the fake nails. I've had a lifetime nail biting habit (partially why I got the nails) so I don't really know anything to do with nail care lol.

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