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Anonymous 19833

what do u think about this hairstyle?

Anonymous 19839

I think the braid is a bit sad looking and the bangs have a weird shape. Idk it makes her hair look thin.

What's the weird white stuff in the bangs?

Anonymous 19900

I wish I'd had never seen it :/

Anonymous 19905

not looking

Anonymous 19907

ugly. very coachella

Anonymous 19914

I wish pigtails and braids weren't so sexualised by moids. I'd totally wear them more often if it wasn't the case.

Anonymous 20007

I HATE any hairstyle that pulls the face framing pieces of hair back and makes that gross looking gap on the side of the bangs. It just looks so weird and like the wearer is going bald.

Anonymous 20019

Probably glitter

Anonymous 20020

tbh this girl reminds me of that girl who detrans… Chloe something lol

Anonymous 20021


And I hate glitter in the hair. Euphoria not the visual novel and it’s consequences have been a disaster for hair and makeup trends.

Anonymous 20026


Anonymous 20047

I try not to think about it

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