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scars Anonymous 19908

nonas with cutting scars, how do you deal with them?

Anonymous 19909

clothing. sadly. i have leg scars and ones in a shape (euch). idk what to do. considering surgery to get rid of the shape one tbh. but idk how risky that would be. has anyone done this? (burns scars)

Anonymous 19910

i'm thinking of getting surgery too. i almost wanna just say fuck it and stop hiding but idk if i could stomach that tbh

Anonymous 19911

they don't hurt but i avoid looking at them whenever i can. no idea how i'm going to explain to a guy that manages to see me naked why i have cuts on my legs. i hope the tumblr pedo who groomed me into self harm for his fetish while i was depressed, who trooned out a few years later is rotting in hell right now.

Anonymous 19913

I'm kinda okay with them. My boyfriend also has a bunch of scars too (far deeper than mine) and he's also okay with them. We don't really hide them anymore, it's just. Okay. We don't particularly hate them. I don't know if this is the advice you want. I go outside without hiding my scars the same way I go outside without hiding my unshaved legs. It's just that with time you kind of realise that people don't really look at you, and if they do it and express negative sentiment towards you then they're pretty weird for taking a bunch of healed scars (and leg hair on women) so seriously.

Anonymous 20002

has anyone said anything about it?
im worried friends & family will think of me differently for it

Anonymous 20003

I cover them with clothes easily but I'd be sad to get with a man and have him be disgusted by my scars when we get intimate. Someday I'll stop giving a fuck but I have pretty much accepted that no one will find me desirable.

Anonymous 20006

Familly has said stuff when they first found out I cut when I was a teenager. They were unsupportive and it was awful. Bf's familly was supportive from what he told me and no one has mentioned his scars to him even though his are deeper/more noticeable. Though since he's a man his experience with it is probably vastly different. Strangers do not speak about them to me, but I've had one time with my physical therapist where she asked me if I was attacked by a bear or something (she wasn't being mean to me, she's actually great) but she noticed it made me a bit uncomfortable (I don't think she realised it was self harm scars) and dropped the topic pretty fast. I've gone to the beach and pool with those scars visible. After a few years with them it starts to become "okay". They're not fresh anyway, and they'll probably stay forever but it's okay. A lot of people have scars/weird stuff on their body and we rarely notice it ourselves. I hope my post could help.

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