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Painful thing you've done for beauty? Anonymous 19917

Probably getting waxed is the top of the list for me. Never again.

Anonymous 19918

Nona, I'll have my vagina waxed for the first time on Monday. I'm scared now ahahah. I usually only get my legs waxed and I feel fine with how it feels

Anonymous 19919

Waxing and laser hair removal, actually any type of hair removal can be excruciating if I do it right before my period, one of the reasons I've embraced body hair

Anonymous 19920

epilator. waxing, but slow, more painful, and worse.

Anonymous 19923

pluck your pubes and find out yourself

Anonymous 19926

Blackhead removal, thats all :/

Anonymous 19927

I was stupid and used lactic acid and burned my skin. I also burned my skin attempting sugar waxing.

Legs are the easiest imo armpits and bikini line are more painful than legs ime

Anonymous 19929

Getting pubes waxed the first time is definitely one of the worst things. But it makes your hair grow in thinner and softer so even a second wax hurts 10xs less (assuming you don't shave in-between appointments)

Anonymous 19947

i think the years i spend shaving and putting on even light makeup was a very slowburn kind of pain. the small inconvenience added up every day over the years until eventually i had a fit and threw it all out. it's one of those things where you didn't even realize you were hurting until it stopped

Anonymous 20010

I tried to bleach my leg hair so they'd be invisible from afar and I wouldn't have to shave. After about an hour of itching from the bleach I gave up and washed it off. Now I just don't shave and leave my leg hair visible

Anonymous 20032

Did you get bleach designed for body hair?

Anonymous 20046

ayrt I don't remember because this was years ago and I was a teen and my mom bought the bleach for me, it might've been for head hair and not body hair, but either way I'm done with hiding my leg hair, I just don't care anymore.

Anonymous 20053

I also realized most people just don't fucking care. Made me care way less even though I said shaving was for myslef lol.

Anonymous 20069

Nose job
lip filler

Anonymous 20078

using epsom salt mixed with soap to exfoliate despite having multiple severe open wounds from ripping off hangnails/cuticles

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