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How to Get a Bilateral Salpingectomy? Anonymous 20051

>good BMI
>relatively healthy other than ADHD
>took hormonal BC from about 15 y/o - 27 y/o
>normal period flow and duration
>have health insurance and a PCP
>married and already discussed with my husband
>have never ever wanted kids and he stopped wanting them a few years ago
OK ladies what's your advice regarding how best to get myself sterilized? What should I bring to the doctor? Should I find my own surgeon and go straight to them? I've never gotten a major surgery as an adult.
I got sick of taking hormonal birth control for a number of reasons and still cannot believe the difference in my sex drive since I stopped taking it. I refuse to take it again. I need the peace of mind of knowing I'll never be pregnant, whether accidentally with my husband or from a rape. I've read online that it can be quite difficult to get any sort of sterilization before your mid 30s but I obviously want to get this done ASAP. If doctors still ask your husband for some sort of approval/permission, I know he'd give his OK.
If you have any advice or recommendations for a particular sterilization method as well, I would love to hear it. I think a bilateral salpingectomy would be best for me. It'd give me the peace of mind of knowing there's absolutely no way an egg could get into my uterus anymore. I've read some issues with the ablation method allowing that in freak circumstances. I think this would also disrupt my reproductive and hormonal systems the least. I want to keep as much of my reproductive/hormonal system in-tact as possible while still achieving my goal of 100% guaranteeing no children. I've seen how ovary removal can encourage early onset of dementia and who knows what else since women's health research is so neglected.

Anonymous 20064

This isn't directly related to your question but make sure you search the methods well to see if early onset menopause is a possible result. My mom had the lining ablation which doctors swore up and down had no side effects but then she went into menopause and had to keep fighting with them about getting tests because they didn't want to accept the procedure had caused it so they refused to let her get tested until she went herself and found herself in the post menopause stage at 49 and it seems to have caused her menopause to last an extremely long time too cause years later in her mid 50s she's still in post menopause but not past it! The docs still try claiming it wasn't the procedure and some still gaslight her claiming she isn't in menopause even now she has proof but in researching herself she discovered lots of women had the same result of spontaneous menopause, even a woman in her early 30s.
It's really important to do half the research yourself unfortunately so this is more a heads up on that. I'm sorry I don't have anything more for you. I don't have any surgeries to recommend but a copper IUD is a good failsafe while you research if you have the insurance for a temporary solution. But I wouldn't recommend it if your periods are bad cause it'll make them worse. Hormonal IUDs don't do that but then there's the hormone issue of course. It's much lower than BC pills but some are still sensitive to it. I think it made my PMS (I forget the new acronym) worse personally but it could have also been age making it worse cause it's always been an issue for me

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