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Coffee Dilemma Anonymous 2050

Is it worth it to quit coffee?

I love the taste of black coffee and have had periods where I'll avidly drink it, but then I'll stop because I can get panicky and over-emotional because of the caffeine. I have a week where I have jam packed days of school plus work plus an hour's commute at least twice a day, and I decided to quit coffee when school started up again. It's been a few weeks and I still feel constantly exhausted and go to bed at around 9pm and wake up early, still exhausted. I've had mild withdrawals before when I've quit coffee, but nothing this serious. Would drinking coffee be worth it because it'd make me feel better because it would energize me, or am I drained because I quit coffee?

Anonymous 2051

It really depends of what you would use as a boost instead of it ?
I found that oolong tea helps with the side effects of coffee whithrawal.

Anonymous 2056

I haven't been using any "boosts". First thought is to use monster energy, but I know that is even worse for you than coffee. How does oolong tea taste? I like herbal, flavored teas.

Anonymous 2084

If you love the taste of black coffee, then maybe instead of quitting, you could just limit yourself to 1-2 cups instead? Or did even that much coffee have a bad effect? Another idea is to switch to decaffeinated coffee in the afternoon (assuming your problems with coffee come from the caffeine. If there is something else in coffee that is having a bad effect on you, then these things wouldn't help).

Black tea has more caffeine than oolong, which >>2051 suggested. There are some flavored black teas out there too, but I don't know of any that would taste like coffee.

Anonymous 2085

I'm not a huge coffee drinker, I prob drink it once every month or so.

But Ive been wanting to feel more 'awake' for workouts and such. Is 1 cup of coffee good for that, or should I go for lighter alternatives such as black tea?

I always read about people finding it hard to quit coffee, and I know how easily addicted i get to things. I'm a creature of habits. So before starting taking it daily i decided to ask what you guys think.

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