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Fitness general Anonymous 2106

Old thread seems to be locked.

>post fitness related questions

>share your workouts, goals, inspiration etc.

Anonymous 2107

To start off the thread:

What are your favourite upper body and core exercises/workouts?

So far I've only been working on my lower body and I pretty much achieved what I wanted, so I'm starting to make a new routine for myself, focusing more on the upper body and core.

Any suggestions welcome. (:

Anonymous 2109

Does anyone know of any good back exercises that I can do at home?

I do pushups and dips for my arms, full-body plank and side planks for my core. leg raises are also great

Anonymous 2112

I do a lot of HIIT but started jumping rope to mix things up a bit. Anyone else here does it as well? I fucking suck at it, but I am slowly getting better lol

Also, I really really wanna buy a pole for my room, cause I wanna practice stuff that I've learned in class, I always feel like I take a while to remember the moves. I sent a message to a dude (or girl, don't know tbh) cause they were selling a pole cheaper than a brand new one, but they still haven't replied me back. :( I hope I can get it tho, it's about 100 bucks cheaper.

Anonymous 2113

Rows, back extensions and pull ups

I thought about it but gave up on the idea because I'd quit it faster than a run lol. If I go for a run I have to get somehow back home so yea

Anonymous 2125

Anyone have good ways to fix posture?

Anonymous 2129

Corseting or constant vigilance

Anonymous 2135

I've got scoliosis and lifting (strengthening the muscle) helped A LOT. Also, some awareness.

Anonymous 2136

Like the scoliosis-anon said above, lifting helps. Also running. I used to have bad posture but now it is great thanks to going to the gym. (you have to be careful tho, you dont want to develop hyperlordosis)

Anonymous 2275

Has anyone tried out the insanity workouts? I know they "work" but how hard are they really for someone who is not a beginner but also not a pro?

Link to all the videos if anyone wants them :http://the--witcheress.tumblr.com/freeinsanityvideos

Anonymous 2296



So in a little less than one month I went from having no coordination at all to jumping 60 times nonstop without tripping on my rope and also "running" on place while jumping, so I am pretty happy about my progress so far. I do wanna get better though, my bf jumped rope as a teenager and now he can do a lot of tricks with it and I am envious lol

Anyway, I've been jumping daily and honestly it's so freaking addictive, I even forgot about my HIITs (although I still do some abs now and then.. And I guess I could try a jump rope HIIT when I get better at it!) because the rope outshined it so much. I guess because it kinda feels like a game, especially when you change the jumping method while doing it and set jumping goals to achieve, put a playlist and go. And it's so practical too, not only ropes are cheap if compared to other fitness stuff, but you can take it with you anywhere and you only need a small space to jump. I wanna take mine to the park, it would be nice since I'd enjoy the scenery and also walk while at it.

I already bought a weighted rope, and I am pretty pumped to start using it although it's gonna take a lot of time for it to arrive. I guess at least I can practice more before it comes.

Anyway, I've set a goal for myself to jump 1500 times by the end of 30 days, and it's been good so far. Now I totally understand people that swear by the rope kek

Anonymous 2299

Honestly… I think you just gave me a great idea for cardio during the winter times! I prefer running, but this should be good too, thank you (:

Anonymous 2300

>>2275 no but I've been meaning toooooo, so thank you very very much anon for the link!!! You da best one.

I've been toying with joining a gym lately but I can't get my mind past the idea of other peoples sweat being all over the equipment. My sister caught ringworm(??) from her gym and it's really put me off ever joining one (she still goes but shes… atypical).
Also they seem damn expensive when surely I could just get a tractor tyre, throw it around the garden and become she-hulk forever.

Anonymous 2334


Glad to be of help, anon! I hope you enjoy it. Make sure to buy a nice rope! They sey the best ones are those with steel cables, usually covered by PVC plastic.

Anonymous 2514


Any anons that use barbells when lifting?
I want to try them but am too retarded to figure out some things lol But I also don't want to pay extra cash just so a trainer will answer me with "yes/no"

Like is it fine to use any barbell and put any type of plate on it?
Do you always have to use these weird clips or is having only 1 plate each side without them fine?

Anonymous 2516

Watch Scooby1961 on Youtube in his videos where he shows proper lifting form for many exercises

Anonymous 2537

>try to find women only gym in my area despite already thinking itll be gross because sweaty shared equipment
>"Unlike a traditional or conventional gym who use weight or hydraulic machines…"
>find another one
>literally just aerobics classes and yoga pretty much


Anonymous 2619

yeah i love it! the clips are just to keep the plates in place. they're just for the off chance that you shift while attempting a heavy lift and the plates slide off. You most likely won't need them but they're good for piece of mind. I'm not really sure what you mean by different types of barbells and plates though! Usually the long barbells people use for squats are 50 lb, so it makes sense to only use them for big muscle groups, whereas if you were doing something like curls it would make more sense to use a smaller barbell and put however many plates on it. Also there's those weird skinny colorful associated with crossfit. They bounce so you can aggressively drop them and you'll look like a newb if you use them for something other than that. But really all the variations are just for your own convenience!

Anonymous 2800


This is what I meant
Some barbells are longer/shorter than others

Anonymous 2836

usually the long ones are best for squats and deadlifts and the shorter ones are best for smaller muscle groups

Anonymous 2850

>161 lbs
is this morbidly obese? what does c.c think?
i'm going to try to lose weight ( realistically speaking i'm DEFINITELY going to lose a pound or two thanks to a lack of cash to just buy food like i've been doing + the walking i have to do around campus), but uh. as for now.

Anonymous 2852


You can lose a tiny bit if you want to but you're definitely not obese (or even fat realistically speaking!). Don't be delusional, fam.
I assumed you were around 20.

Anonymous 2853

you're right, anon.
i just need to chill. uwu

Anonymous 2985


Why does it have to be a women only gym? Everyones sweaty regardless

Anonymous 2986

Not her but some men are disgusting and don't understand boundaries, and keep staring or trying to chat you up when you just want to get /fit/. It's disrespectful and annoying asf

Anonymous 2987

im nearly the exact same as you anon, a few pounds less and a half inch shorter. I think i look ok, my belly is too soft for my own liking, but we are def not overweight or obese.

Anonymous 2988

This is my personal experience, but any gym I've ever been to during the daylight, theres some 35 year old guy with ripped arms, and tiny legs trying to explain to me how to use the machines EVEN THO i have been doing this for 4+ years. I have never had a girl so much as talk to me unless its important or a compliment.

Going at nighttime however, theres the weirdos, but they keep to themselves and only stare a little at any woman in the proximity.

Anonymous 2993

Do you guys know any good places to buy cute workout/running gear? I'm trying to get back into running but don't want to look dorky.

Anonymous 2996

Use bumper plates for deadlifts (and rows). Use regular plates for other barbell exercises.

Don't use barbells for upper body exercises. Weighted chin-ups, handstand/pike push ups, and assisted one-arm push ups work just fine. As for lower body, barbell squats and deadlifts are pretty much the only way you'll get to work with a lot of resistance, but like, you're putting a ton of weight on top of your spine with squats. Deadlifts are also notorious for causing back injuries.

You will NEED to film yourself for form checks if you're not getting a trainer. Just with a barbell squat, if your back is bending, you're not reaching proper depth, your back isn't tight, you're not looking at the right place, you're mixing up low and high bar, you're holding your breath, all of that can be okay with low weight but dangerous at higher numbers.

Anonymous 2997

If you're putting one 45 pound plate or more on each end, go with the long, thick bars. You can always ask the receptionist too, I would have some questions about the bar on the right honestly.

Anonymous 3084

My new goal is to be able to do a handstand pushup.

I'm aware this will be a very hard challenge, but I'm giving myself a two year time frame for it. I just want to feel completely in control of my body. I think it will be such a wonderful feeling when I can finally do it.

Also on topic but also slightly off topic, lately I've been seeing exercise as less "I want to be lean" or "I want to be ripped" and more "I want to be healthy". I think this is more positive and a better way to look at things.

Anonymous 3757

Screen Shot 2018-0…

Is pic related a meme?

Reddit raves about it and the book itself claims to be based on hard science but when I flipped to the diet section the macro recommendations are absolutely insane. Protein ridiculously high, fat too low. Makes me think whoever wrote this book has absolutely no idea how female bodies work. I'm extremely skeptical about the rest of the book now.

Anonymous 3761

Well, it's always good to get as much proteins as you can, but I'm not sure why people always want to avoid eating fat, like that's what puts on the pounds. It's more sugars and carbs that bring you down, these days. Never a good idea to follow a fad diet, anyway. It's good you're looking to get fit, though!

Anonymous 3772

Anonymous 3776

You have to start small, if you're just starting, but someone on the constant pursuit for fitness should always get as much as they can!

Anonymous 3780

How do I stop being skinny fat?
I have a fairly healthy diet. I've been on and off the gym for a while but I want to commit again. They made me a personalized 2 weeks plan but I want to know how other beginners start. I want to lose almost 7lbs. I'm retarded and I can't do anything right, especially after staying away for so long. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous 3781

Lift weights, start as low as you need to and go from there.
It will also help you lose fat since it increases the calories your body uses throughout the day.

Anonymous 3783

Do what the anon above says. Lift, and get big (in a good way).

Anonymous 3784

Thank you!

Anonymous 4605

Does anyone have recommendations for stretches or exercises that focus on back strengthening?

I know that general lifting and fitness helps with posture, but I want something to help with back pain.

Anonymous 4606


I know a few exercises but I would also like to know more because I am at a risk of developing scoliosis so I must exercise my back muscles.
- get down on the floor on all fours
- lift one arm and the opposite leg and hold this position for a few seconds
- repeat with the other arm/leg
2. everyone calls this exercise "kitty" because it's like a cat's stretching which I find really funny
- get down on all fours
- arch your back upwards and push your head down, hold this position for a few seconds
- now arch your back downwards (pushing your belly down) and push your head up, hold this position
it seems like a super easy exercise but if you put your all into it, it's a very good exercise.
- lie down on your stomach and put your arms under your head, or in an U shape, or however you want but they must be by your head
- lift your upper body off of the ground
- if you are strong enough you can also twist your body to one side when you lift it off of the ground but I'm too weak.
- I don't know how to explain this one so please refer to the image I posted:
- first lie down on your bed so only your upper body is on the bed, your legs are on the floor and your lower back in in the air like in the pic
- now push your pelvis up into the air, this is an exercise not only for the lower back but also for your butt
That's all I know which is really bad because I'm supposed to exercise my back a lot but all I know are those 4 exercises. If you are confused by the other exercises, tell me so I can draw you another bad illustration.

Anonymous 4607

start doing gymnastics now

Anonymous 4608


Anonymous 4619

Just buy some weights and do lots of squats, machines are a meme

Anonymous 4626

Thanks, the illustration was very helpful.

Anonymous 4663

Any recs for cellulite reducing exercises? I have a lot and it makes me feel gross.

Anonymous 4681


I jump rope and cycle, and usually massage my legs with rollers afterwards when I shower. It helped a bunch, but changing your diet also helps.

Anonymous 4694

cellulite is basically the way your body retain fat. to get ride of it you need less body fat %
say goodbye to carbs and sweats and hello vegies and starving

Anonymous 4710

This but it is also genetic (body type-wise and fat-retention areas). Like if you have a pear shape/ hourglass shape or big hips, you are completely doomed as soon as you gain some fat. If your hips are small/no hips then you can fight against it.

Anonymous 4753

I finally moved near a gym that actually has barbells so I can start lifting. I'm pretty nervous about it especially since it's crowded. I have one free PT session so he will check over the routine I wrote up and hopefully give me tips on my form. I know no one really gives a shit but I'm going to be incredibly self-conscious about doing things wrong.

Anonymous 4755

After battle pneumonia at the start of this autumn I surprised myself by being able to hit the gym again. I started the other week with 30 mins light cycling.

HOWEVER, my friend suggested I hit the weights again. And oh my god, I couldn’t do anything. He suggested we go and I do some push ups instead. Again, I couldn’t even do 5. I nearly burst out crying.

I’ve always been a very strong girl and this was just so fucking shit. My friend was trying to console me being like dude you were ill but it’s like I feel so weak and pathetic right now. I’m so mad at myself for getting sick.

Gonna start from total scratch but I’ve never been this week in my life so… suggestions and posi needed :-(

Anonymous 4756

Sage for doublepost but sorry for terrible grammar and spelling, evidently my brain has died too. Kms.

Anonymous 4770

Caffeine is your friend.
If you're not really felling it then the boost from a cup of coffee or two does wonders for your mood.

Anonymous 4775

If you were already in the routine of exercising frequently before you got sick, I think it should be (fairly) easy to get back into that same mindset. I think the best way is to make sure you're moving around a bit everyday. Don't overexert yourself, but do enough so that you feel like you've done something, because it'll make unconsciously make exercise part of your routine.

I know it's easier said than done, but don't be too hard on yourself. You were sick, so you have a legitimate reason to be weaker now. You were strong once and you can do it again! I believe in you anon!

Anonymous 4794

Anyone here do the big six (deadlift, squat, row, bench, OHP, pull up)? I've decided to do these instead of fucking around with accessory work to get those noob gains, so I want to hear how this has worked out for others
Don't worry! It'll be a lot easier getting back to your previous strength than it was getting there in the first place! You can do it!!

Anonymous 4820

Yo anon, I've been doing all those except pull ups for about… 6 months. It's worked out surprisingly well, though my upper body is much weaker than my lower body (70/50 bench/ohp vs 130/165 squat/dl for 2 reps, 2 sets)
Here are my progressions:
Squat: 45 to 165 lbs
OHP: 30 to 50
Bench: 45 to 70
Deadlift: ~90 to 165
Row: 45 to 60

I found that I gained decent muscle in a month, though I was kind of skinny to start with.

Anonymous 4833


Thank you so much for your supportive and kind messages~ <3
I will try the caffeine idea!

I have set some goals for over christmas break and I'm trying to focus mostly on the excitement of being strong again and meeting smaller milestones to see me get to stronk again. Thanks Miners <3

Anonymous 4939

Anyone have some general advice for losing fat? I’ve been doing this same routine 2/3 x a week for 4 months now and I’ve lost around 15kg and gained a lot of muscle (currently around 5”4,164lbs)

30 mins cardio (hiit training on treadmill and stair master)

30 mins weights (I use various machines cos too pussy for the free weights) currently managing 10 reps on each machine, I can do 100kg on my thighs, 60kg on bicep/triceps and 90kg on my back and abdominals.

I also do a routine with crunches, planks, squats, burpees etc

I still wanna lose more weight around my stomach arms n thighs but idk whether to increase cardio, weights or just up the intensity of my current routine, any tips?

Anonymous 4940


Can't spot reduce without surgery (lipo/whatever else there is). Going to have to lose overall body fat %.

If you're still losing weight on your current routine, keep it up.
If you have stalled, lower your caloric intake by 100. If after 2-3 weeks you are still not losing weight, repeat by dropping another 100 calories. You can drop by larger margins, but it's safer to take it slow.

Prioritise strength training over cardio, doing cardio after strength training if done right after one another. Strength builds more muscle=higher caloric needs for your body=easier weight loss. Cardio burns calories, also good for building up stamina and heart health.

If you feel comfortable at a later stage, try out using the barbell for some compound lifts (squats, rows, deadlift). Good for full body workouts. Dumbbell is also good if you're not up to the barbell. You can basically do the same movements as with a barbell, but with less weight and more range of motion (goblet squats, dumbbell press, dumbbell row).

Anonymous 4941

Thankyou for your helpful reply anon!!! I think I’ll focus on the strength training from now on like you said. I was hesitant to do more cardio since 30 mins of it every time I’m at the gym already kills me.

I used to calorie count years ago when I didn’t exercise, but it caused disordered eating and wasn’t helpful cos I wasn’t even eating healthily. Maybe it’s worth doing it again just to get an idea of how much I eat, I’m not even sure if I eat more/less than the recommended calorie intake

Anonymous 4942


Don't worry too much about recommended calories, and you don't even have to count calories if you don't want to (it's still iffy accuracy wise).

If you're losing weight on your current consumption levels, GREAT!

If you aren't, drop a little bit of food off (probably not the protein you're eating because you need it for your muscles).

No calorie counting and you lose weight!

Anonymous 4988

Me and my boyfriend are making a life style change because we want to live a healthier life. I truly hope we stick with it I'm tired of being fat and so is he. We are starting pretty good, I'm wearing a shirt today that used to be super tight on me but it's fitting just fine now. Dear god I hope this is motivation enough for me to stick to it

Anonymous 4990

You won't make it.

Anonymous 4992

Uhm no need to be a bitch anon wow.

Anonymous 4994

Where was the encouragement

Anonymous 4997

If someone says they want to do x thing and someone says you can't do it. I don't understand how that translates to encouragement literally at all. If anything that would make the person become discouraged. Can't tell if you're being serious or not but it's not encouraging

Anonymous 4999


Anonymous 5003

[HorribleSubs] Tsu…

I'll start by walking 30 minutes every day & gradually going from there.

Anonymous 5010

Yo you know if there’s two of you doing it it’ll be a lot easier coz you can motivate each other also, you just gotta be truthful and open with each other about slip ups, hard times etc.

Cheering for you both, you can do it!

Anonymous 5030

I currently weigh 100kg at 175cm height even though I don't look THAT overweight I feel so fat lol.
Guess I also have a little heavy bones. I'm planning to go down to 80.

Anonymous 6229


Is this true?

Anonymous 6230

deadlifts make everything bigger but mostly your legs

Anonymous 6268

Don’t ever stop noticing the little changes like that! It’s what kept me going when I started. My own clothes got looser, had that bit of excitement when clothes from 3+ years ago started fitting again. I’m almost down 3 dress sizes now and still losing. Keep it up and don’t forget to take progress pics, they’re really nice to look back on

Anonymous 6311

I have no idea how squats became "the butt exercise". Like yeah it'll work your glutes, but it primarily works your quads, so your butt ends up looking smaller in comparison even if you do get butt growth.

Romanian deadlifts and Hip thrusts are the number 1 booty makers.

Anonymous 6348

I'm >>4988
and I just wanted to say that I'm still keeping it up! i see noticeable weight loss in my face and my clothes are still getting loser.
I haven't been taking any progress pics per-sey but I usually take like a mental note, but I should start doing the pictures as well!

Anonymous 6349

Yay anon!
It felt nice when I was able to put on a pair of jeans without the constricting muffin top feeling. I'm not trying to actively lose, but maintain and get leaner.

Pictures along with body measurements probably give the best information. Especially if you start to exercise more.

Anonymous 6366

So I've lost about 30 lbs in the last year or so, and while that's great my breasts are now kind of sad and deflated looking. I still want to lose around 10-15 more lbs but I'm scared they'll look even saggier. Has anyone ever done the upper body exercises that allegedly perk up your breasts and gotten results from it? Is there anything else I can do?

Also, I stopped wearing a bra about a year ago because I heard it can speed up your tits going saggy. I hope I didn't fuck up and have the opposite effect. Maybe I should go back to wearing it again.

Anonymous 6373

Anonymous 6374

You should be skeptical about all diet books. Legitimate medical/scientific bodies are the only reliable source of advice.

Anonymous 6405

>goes to the gym 3 times a week
>eats shit food every day because "I worked hard and I deserve it"

I seriously hope you don't do this

Anonymous 6408

>apartment has a gym
>no clue how to use a gym, only do yoga and bodyweights
>want to start using the gym because I want to get my money's worth out of this damned rent
>basic machines and freeweights
>can't do anything dynamic because low blood pressure, get dizzy easily
>knees are fucked, shoulder is fucked, essentially a thin frail waif
What do?

Anonymous 6410

Get a spotter.

Anonymous 6411

Will cardio make my legs too skinny?
I am trying to lose weight overall using a calorie deficit+cardio. However, I tend to hold a lot of body fat in my tummy/hips when compared to my lower body. (Terrible hip dips, knees noticeably larger than my thighs, thigh gap when I've lost too much mass in the past despite still being on the upper end of normal)
I've been trying to incorporate some weight training (goblet squats, etc) 2-3 days a week in the effort to look less like a skinnyfat with chicken legs when I do lose the weight, but I'm afraid that the cardio will kill any potential leg gains or all the leg work will exacerbate the problem further.
Should I just not do cardio and rely on diet to make a calorie deficit? Should I just accept I'm gonna lose a lot of muscle mass in my legs and worry about getting it back later?

Anonymous 6419

Cardio will make your everything skinny. If you want beef, pump iron. Keep going til you even out. Depending on the lifestyle you had before your journey, you could definitely be "uneven" in terms of physicality. Simply working out is the best choice if you want to get big. If you don't, go ahead with the diet.

Anonymous 6731

Make sure you're fully hydrated and watch youtube videos of exercises you want to do before hand.
Hopefully you're one of those visual learners, you'll go far without a trainer.

Anonymous 6736

Depends where you're starting from. If you used to squat and deadlift all day and swapped that out for cardio, then yeah your legs would get skinnier.

If, however, you are starting from the couch/your ass, cardio will actually make your legs thicker and bigger by making you use them.

Cyclist legs aint nothing to sneeze at.

Anonymous 6838

I'm three days into a month-long full-body bodyweight workout challenge. Today was arms and my triceps are deaddd.

After I finish this challenge I'll see where I physically and probably invest in some light home equipment.

I'd like to do swimming, but it's hard for me to go more than once a week and I'd have to buy a bathing suit and pay for the pool.

After this I'm going to go on a long walk to get some cardio in.

Anonymous 6840

I'm not out of shape, but my PT told me not to run.

Anonymous 6841

>falling for the PT meme
Let's hear it, why did your PT tell you not to run? I'm also sure your PT has a degree in Physical Therapy.

Anonymous 6842

Uh, why are you so angry? Yes, I was hospitalized and had an Occupational Therapist and a Physical Therapist, both of which I continued to see for a year. The PT told me I shouldn't do running.

I'm 163cm and 47-8kg if you're worked up thinking I'm a hard hamplanet.

Anonymous 6843

I didn't think you were fat lol. I just thought your PT was an idiot for saying you shouldn't run, but if an actual doctor recommended that, I am clearly wrong.

Anonymous 6844

Not the other poster, but it can be bad for your knees if they are already damaged

Anonymous 6845

Exactly why I acknowledged being wrong after getting more info.
I should probably start thinking before rushing to post :^)

Anonymous 6850

Nah. I was also dumb to use "PT" in a fitness thread to refer to something other than personal trainer. It didn't even cross my mind, which is why I felt attacked by your reply. My bad as well, it sounds like you were just trying to help someone on on their fitness journey.

Anonymous 6852

I think you're great :')

Anonymous 6908

I'm starting my second week of the bodyweight workout challenge, and I'm at the point where I'm excited to do the workout every morning. I need to figure out how to use the body fat % feature on my scale. I feel like it looks like I'm slimming down and gaining definition , but realistically I don't think a week is enough to see any noticeable changes. :/

Anonymous 6911

A week is definitely not enough to see changes but keep at it, remember to weigh yourself everyday at the same time. If your objective is to lose fat then clean up your diet, and progress to using weights after you complete this bodyweight routine.

Anonymous 6913

Thanks! Lol Google told me the same thing – definitely too soon to see anything.

I carry most of my fat in my stomach (alcohol) which I'm trying to get rid of (I know you can't target fat loss, which is why I'm hitting my whole body). I also want to build muscle and get stronger, so eventually graduating to weights is my goal!

Anonymous 6914

Sounds like you got everything figured out! Remember to keep at it and I'm sure you'll make it :)

Anonymous 6988

Thanks! But I crashed pretty hard and neglected exercise, so I have to start again tomorrow. I've quit alcohol and fixed up my diet, at least.

Anonymous 6991

Blog post incoming:
>>6988 here, I decided to start Scooby's beginner workout. It feels a little like cheating since Saturday and Sunday are just cardio…

I pulled my head out of my ass and took the suggestion to try running. But I'm going to work myself up to it. The goal for today was 20 minutes of cardio. I took an hour long brisk walk (focusing on proper form and keeping my whole body engaged) with 20 minutes of jogging worked in.

Anonymous 6999

Many body fat % scales require a companion app to see/track the info. It's important to note that almost none of them are accurate, but they do tend to "work" to an extent, in that they deviate when you lose/gain fat. They also only measure the resistance in your lower-body, so your stomach fat won't be accurately represented in the measurement. A cheap caliper or even measuring with tape will be much more accurate, especially to get a valid starting point number, but also over time.

In initial weight loss, you may not see the number on the scale change much, as initial muscle gains happen much faster- but you will likely see a reduction in visual/measurable fat!

Most importantly, if fat loss is your main goal, cardio cardio cardio as you've been informed. If you don't want to run (and since you are already doing bodyweight workouts) look into some HIIT routines, there are many that can be done at home with no equipment! Fitness Blender has some nice ones I like, some including low impact options that are good for starting out. If you do want to try running, check out some couch-to-5k programs/apps! Good motivation and scaling.

Good luck on your journey! Stay motivated!

Anonymous 7001

I completely forgot about fitness blender, I'll check out some of their low impact hit routines.

I also have a measure stuffed away somewhere, I'll dig it out and try to figure out my measurements. Thanks for being so helpful.

Anonymous 7017

Okay, I measured myself and used two different calculators (us navy & ymca formula, according to the site) which both gave me 21% body fat. Which is… About where I thought I was? But I was bracing for around 25% lol.

Anonymous 7034

You're well above average already! Keep it up.

Anonymous 7052

How are you right now?

Anonymous 7058

This feels like a misfire, but I'm attention-starved so here's my fitness-related reply: I'm feeling good! I've been feeling tired and sluggish so yesterday I didn't count calories. This morning I did my morning workout. I feel a lot better now. When I can do my bodyweight routine w/o doing adjustments and w/o getting major does, I'm going to try some free trial memberships at nearby gyms.

Anonymous 7199

I'm still really weak, but I recently graduated from doing side planks on my knees to doing full side planks. Yay!

Anonymous 7207

swam my first full mile in ~35 minutes! I am very proud of myself

Anonymous 7210

Good job! That sounds really exhausting. Do you swim regularly?

Anonymous 7216

Now I do! Started swimming more regularly a bit before summer, I feel happy that my hard work has paid off. I’ve improved my stokes too!

Anonymous 7219

I've started working a few full push-ups into each set (instead of doing all knee push-ups). The doms is intense but so rewarding.

Anonymous 7565

I stopped for about two weeks, but got back on the wagon and have been working out regularly. I do as many push-ups as I can (in sets of ten) throughout the day, every other day. I try to focus on good form. I can feel myself getting stronger, it's pretty exciting. I haven't been able to use my scale, but I like how my body is looking and feeling lately.

Anonymous 7632

Still going strong! I did 70 full push-ups yesterday and only have a bit of tightness/soreness in my arms today.

I also weighed myself and have lost about a kg… But I can see more muscle definition than before (just barely) and my core is definitely harder to the touch. I'm getting a good amount of protein so I hope it's fat poss/muscle growth.

Anonymous 7633

Is it normal for a sedentary person to feel a sharp jab in the right of their stomach when working out a little harder than normal? I've had that pain since high school. It stops me from pushing slightly past my limits, even during cardio. Is it something you grit through and experience less over time, or a medical concern?

Anonymous 7634

If it’s relieved when you stop exercising, it’s probably a side stitch and it’s perfectly normal.

Anonymous 7635

perfectly normal anon

Anonymous 7652

I hit 100 push-ups on 11/3, and I did 150 push-ups in a ~4 hour span this morning. The last two or three days I've eaten a lot more (2000-2200kcal vs my usual 1700-1800) which I think is helping.

Sorry for blogposting, but the one person I talk to brushes off my efforts with "post anyone can do that" type comments and I want to gush to someone about my accomplishments…

Anonymous 7653

That's great anon, keep going! We need more strong women!

Anonymous 7654

Great job!
How do you track your calories?

Anonymous 7657

I used to track my calories with fatsecret and then myfitnesspal (before underarmor or whoever bought it) for years. Now I look up the info online if I'm not eating something packaged or I'll look up the info on a site I trust if I'm cooking. I'm not too strict on myself, I just write down my calories and protein eaten after each meal and keep track that way. I throw it away the next day.

Anonymous 7658

Oops, I meant to say I look at the packaging or look up the info online if it's not a food I'm familiar with.

Anonymous 7659

Thank you!

Anonymous 7660

No problem. Be careful with myfitnesspal, a lot of the user-submitted info is wrong or only partially entered.

Anonymous 7661

Thanks for the warning, that's actually what I'm using atm.

Anonymous 7673

Today I went to a gym for a free trial class, I thought it would be nice strengthening but it was cardio as fuck and I suffered a lot. I felt weak, sluggish, and kept wondering why I was doing this to myself. However the lady instructor told me I had done a good job in the cardio part.
I really disliked the stupid electro music and the fact that the instructor was yelling to cover it but it was fun nevertheless, the ladies were not showing off and I now enjoy a delicious soreness a few hours later.
I have not had salaried work for months so I simply meant to take advantage of the free class, but I am now considering going on a regular basis if I manage to earn more.

Anonymous 7674

Sign up to that gym and try the weight section. I find cardio to be boring.

Anonymous 7675

I'm a few days past two solid months of push-ups every-other day. I feel more strength in my core, and can see more firmness in my stomach. I see the slightest bit of ab definition… It's really motivating me. 100 push-ups weren't giving me doms anymore, so today I moved up to elevated push-ups. I'm definitely feeling soreness again. I'm working in some squats, too.

My only concern is soreness in one of my wrists. I read about doing push-ups with closed fists, so I might work on that.

Nice work! If you're not employed full time, have you thought about working out at home (if your living situation allows for it)? Like fitness blender or other free cardio videos?

Anonymous 7855

I swim a lot and recently, this guy at the pool has been giving me unsolicited advice on my swimming technique. I’m kind of conflicted because he’s a good swimmer and his advice is helpful, but I’m an introvert and like to enjoy swimming as a time to be alone. I also sometimes just want to swim casually just to relax, but this guy is really serious about swimming. It makes me feel like I can’t measure up. I feel like he’s frustrated that I’m such a slow learner - but the thing is, I never asked for his help.

Do you ever have people giving you unsolicited advice when you work out? How do you deal with it?

Anonymous 8056


Any recs for at home workout plans?
I've been considering the Darihana Nova lower body + abs (at home)
All gyms are closed because of Corona obv, so I guess I gotta make do..

Anonymous 8057

Athlean X on Youtube

Anonymous 11751

Personally, I like to just follow along to various youtube videos. I used to have a workout routine, but found I got bored of it quickly. I like following videos because I can easily find a different one if I get bored and that makes me more likely to stick to working out regularly. Lately, I like following "just dance" videos because they're more fun than regular workouts lol.

Anonymous 11758

Does anyone have any advice for building muscle mass (no steroids, I'm considering creatine/whey tho) in the best way possible?

Anonymous 11762

please, for the love of God, stay away from processed protein powders. As a female, you need about 50 - 70 grams of protein per day and you can easily get this from whole food. Add lentils to your diet (25g protein / 100g).
The most essential things about building muscle is CONSITENCY. At first you will have to spend a long time learning
1. the discipline to do your daily lifting routine
2. the discipline to study nutrition
3. the discipline to study anatomy and how to appropriately target specific muscle groups
The reason why high quality men like toned/athletic women so much isn't just because of their body. It's about the knowledge that it takes discipline to maintain it. Being fit is a lifestyle. If you're not willing to spend at the very least 1 hour per day on this, don't even bother.
This is not meant to discourage you; it's meant to help you set realistic goals. If you have more questions, feel free to ask.

Anonymous 11972

>stay away from processed protein powders
why and what are those specifically?

Anonymous 11974

Rats tore through our protein powder bag and consumed some so now we have filthy protein powder and shredded rats lurking somewhere :(

Anonymous 11980

think she means that a lot of protein powders have high amounts of heavy metals. it's good to shop around and look for reputable companies that release their lab analysis. i've used myprotein for the past few years and they're rated pretty highly iirc for their levels

Anonymous 12005

NTA, but all protein powders are processed foods and are basically empty calories. Eating protein powder is just like eating white sugar or lard, except that the macro you're getting is protein rather than carbs or fat.
Whole food sources of protein are better because they include fiber and micronutrients.

Anonymous 12635

you do 100 push ups in a row?!

Anonymous 16889

I started bodyweight training again! Right now I'm doing a very simple routine of lunges, push-ups, planks. I want to get some bands so I can start doing rows. I'm 163cm and around 49kg. Trying to build muscle overall.

Anonymous 16893

Great, starting is always the hardest step.
Now try to be consistent and it will slowly become easier.
Also if you do bodyweight exercises get pull up bar if you have a solid door frame. It's really useful for home exercises.

Anonymous 16894

I did them in sets (I think of 10) with short 30 second rests.

Thanks! Just did day 2 today. The house I live in now is extremely old and I don't really trust the doorframes. But when I eventually move out I'll look into a bar or at lesst do the sliding towel trick (sadly don't even have space for that).

Anonymous 16920


Protein powders are not "empty calories". They're lower quality protein sources, but they're still protein sources. That's the whole point of their existence: cheap accessible protein to reach your macros.
And wtf does "empty calorie" means anyway ? A calorie is a calorie, the same way a kilo is a kilo.
/fit/ has bro science, /hb/ has siscience it appears.

Anonymous 16922

Okay can anyone tell me how to use the glute press machine where it’s like a hip thrust and you lie horizontally and there’s a bar under you and above you is a bully where you drape over your hips. And then you’re supposed to thrust up? When I thrust up, nothing happens. Lol I don’t know how to use it

Anonymous 16923

Belt, not bully omg

Anonymous 17567

some exercise is better than none, don't gatekeep.

Anonymous 17581

I've been keeping up my bodyweight routine regularly all month despite a lot of hectic stuff going on. I'm pretty proud of my self. Currently doibg 3 circuits of 2 sets. In
January I'm going to bump it up to 3 circuits of 3 sets.

Anonymous 17583

I'm starting yoga to help with my anxiety. Does anyone have recommendations on what YouTube yoga channels I should check out?

Anonymous 17584

Yoga with Adriene

Anonymous 17585

Ayrt she's actually the only videos I'm following rn kek

Anonymous 17586

Seconding this. She's super cheesy and I know it's cringe but her chit-chat is super comfy to me and makes me feel like I'm doing yoga with a friend.

Anonymous 17590

I did my first 3 circuits of 3 reps today! I'm not feeling it as much as I thought I would, probably because I've been eating and sleeping well lately. Feels good.

Anonymous 17595

My new year’s resolution is to get more fit. I’m just starting with doing workouts from youtube, because I don’t have much money for a gym membership or anything. Does anyone have any channel recommendations or small things for a beginner at home to buy?

Anonymous 17610

A pull-up bar. Even if you can't do a pull-up yet, you can do dead hangs, flexed-arm hangs, negatives, you can use it to anchor your feet for sit-ups, you can hang resistance bands from it for exercises that require them over your head, it's great.

Anonymous 17611

resistance bands are also good with doing bodyweight exercises like lunges and squats. When I first started working out I use to follow along to Jillian Micheals 30 day shred videos.

Anonymous 17621

I'm interested in using resistance bands. Just out of curiosity, what benefits did you get out of them?

Anonymous 17622

Lighter dumb bells, just as efficient, but no risk to break your toes.

Anonymous 17665

cheaper than buying more dumbbells and just as effective for working your muscles. Put a band around your thighs when doing squats works your muscles more.

Anonymous 17777

I'm the one doing bodyweight exercises. I hate that my left arm is so weak due to a stroke. I struggled carrying a box of groceries home last night, and it almost gave out doing one-arm planks this morning. I'm just trying to use it as motivation to keep training.

Anonymous 17804


Quads of motivation.

Anonymous 17805

Thanks, I did better today!

Anonymous 17806

>lentils to your diet (25g protein / 100g).
Nona, don't forget that number is for raw lentils. Cooking 100g of raw lentils gives you an entire dog bowl worth of food that's pretty much impossible to eat in one sitting and you've still got 25g to go.

It's easier to eat animal products (if you're okay with that ofc)

Anonymous 17818


>an entire dog bowl worth of food that's pretty much impossible to eat in one sitting

Anonymous 18003

I'm going to start doing planks and side planks on my rest days. Started today at one minutd and was quickly reminded how slow time passes while doing planks. But I'm hoping to have a nice tummy for summer.

Anonymous 18015

I'm really proud about how consistent I was this month!

January Workouts
r/bodyweightfitness minimalist recommended routine (no rows)

1/1 3 circuits 3 sets
1/3 3 circuits 3 sets
1/5 3 circuits 3 sets
1/7 3 circuits 3 sets
1/9 3 circuits 3 sets
1/11 3 circuits 3 sets
1/13 3 circuits 3 sets
1/15 3 circuits 3 sets
1/17 3 circuits 3 sets
1/19 3 circuits 3 sets
1/21 3 circuits 3 sets
1/23 3 circuits 3 sets
1/25 3 circuits 3 sets
1/27 3 circuits 3 sets
1/28 1min plank x3
1/29 3 circuits 3 sets
1/30 1min plank x3
1/31 3 circuits 3 sets

Anonymous 18032

Good job, out of interest why no rows?

Anonymous 18033

I don't have anything to do them with. I was going to buy a resistance band but my husband made fun of me and said I didn't need it so I didn't buy it. Maybe I'll buy one online so I can do the full routine.

Anonymous 18034

how do you motivate yourself to exercise consistently? i get into the swing of things for a bit and exercise regularly for a few weeks, but then my motivation slips and i don't go to the gym for a month.

Anonymous 18035

Just keep trying and keep failing consistently. In the end, you work out one day out of three, three weeks out of six, still better than none.
This is a scale issue and you need to watch the big picture: you feel it isn't what it should be, yet, a few months down the road, it'll be great because it'll have had results and it will have been better than zero.

Anonymous 18042

Give yourself small gosls like "I'll only go do the exercise I like today" or "I'll only do one set today." If you really only meet that one goal, it's still better than nothing. And usually once you stsrt you'll be motivated to keep going and do your whoke routine (or more of it than you thought).

Anonymous 18053

is it a common thing to always get sick after upping the intensity of your workouts or is it just me? i hate it. i get a good start and a passion for gains but then the flu hits and i have to spend over a week not working out. during time periods when i only do lighter exercise i never get sick. is there a scientific explanation for this??

Anonymous 18057

I'd guess your body is busy repairing the damage to your muscles by building more muscle and can't defend efficiently against a virus passing by?

Anonymous 18058

Are you eating well enough?

Anonymous 18059

You shouldn't work out during a flu. Did you take any medicine against the symptoms? I think most healthy adults experience the flu for at least 3 days, so it's pretty normal. But don't "compensate" by working out more after you recover. Overwork doesn't guarantee better results, patience and self-control do.

Anonymous 18060

And you might be overworking, which can make you sick, you're straining your muscles too much. But the flu might be a coincidence.

Anonymous 18063

Here's my plan for this month:

routine1: 4 circuits of 4 one-leg squats x2, 4sec plank shoulder touches x4, pushups x4

routine 2: 1min plank x3, leg raises x10

Alternate routines each day.

The planks are a rotation of side-regular-side. Going strong so far, it seems I'll be able to keep it up all month again.

Anonymous 18077


Is working for about an hour, 2-3 times a week enough to stay healthy if I live otherwise an extremely sedentary life style? like I literally don't move except from my bedroom to the bathroom and I spend the rest of my day sitting on the couch or sprawled on my bed.

Anonymous 18078

*working out

Anonymous 18084

It's better than nothing. How are you working out?

Anonymous 18085

lifting weights in the gym

Anonymous 18098

Thay's good but you should also try to get some walking in.

Anonymous 18099

I've been doing bodyweight exercises every day and it doesn't seem like I'm even going that hard but I'm SO hungry all the time now. I'm eating about 2000 calories/ 60 grams protein a day but some of the protein comes from whest so idk if it "counts." I get a decent bit of moving in every day but no real cardio.

Anonymous 18110


>be me
>count calories
>walk almost everyday
>seeing the end of obesity coming nearer
feels good nona

Anonymous 18111

Yay! Keep it up, nona!

Anonymous 18118

I went out all night last night and only got an hour of sleep but I didn't over-eat and I still did my workout this morning. It might not be healthy but I'm feeling pretty good despite being tired.

Anonymous 18119


I find not over-eating after too short a night to be very difficult. Good for you !

Anonymous 18120

That frog is a fucking liar.

Anonymous 18121


You're right, we shall face it as sisters, rather.

Anonymous 18178

I've been to gym 3 times last week. I am a bit proud of myself.

Anonymous 18182

I'm proud of myself for alternating between these two routines every day this month:

routine1: 4 circuits of 4 one-leg squat pairs x2, 4sec plank shoulder touch pairs x4, pushups x4

routine 2: 1min plank x3, leg raises x10

Anonymous 18185

Bravo to you!
I'm currently integrating a routine (calorie counting is not enough anymore), this is not easy.

Anonymous 18191

I was sick yesterday, so I'm starting my march workouts today!

routine1: 4 circuits of 5 one-leg squat pairs x2, 5sec plank shoulder touch pairs x5, pushups x5

routine 2: 1min plank x3, leg raises x10

Anonymous 18208

The last few days I've been working out before bed instead of in the morning and it's not as bad as I expected. I guess coffee wasn't giving me the boost I thought it was because my strength feels the same.

Anonymous 18221


My lighting isn't very good but I wanted to share a progress pic. My goal is to have an awesome stomach to show off this summer.

Anonymous 18227


Anonymous 18283

Is someone from here involved in starting the /fig/ threads on fit? Why not just post here instead?

Anonymous 18284

/fig/ what’s that? Haven’t been on /fit/ in a while

Anonymous 18288

I only saw it for the first time yesterday. It seems to be a general/cbt for women.

Anonymous 18295

which machines should I use at the gym?

Anonymous 18297

Depends on what you want to work out. My gym usually groups machines together by what they workout, leg machines are grouped together and chest and back are grouped together. Chest and back works out also work out the arms as well.
Its best to focus on one group at a time. I work out my groups on different days in a rotation.

Anonymous 18298

My period started today nd I didn't eat enough yesterday so my motivation to workout this morning was extremely low. Did it anyway because I didn't want to miss a day. The streak method really works.

Anonymous 18302

did you make a workout plan for yourself?
I want to do full body workouts 2-3 times a week.

Anonymous 18303

avoid machines entirely, lift free weights

Anonymous 18304

sounds like stronglifts would be a good fit for that. if you're a beginner, i'd just lift the weights that you're comfortable with and not worry too much about the progressive overload program

Anonymous 18305

working out on my period always lead to binges or extreme pain, id say drop the streak for 2 days and go on. its better for you in the long run

Anonymous 18308

ayrt, it might just be because my periods are tame compared to other wonen, but working out actually relieves pain for me. I'm sometimes even able to push myself harder because I figure I'll be uncomfortable anyway.

Anonymous 18313

I woke up early today so I got my regular workout done and did a 4km bike ride! But half of it was down-hill so it was really more like 2km. I'm so happy the weather is getting nice so I can get on my bike more and grow my legs!

Anonymous 18336

I made my April routines and I'm really excited I think I might just start it today. I have no pull bar or any furniture or nearby parks to do pull exercises unfortunately.

routine 1: push up x20, 1min plank x 3, 5sec shpulder touch pairs x10

routine 2: baby shrimp squat pair x10, single leg glute bridge pair x10, lateral lunge pair x10

Anonymous 18339

Sorry to fill up this thread but I have no one to talk to irl about fitness. Yesterday I did routine 1 and it felt so good! I have good DOMs for the first time in a while. Today I was able to do regular shrimp squats for routine 2 although my joints were cracky. I went on a ~6km bike ride and had a good breakfast with meat, eggs, and rice. Sooo excited to get pumped for summer!

Anonymous 18340

Good work nona. And don't be sorry, this is what this thread is for.
Your posts are motivating, I've neglected workout lately but I will try to get back to gym this week.

Anonymous 18341

Thanks! You should try to get back asap, even if it's just for some light training. It's really addicting.

I woke up way too early today and couldn't even do errands because nothing was open yet so I ended up biking 14km. I took off a km because a lot of it was downhill. Squats are going to be hard tomorrow.

On a different note, does anyone have any suggestions for natty fitness instagrammers? Perferably 30-40 years old? With minimum shilling?

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