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Cosmetic Augmentation & Surgery General Anonymous 219

Discuss cosmetic augmentations and surgeries, from lip fillers to boob jobs.
What procedure(s) you want.
What procedure(s) you have planned.
Why you want them.
If you've ever had any.
Feedback, advice and general discussion.

Etc. etc.

Anonymous 220

The biggest thing I want fixed is chin/jaw surgery to fix my slightly recessed chin. There's a couple ways to fix this, like with an implant, versus breaking the actual jaw. I was also reading that maybe it could be slightly fixed with some injections?

Other than that, I mostly want fillers for aging and maybe something for my lips. I used to want a boob job, but I'm not sure anymore. There's not any sagging and they're cute enough, just small.

Anonymous 221

>Anyone remember that chinese phonebook post that an anon was banned for?
Small isn't necessarily bad Anon (and even good imo :3).

Anonymous 222

I'm 24, am I too young to get a chemical peeling?

Anonymous 223

24 does sound far too young, but then again I've met some 24 year olds sporting wicked sun damage before.
What do you want it for specifically?

Anonymous 224

>lip fillers
I've considered it but I'd only need a little bit and I don't think it would be worth it. Sure, it's annoying to look like a part of your upper lip is missing but it's not that bad.

>boob job

The only reason I want one is because I can't find my bra size/type in regular stores. I'm an AA or something along the lines and the majority of stores don't carry that size, so I'm really out of luck. Wouldn't go too big, maybe like a B or small C. I think that's the perfect size.

Anonymous 225

I have a really weak receding chin, but it's due to my overbite, so I don't think fillers will help. I'd also love a slightly bigger top lip, not Kylie style, just not super thin like my own. And an eyelid lift.

Anonymous 226

I just feel like my skin needs some serious exfoliation, more than I can do at home. I don't think I look older though.

Anonymous 227

Have you considered investing in an electric face brush, like a Clarisonic?

Anonymous 228


I recently underwent an open septorhinoplasty to correct congenital breathing defect and a consequence of it was that my nose had to be partially reconstructed (cartilage was harvested from the top of my nose and the bump in the centre and grafted it onto the inside of my nostrils).
My nose has always been the one part of my face I really disliked (think Julius Caesar), and whilst I don't want to say it's changed my life, having had the surgery it's not only made an enormous difference to my breathing, but also my confidence. I have myopia and before I used to wear glasses specifically to obscure my nose, but now I get to wear contacts and feel beautiful. It's just lots of little small things y'know? Like being able to walk out of the shower and no longer cringing at my profile in the mirror as I pass, not feeling like I have to take selfies from one very specific angle to look passable.

Even though my surgery was for purely medical reasons, I would still recommend a nosejob to anybody who feels overly dissatisfied with their nose. Although the recovery was very difficult and isolating, it's kind of given me a taste for it. I'd definitely have more in the future.

Anonymous 229

I smell spoony

Anonymous 230


There's a difference between a small and a recessed chin. One is just small the other looks like they only breathe through their mouths.

Anonymous 231

I seriously want a nose job but I don't know what can be done. When I look up photos on the net I never see noses like mine. It's broad and soft with no definition and from the side it's a big rounded triangle. It's also pretty short but that could be my thin lips. AUGH I'm an ogre lmao
Do I sound like a lost cause?

Anonymous 232

Absolutely not, I totally understand your concerns. I'm >>228, and although it sounds like we have/had radically different noses, I genuinely believed that mine couldn't be helped either.
Prior to my surgery I spent an absurd amount of time examining it from so many angles, flattening it with my fingers, pushing up the tip, photographing it and loading the photos into Photoshop, manipulating it with liquefy, trying to find out how I could possibly look better after my surgery, but nothing I did ever looked 'right' you know? By the time my surgery came round my feelings had been resigned to "hey I'm gonna be able to breathe, but no matter what this guy does I'll always be ugly because it just can't be fixed". When it came to actually removing my cast 4 weeks post-OP I almost cried the first time I looked in the mirror, because against all odds (or at least I thought), my surgeon had managed to sculpt something that somehow perfectly suited me.

You have to understand that ENT/cosmetic surgeons aren't just trained in how to break and re-set noses, they also train for years in aesthetics and balancing, and if they're good then they'll understand far better than you what will and what won't work for your face. It's specifically because it's your face and because you see it everyday that you have difficulty comprehending it being altered in a way that's beneficial to your aesthetics, but surgeons will have that perspective because they're able to view you objectively.

If you ever do decide on surgery put a little bit more faith in their experience and knowledge. Oh and my personal recommendation would be to find an older surgeon, like 40's-50's. This way you get somebody with experience and they're less likely to be the younger types who just think those ski-slope type noses works for everybody. The nose is the most important part of the face when it comes to balance and it's so easy to screw it up. What looks good on one person won't necessarily work on another, and it's important to find a surgeon that understands that difference.

Anonymous 233

Thanks so much for the advice. If it was just a little bump or something then I could totally live with it but like you said, the nose is super important for balance and mine's throwing my face off lmao
Ok, I'm going to start saving up money and start doing some research.
Did you shop around for a surgeon or did you get refereed by a doctor?

Anonymous 234

Yeah, I was referred from my GP to an ENT specialist who does a clinic at my local hospital, but also does private consultation too.

Anonymous 235

i got a chemical peel when I was 15, I had really dark acne scars and it fixed them almost over night. its kinda gross and painful but its worth a few dayss of suffeirng for clear skin.

Anonymous 236

Shit really? This is kind of making me want to look into it. My skin isn't particularly bad or anything but recently I've been getting pretty up close to it in the mirror and I'm noticing I have a lot of small dents and pits from teenage acne. I wonder if this is the kind of thing it could correct.

Anonymous 237

Had a nosejob a few days ago, it was my first and hopefully my last procedure (if everything goes right). I got it done at the most prestigious hospital I could find in my city and everyone was super nice to me, but holy shit I'm never going for it again and the only reason I ever did was because I'd wanted it done for some 15 years. I was super nervous, couldn't sleep the night before, waking up from anesthesia was hell, had trouble sleeping, was terrified of dying for some reason and it was just so much stress, I don't know how people get several procedures at the same time. I don't think I could've handled doing this in Korea or elsewhere away from home, all alone and without my bf and dog to watch TV with me.

I'm not regretting it at all, but unless a person is otherwise happy with themselves and only wants one or two small things changed, like something that's been bothering them their whole life, I really think it's just an overall better solution to give up and work on loving yourself the way you are. It's just a lot more trouble than it's realistically worth otherwise.

Anonymous 238

You're giving me flashbacks of my own recovery now.
How's the swelling? You got enough drip-pads? Does your head feel like it's going to explode from pressure yet?

Anonymous 239

Very little bleeding actually, didn't need drip pads past the first day and no pressure either. Breathing's a little iffy but I'm fine now for the most part. I still look like an English bulldog and snore but otherwise I've all but forgotten about the surgery since I don't want to look in the mirror for now.
Still, I spent days in an anxiety-ridden daze, unable to eat and sleep and needing to hold someone's hand 24/7 and the shape of my nose is good enough to never need to attempt it again.

Anonymous 240

Do you have internal splints? If so, you're in for one wild ride.
The experience of having them removed, it isn't actually painful per say, but you'll certainly never forget the sensation.

Anonymous 241

I do, not looking forward to it at all. Removed my own tampons/gauze and that was actually painful and pretty gross.

Anonymous 242

WHAT, they let you remove that on your own??

Anonymous 243

They gave me an option of having it done in the clinic or at home, said I could do it at home since I'd still be weak from the surgery and it only had to be there for 1 day. The doctor has like 15 years of experience and performs at least 5 nose surgeries per week, plus the clinic is a proper posh one so I trust them. They just gave me a paper with removal instructions, all you have to do is take it out with tweezers. Not that complicated, really.

Anonymous 244

Im just shocked because generally that thing is pushed all the way up to your eye sockets.
Mine was removed the morning after the surgery and they did that thing where they say that they're going to remove it on three and then immediately remove it without warning so you don't even have time to try and prepare and freak yourself out. Although I know doing it this way is actually better for you psychologically, even so it was such an uncomfortable experience I can't imagine doing it by myself. They also pulled both of mine out at the same time, so that was, different.

Anonymous 245

Oh well that must be it then - mine was only in a little past the tip, around where I used to have a bump. The surgery itself was fairly easy and he didn't really do much to it so I guess it differs based on the work they did?

Anonymous 246

Oh right. Mine was an open septorhinoplasty so they literally broke my nose, sliced open my septum and used a hook to pull the nose-meat up off my face lol

Anonymous 247


I want rhinoplasty so bad but my family really doesn't have the money for that and especially not me. The tip of my nose is so wide, round, and ugly. Looking at it in selfies is like a wake up call. There's even a slight bump on my profile but the gigantic bulbous tip is upsetting the most. I don't think I've ever seen someone with a nose tip as big and round as mine except for ethnic people but it looks fine on them because they're ethnic. Every time I see a girl with a perfect slim, pointy nose I keep wishing I was them. I'm so embarrassed to even be around people because no one could ever love an orc

Anonymous 248

That's really sad Anon. If it's something that's disrupting your life to such an extent is it possible for you to start working, save up enough for a first down payment and then have surgery whilst paying off the rest with a payment plan?

Anonymous 249

I want to get bigger breasts but i'm afraid silicone will look awful since i have very, very little breast tissue.

Anonymous 250

I get super anxious about what I want done too. I live/work with my bf and even if our business becomes successful I would feel SO selfish using the money for a nose-job. My family is poor too and I can't see my bf and I making enough money to "invest" in my vanity, you know? Even though I get panic attacks about it. Sigh, it's the price of a shitty car too, like 16,000 at least where I live.

Anonymous 251

Some years ago I also wanted silicone. Then I found out you need to change it every few years so i was like fuck that.
Also it makes your breasts skin saggier because of the weight so youll want a boob lift with the change of silicone.

Anonymous 252

Would love that "issue". I'm a 26F/28E cup, try shopping for that without sister sizing. plastic surgeons won't get anywhere NEAR my heart condition, so I'm stuck with them on my extremely thin frame and messing up my spine/posture for life.

Anonymous 253


Few people in here wanting boob jobs, is there anybody else that desires a reduction? I've always envied a flat chest and I'm bummed out that I'll never achieve that without all the ugly scarring.

Anonymous 254

Weird, I'm also a 28E but my boobs never felt that big to me. I always felt a little blessed because I can look really flat or really bodacious depending on what I'm wearing.

Like, Japanese one size clothing can be a little tight in the chest for me but I can still generally wear it without feeling like I'm popping out of the dress or anything.

Anonymous 255

Yeah, i shot up from AA to B in 4th grade and they just kept growing while my torso is still 9 year old sized. I wouldn't actually care if my width grew along with them.
I'm really tall and tend to only wear western clothes. I guess I feel pretty weird about the imbalance they give my silhouette, an overall top heavy weighted look bending my spine over

Anonymous 256

>>253 I'd like smaller boobs tbh. A lot of the cuts and styles of clothes I buy make me look like a ham beast because of my boobs.

I'll probably just try and lose weight first though.

Anonymous 257

That's pretty much my reasoning too.
That and I'm currently losing my fight against gravity.

Anonymous 258

yes! I want one so badly and am starting to actually plan for one. I've always had bigger boobs, but I looked good bc I have a slightly bigger butt too, and my butt was always bigger than my boobs so I looked proportioned, if that makes any sense.

well, I gained some weight after getting sober 2 years ago and most of it went to my chest. my boobs are HUGE now. I started losing weight almost 3 months ago and I feel like I can see the difference everywhere except my chest. they're still huge. I feel so disgusting and top heavy. right now they are a 36L and I want them to be full Cs, if that. I just don't want big boobs anymore. I want to get down to my goal weight (almost 25 pounds away) before I start the process, but my mind is pretty much set on a reduction. even if they ultimately shrink from weight loss, I don't think theyll get as small as I want them to be. I just do NOT want big boobs anymore! I'm over it. I want to be able to wear cute clothes and cute bras. I'm sick of feeling fat. sick of not being able to cross my arms over my chest. ugh.

Anonymous 259

If theyre mostly just stubborn fat tissue and less glandular tissue, and if you're young enough that they havent started sagging yet, you sound like a candidate for a scarless lipo reduction. I've seen such good results on plastic surgery journals

Anonymous 260

Has anyone gotten a labioplasty? What's it like?

Anonymous 261

i got a nose job and went from an ugly big/hooked nose to a much nicer looking one. I also got a chin implant as I had a receding chin. profile looks a lot better now.

I got some lip fillers, looks pretty natural and almost the same as my "old" lips just more even/full at the bottom.

I'd like to get some hairline implants to make my hairline more "feminine" and full, some medications have made my hair fall out so it does not look cute. Maybe something for my smile lines but overall they are not too bad now. I'm 22.

Anonymous 262

Can you post more about the chin implant and the costs?

Anonymous 263


I paid around 3,500 USD for my nose/chin, got it done in my home country by a great surgeon (our plastic surgery is relatively "cheap" and the dollar is super stong there).

Surgery itself was super easy, you pass out right away and wake up when it's done. I didn't feel tired or sluggish.

I had 0 pain after both of my surgeries (done same day). The only discomfort was that I had some cloth wrapped around me so eating was kind of hard first day. The implant was done from the inside of my mouth so I have no visible scarring. It was a special kind of "threads" that they sewed it with so over time they kind of "broke" off. no pain for me at all during the whole healing process. the doctor mostly was like "don't touch it, don't eat hard foods for a while etc".

Overall I'm really happy I did it, especially since I got a new nose/nose profile so the chin profile looks "matching" with it. sometimes I feel not "used" to having a chin, since I legit had almost none. But it's a big big improvement, and totally recommend it.

Anonymous 264

SO CHEAP fuck. I'm guessing you aren't in the US? Is this somewhere where you could speak English? Why did you choose this place versus the US? (If applicable.)

Did you have to take off work or anything? Did anyone see a dramatic difference in your profile?

Sorry for all the questions. I just feel like my life would be greatly improved with an implant.

Anonymous 265


Does anyone know how one would achieve a jawline like in the three pictures on the right if one has a side-profile similar to the left picture?

I guess the most obvious one would be weight loss, but since I'm at a healthy weight (5'7 120lbs) that doesn't seem like it would be possible for me to naturally achieve a similar jawline that way.
I've seen some stuff about "Kybella", do any of you have experience with that? Have heard some horror stories about the swelling not going down at all and I'm scared to make my side profile look even worse.

Any other suggestions would also be much appreciated, whether they be natural or with plastic surgery.

Anonymous 266

Are you a mouth breather, anon?

I'm pretty sure you'd require a chin implant to achieve the look you are going for. If it makes you feel any better, my jaw doesn't look anything like the right either and I often see women with this side profile and feel like "damn"

Anonymous 267

To achieve this kybella wouldn't be necessary. In the case of your example woman on the left, in order to get results similar to what's on the right she'd need a chin implant, rhinoplasty and approx. 10-15lbs weightloss, but the chin implant would go the farthest in helping to define her jaw.

Anonymous 268

I don't really know anything about anything here. Obviously the women on the right probably have some combination of unhealthy weightloss and plastic surgery (or perhaps just really crazy luck gene-wise) but I think something as simple as posture might make a big difference in defining your jawline a bit more. Just looking at the pictures, you'll notice that the posture of the woman on the left is completely different; her neck is craning the fuck forward.

I have a similar profile and a similar BMI, and I also have god awful posture. I wonder if just fixing our posture a bit might fix it a bit?

Anonymous 269

Good genetics, the rightmost is an exact copy of my profile. I am 5'9 and 135lbs, so I am healthy weight/height. Do you mouthbreath? left most is usually encountered in mouthbreathers, start by fixing that and posture, it will help the appearance. I would say try those and find some jaw muscle exercises for a bit.

Anonymous 270

That Anon might be mouthbreathing is a pretty good catch, but sadly chin-recession due to mouthbreathing is a permenant developmental disfigurement, so it can only be corrected via surgery.

Anonymous 271

Thank you all so much for your replies!!

Wow this gave me such great insight, I just spent a lot of time googling "mouth breathing" and I'm pretty sure that that is really the issue.
Kinda sucks that this could have been prevented by breathing properly, but I'll definitely work on correcting that from now on, and then look into the other suggestions for appearance.
Thanks so much for all you guys' help.

Anonymous 10225

if i could i would get
- lip lift
- rhino
- fix my long and recessed chin
- surgical brow lift
- boob job

can't and never will be to afford all of that shit, and since the flaws aren't severe enough i'll be getting lip + nose filler and botox in about a month. hopefully looks good

Anonymous 10226

ah and to follow up, i want lip filler bc my upper lip is small and my philtrum is long (2cm), thinking of getting 2ml and most of it would go to my upper lip
nose filler to try to make the tip of my nose appear slimmer, as my issue is a bulbous nose
and botox to raise my eyebrows, i have nct + look like a child, i want that lift for a more sultry look

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