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Fatigue Anonymous 2276

I'm fucking tired of feeling exhausted all the time. Even when I get a lot of sleep for a while vs a little amount of sleep, I still feel fucked. Exercising makes me more exhausted instead of giving me energy. It doesn't matter if I have caffeine or not. Any help would be appreciated, I just want energy to be able to do homework and overall be more successful.

Anonymous 2277

I'd like to know as well. I have PCOS and it fucks my hormones and makes me super lethargic.

Some teas kind help (coffee as well), but after a while my body just gets.. used to it? I don't know. All I know is that I am tired all of the time and yet can't sleep properly.

Anonymous 2278

Could be your diet, unregular sleeping schedule, stress, mental illness etc

My advice would be to start out slowly changing your habits. Try yo maintain a regular sleeping schedule, eat enough and as healthy/balanced as you can + 15min of excercise daily etc

Anonymous 2279

I've been tired probably since the age of 16 (I'm 22 now), can't think of the last time that I didn't experience fatigue or pain in some way. My fatigue is caused by depression, and sometimes it intensifies right before/around my period. What helps me the most is Wellbutrin because it removes the "brain fog" associated with it and allows me to concentrate despite being physically tired.
I drink lots of water, eat healthy, and exercise every day, but none of that has really affected my fatigue. The only thing I can think of is that I don't get lots of sleep, but just like in your situation, it doesn't really matter how much sleep I get. I use the extra time to get work done.

So basically you should investigate whether or not you have depression. If not, then you just need to push yourself harder.

Anonymous 2281

Get a full blood work test. Maybe you have anemia (a lot of women have that, and it makes you feel super tired all the time). Or maybe theres some kind of chemical inbalance . Anyways just go to the doc and get your blood checked!

Anonymous 2282


Same here anon, i've been tired nonstop since i was 14 and it's making my life miserable. I tried to change every single habit in my life in those years and nothing has made even the tiniest of positive changes.

I exercise, drink a lot of water, have regular sleeping schedules, eat healthy, etc and i still feel the same. I wake up already tired, it's mid-day and i'm tired, it's at night and i'm still tired. I even get blackouts and dizziness constantly.
I can drink 3 cups of coffee and a Monster drink and still feel sleepy the next second, it's insane.

I've had blood-work done before and nothing was found, this month i am getting it again since it's been 2 years since my last one and i finally have a doctor that takes me seriously instead of "lol idk try to sleep more and stop complaining idk, next".

I am almost 99% sure it might be depression, but since i can't afford therapy because mental health is still stigmatised in my (part of the) country and thus, incredibly expensive to treat (and not even taken seriously by a lot of docs/therapists). It will probably go untreated my whole life (or until i move/the stigma changes) if it's because of that, which sucks lol.

I'm really hoping some day it goes away because it's making my student life an absolute hell.

Anonymous 2297

Hey anon I just wanted to mention that while professional help is obviously great and can be a game changer for some people, it is possible to seek some treatments independently without seeing a professional! A big study recently found that CBT can be just as effective when approached independently as when it's administered with a therapist.If it comes to drugs you might be shit out of luck but in terms of therapy techniques, you can at least learn about treatments and apply them yourself if therapy is inaccessible to you. Good luck!

Anonymous 2802

eat healthier

Anonymous 2807

Me too. People think I'm high, but I'm just dead…? I've eaten a brownie once but slept through most of it cause I didn't like what was going on. Maybe it's depression? I'm just always out of soul. I have no drive to do anything.

Anonymous 3011

hey anon, ive been having this problem and here are some things that helped me:
- keto diet (you might feel like shit for a week but then you get a lot of energy after, plus it burns fat for fuel instead of carbs)
- vitamin D supplement + magnesium (citrate) supplement + calcium + iron supplement and multivitamin daily

its still not 100% but it made a pretty big difference. I went to several doctors and none of them really helped, other than one saying I need to take vitamin D (and not including you should take other supplements WITH vitamin D after I complained of new symptoms that fit magnesium deficiency caused by vitamin D supps, the cunt)

Also, if you use hormonal birth control (I have minera IUD), I've read some stories that it can deplete your body of these vitamins. I think this was a huge problem for me

If you think some of it could be depression-based, too, and are willing to try some recreational drugs, a random 1st-2nd plat DXM trip always gets me going again. (roughly 150mg). you can just buy the gel caps that have only dxm aas the ingredient in most drug stores (depending where you live) or on amazon or something.

good luck

Anonymous 3014

1. stop eating junk
2. fix your sleep pattern and sleep early: if you play with your phone in bed or sit in front of the computer for more than an hour a day, stop it. Seriously.

I ignored the above advice for years and cannot tell you how much I regret it. Don't underestimate the power of a proper diet and sleep schedule!

3. get a blood test to check for deficiencies e.g. iron

Anonymous 3021

get your blood work done and thyroid tested.

i have a good diet but still have anemia bc my body doesnt absorb iron well.

that said i'v ebeen on iron tablets for like 3 months and still feel like shit. i cant exercise anymore and i can barely make it through my shifts at work.

i have a history of depression and anxiety and feeling fatigued all the time and not being able to be proactive is really getting to me :(

Anonymous 3034

What do you guys eat when you "eat healthy"?

Anonymous 3075

Personally, it's nearly whole food plant based (meaning no refined carbs, processed junk foods, or animal products; and avoiding abundances of added sugar or fat – I don't put whole tablespoons of sugar or oil in my cooking but I'm not bothered by the occasional jar of hummus or if my almonds were roasted in canola oil). It's summer where I live so I've been having huge salads to take advantage of the current price of produce.

What I put in my salads:
>chopped romaine lettuce
>chopped baby spinach
>carrot, julienned
>red bell pepper
>alfafa sprouts
>sweetcorn kernels
>cilantro YMMV

And depending on how relaxed I am regarding calories:
>rinsed chickpeas
>dried fruit e.g. raisins, cranberries

I prefer my salads with no dressing if the veggies are really fresh, otherwise I throw some balsamic vinegar on it at serving.

>baby kale or spinach (I buy prewashed bags because I'm lazy)
>frozen pineapples (idk why but I tried mango and it was much less sweet)
>frozen mixed berries (raspberry, blueberry, blackberry) or strawberry
>almond milk

Blend, baby. Blend.

In winter I make big batches of bean chilis and steel cut oatmeal in my instant pot knockoff.

Bean chili:
>rinsed red kidney beans (I buy in bulk and pressure cook from 2-3 cups dry, so I'm not sure how many cans cooked that equates to. Maybe 3-4?)
>white onion, medium, chopped
>1 can chopped tomatoes
>tomato paste, to taste
>white button mushrooms, quartered, begin with maybe 5-10 depending on size
>1 bell pepper, chunked
>corn kernels (mixed in while frozen after the cooking process), however much you want honestly
Seasoning (I think this could be added either before or after the slow cooking process):
>lots of cumin, I think I use at least 2 tablespoons
>oregano, a couple teaspoons
>chili pepper, to taste
>salt optional (the tomato paste is decent at bringing some flavor)

Goes in the slow cooker for ~7 hours. Choose high temp if there's a hi/lo temp option. The amounts specified above is just a rough guide. Do what makes you feel comfortable. Be aware that the bigger in volume the veggies, the more water it's going to release during cooking and that's going to affect the consistency of the end product. This is where a 'reduce' function on your cooker would be handful. Unfortunately mine doesn't have it.

steel cut oats: water ratio – 1:3 - 1:4

Pressure cook. Keep pressure for 3-5 min, then let pressure release naturally. Takes about 30 min, but the good thing is during this time you can leave the cooker alone to do its own thing if it's a counter-top. Once the pressure is fully released make sure to give the whole thing a good stir.

If you don't have a pressure cooker then cook normally on stovetop for ~30 min, more or less depending on the desired texture, stirring continuously and add water if needed.

Serve with banana, almond milk and frozen berries and maybe some chopped almonds.

\Fair warning\: if you're accustomed to a lot of salt, sugar and fat this is going to taste REALLY bland. Eating healthy takes ~2 weeks for the tastebuds to adapt to or so I've heard. And if you don't have a lot of fibre in your current diet this is going to throw off your bowel movements.

And although as you may see I have only a handful of meals as my staple, I've found that variety isn't as big of a deal to me as I thought it'd be. I don't really expect many people to want to try my diet but I'd be happy to answer if anyone wants elaboration if only for curiosity's sake.

Anonymous 3093

I've had terribly sleeping problems since I was 8 or so, I just roll around in my sleep nonstop and never woke up with blankets covering me they just get kicked off. I even fell off the top bunk of a bunk bed so many times my parents had to add one of those removable net guards on the side. However, when I was 14 I got so fucking tired of rolling around in my sleep I just started sleeping on the floor. Turns out I couldn't roll very well as I was basically forced to sleep on my back as the only comfortable position, and holy shit did that change my life. Since I didn't roll around I actually got restful sleep and could stay awake in school. I refused to sleep on mattresses or couches from then on as I absolutely cherished how good sleeping on the floor felt. There was a bit of a problem as my Mother was incredibly upset that she had purchased a mattress for me that I was never going to use it. Lead to us arguing plenty of times, as soon as I could find a possible excuse to shove it off on one of my siblings I did so my room wouldn't be blocked by a piece of furniture I wasn't going to use. To this day she still bugs me about wanting to get me a mattress but I always have to say no. Only thing I like mattresses for is having sex and I don't do that enough to warrant it taking that much space in my room.

I will say though lately I've had the issue where it doesn't feel like I get enough rest for either my body or head at the same time, either I sleep only 6 hours and my head is clear and very focused but my body feels lethargic and tired, or I sleep for 8 and my body feels much better but my head is groggy and I can't think straight, it's a hard choice to make. Maybe you just suffer from a lack of restful sleep because you're too active in your sleep?

Anonymous 3191

I had to go without a mattress when I was younger and slept on the floor for a couple months due to staying with my friend, and it really helped eliminate any back pain I had. I seemed a lot more well-rested too, I was very surprised by the results. The first few days were uncomfy due to being unused to it, but I'd recommend it for someone to try at least once in their life.

Anonymous 3192

I'm not a doc but this sounds like it could be sleep apnea.

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