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Vitamins and Supplements Anonymous 2481

Do you take any vitamins or supplements (herbal or otherwise)?

If so, is it for any health deficiency or as a boost?

If not, would you ever want to try any?

Related: How do you know if they work? Do you trust any of this?

Anonymous 2484

I have a recently discovered vitamin D deficiency, but I don't know what brand of vitamins to get (or if it even makes a difference). I will be reading more into it but also just following what the doctor said.

Otherwise, I have tried valerian capsules for anxiety, not sure if those worked (they smell like ass though). And I have taken multivitamins on and off.

Anonymous 2485

They're bullshit, really. Far better off trying to eat right and getting some sun. Ask your gp about it if you're considering using; overdoses are common. Eat a sweet potato you shits.

Anonymous 2487

Gummy multivitamins are useless and unhealthy for you but the actual vitamin on its own is perfectly safe and good for you in pill form. I take a lot of herbal supplements and a few heavy metal vitamins inside veggie capsules so I know I'm not consuming big pharma bullshit ingredients in the process.

And as >>2485 said, overdosing can be a problem. Make sure you KNOW what you're consuming, how much of it you actually need, the side affects, and the affects caused when mixed with other vitamins or substances.

Anonymous 2488


I'll be honest, I refuse to take any after watching what happened to my grandpa with his obsession in taking supplements whenever they're talked up and lied about in research.

Poor guy has been getting cancer after cancer with his health rapidly declining, he's beat it twice but the third one has been tough so far.

If you're going to take supplements, only take what you know you are absolutely lacking, avoid antioxidants if you have any cancerous growths, and don't overdo it. Sorry for depressing post.

Anonymous 2489

Similar sentiment here, but less depressing post (at least it is now). My mother did a similar thing as your grandfather and literally took whatever supplement that got recommended by Oprah Winfrey. She overdosed me with garlic supplements for three months in grade 9 and it gave me the worst body odor ever. It was so embarassing. It really taught me to do my research about supplements, I still support using them, but use them wisely and don't buy into the next big hype.

Anonymous 2490

Also, I hope your grandfather is okay, anon! <3

Anonymous 2491

My little sister is flying over to Florida to visit him and Grandma with my dad sometime soon, but last I saw him was when I drove him and Grandma from Texas to Florida in only three days total there and back. At least I had my dad with me to help out, but I wish we could've stayed longer. That and I went to work the next day after we got back, it was a heck of a weekend. I think he's doing ok, I hope.

Anonymous 2493

Nootropics for DAYS fam.
Also vegan multivitamin because MUH b12.

Anonymous 2539

I take a Centrum multivitamin (the one for dietary gaps) because I avoid eating and exposing my skin to the sunlight. It helps my hair and nails look healthy despite me starving myself

Anonymous 3309

I take 11 supplements a day. One doctor recommended 2 to help me sleep, another doctor recommended me 8 supplements to help with gut problems, and I was already taking fish oil to self medicate.

Anonymous 3312

currently, i'm taking vitamin c supplements and beta-carotin every day! the carotin is supposed to prepare my skin for the sun and people say it gives your face a slight tan but idk if i believe that

Anonymous 3322

I'm lactose intolerant so I take a calcium pill to be safe.

Anonymous 3364

Apparently there are people who inject b vitamins and get high from it?

I think you have to be rich and/or famous to do this.

Anonymous 3384


>avoid antioxidants if you have any cancerous growths, and don't overdo it
I know this post is four months old but could someone elaborate on this? I usually drink at least one or two drinks with antioxidants in them daily. I have a terrible obsession with health (why I drink antioxidant drinks) so this is a bit worrisome.

Anonymous 3385

Anonymous 3457

I'm vegan, so I take a multi and EPA/DHA every other day, and iron and b12 daily because I'm anemic (iron AND b12, lol).

They work well for me, my levels of iron and b12 are slowly increasing. Once they're at a normal level I plan to start taking them every other day.

Apart from my iron/b12, I've always had otherwise healthy bloodwork, but I also very carefully planned my diet. It's nice having peace of mind knowing I'm covering my basesm even if I'm eating trash.

Anonymous 3592

been debating taking vitamin D in the winter. i live in canada and was just discussing with friends the other day how all the milk here is fortified with vitamin D because in the winter it's literally not possible for even a pale ass white person like me to get enough. also heard a TA in uni say it helped her with energy levels, but that's super anecdotal so idk. does anyone have any experience with that?

Anonymous 3594

I can tell you my experience with it.

I live in a tropical country that is sunny and hot almost every day of the year, so because of that I didnt like staying outside too long, would just go out to get in the car or so. But then I noticed that I was getting a cold literally every week, it was so annoying. Anyway I read about how your body needs vitamin D, etc etc so I started going out for a short walk every day, morning and afternoon and since I started doing that I havent gotten sick, not even once! All these years fighting these colds and the only thing I needed was to walk outside for a bit under the sun!

tl;dr: yes vitamin D helps a lot.

Anonymous 3598

The best way to know is to get your levels checked.

I live in a very sunny, temperate place and my vitamin D levels are ridiculously low.

Anonymous 3606

yeah, that's fair; I know my sister takes vitamin D but that was because she started fainting and apparently that's what the doctor recommended after her bloodwork or sth… idk all the details. but maybe if it's a problem for her it would be for me?
i honestly don't feel bad during the winter or anything, but I'm wondering if it would make a difference.
I gotta go to the doctor anyway i suppose… might as well check

Anonymous 3706

I take a multi vitamin and some sort of hair/nails vitamin because my BMI was 14.

Not sure if it helps though and It gives me neon piss which apparently is like pissing money down the drain (Or so I read) Because its the extra unneeded vitamins but I could be wrong.

Anonymous 9183


just got ginseng (energy and mental brightness) to deal with brain fog/lethargy and st johns wort for muh sad feels (which also cause brain fog and lethargy.)

otherwise i take fiber sups (which seem to have no effect at all) and general multivitamins including one formulated for hair skin and nails. but i'm not consistent in taking them.
it can't hurt and it might help. i have a job so the money isn't a problem. if a $10 bottle of some herbal crap might help solve a chronic health issue then that's a good deal if even 1/10 of them actually work.

pic rel: you should read this manga

Anonymous 9230

I just started taking collagen for joint and skin health. I got some pretty mild hypermobility, bruise easily, and get cuts easily. Only been taking them for two days or so, but I feel good in my joints and i cant touch my thumb to my forearm anymore. it might be working? or i just havent stretched in awhile

Anonymous 9231

I take mugwort infusion and they really help with my pre menstrual symptoms. Go look it up femcelz

Anonymous 9233

I take a daily women's multivitamin cause I can't be arsed to monitor my ever-fluctuating dietary deficiencies. When I have extra time I do use cronometer to try to get every vitamin naturally because they are absorbed better with food. Anons itt don't know what they're talking about regarding vitamin overdoses. They can happen, but not from just taking 1 vitamin. Excess vitamins are just secreted in urine.

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