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Shopping thread Anonymous 272

- What are your favorite shops?
- What are you buying right now?
- Wishlist items?

Anonymous 273


Okay, has anyone bought from the webstore "Chuu" (http://en.chuu.co.kr) before? I'm liking a lot of their stuff and their instagram page is really cute, but I want to make sure the quality is all right before I start spending.

Also, how to Korean bra sizes?

Anonymous 274


I've a Taobao addiction, but I'm getting older and I want to dress differently than I always have (cleaning out my closet soon!) Here's my prototype order so far and some pretty silk shirts. I really love some of the cute patterns and feminine things you can find currently.

If there are enough Taobao anons here we should definitely make a thread. I miss the /cgl/ threads but I don't go there anymore and I've never liked or done lolita or cosplay. Last time I looked there were not many J-fashion posts so I totally don't fit in.

Anonymous 275


Trying to up my skincare game so I ordered some stuff from Jolse and also some cute brushes from ebay

Anonymous 276

recent purchases.p…

In the mail right now.

Top row: MILK dresses from Closet Child.
Second and third row: Bras/panties from the VS sale.

Anonymous 277

Hey anon, do you have acne? I recently bought some Cosrx (including the AHA/BHA toner and Morning Cleanser in your pic and the whitehead emulsion and a daily lotion)! Have you tried this brand before? I've only been using it 1 week, and still not sure what I feel about it all (I like your mermaid brushes though lol)

Anonymous 278

No this is my first time trying COSRX products but I hope it helps me with my acne. How did your skin react to the cleanser and toner until now?

Anonymous 279

I really can't say yet, unfortunately. At first I started to notice my face was brighter, but suddenly after 1 week my skin felt dry one day and red. I'm starting my period tomorrow and have some pimples, so the timing is a bit iffy. I'll definitely update if it works for me though, since hopefully that can help out other crystallites!

Anonymous 280

Thank you, I hope it works out for you.

Anonymous 281

I just want to buy that face…

Anonymous 282


I made the mistake of placing an order with Yeststyle recently and I regret everything.
I already knew about their horrendous reputation and that my chances of getting shafted were pretty high, but I ended up ordering the coat in picture related after seeing this chick wearing it and I thought "well it looks pretty good from the photos, why not give it a shot?".

£30 (+£7.89 from Royal Mail import fees) down and I've received a garment only fit for the dump.
I didn't even try initiating the refund process because apparently they're a nightmare to deal with and only ever end up giving you store credit anyway. Don't be me. Don't buy from Yesstyle.

Anonymous 283

I'll amend that:
Only buy beauty and stationery from YesStyle. Everything else is either crap or overpriced crap.

Anonymous 284

yesstyle realitych…

It's hard to believe YesStyle is still around. I ordered from there around 7 years ago, and pretty much everything was junk. The only thing I remember keeping was a wool sweater.

If you want asian clothing, it's best to just buy from a Japanese brand or from a western designer brand that has ruffles/lace. Sorry to hear about your experience anon.

Anonymous 285


I'm sorry for my experiences too lol
The coat looked so good in this girl's pics, but when I got it it only went up to my waist, so either I'm a giant (5'7"), she's a dwarf, or she received a completely different coat to what I ended up with.

Anonymous 286

I think Simply Kenna is short. In any case, I've owned some wonky pieces that I'm able to make look good in photos. It's possible she's able to do this, too.

Anonymous 287

I just Googled and discovered that she's only 4'11" - that's tiny! No wonder there's such a difference in length! I really should have found that out before I placed an order…

Anonymous 288

Hey anon, I'm >>284
and if it makes you feel any better, I'm 4'11" and the clothing were still awful (fit, make, materials, stitching…the whole 9 yards).

Anonymous 289

That does make me feel better.
I mean it's bad that you got shit clothes and lost money on them to, but it does make me feel like less of a fool.

Anonymous 290


I just found the store For Love & Lemons (I guess I've seen them at Anthropologie probaby?) and I want to spend all my money.

I'm on a strict bugdet though help.

Anonymous 291

where did you get those adorable mermaid brushes? i need to cop

Anonymous 292

Sorry for the late reply but just search mermaid brush set on ebay and you will find many different sets and colours. They are also pretty cheap.

Anonymous 293

Guaranteed they'd be awful quality. If you want colorful makeup brushes, just cop them from Forever 21. Save your money and shipping costs for decent quality professional brushes. Cheap brushes will micro-exfoliate your skin rather harshly, collects more bacteria and will fall apart when you try to clean them.

Always remember that your sponges/brushes play a huge part in your skin care.

(But if you just want to look at them sitting prettily on your vanity, go for it tbh).

Anonymous 294

I haven't received them yet but I know that they are going to be bad quality and just wanted them for decoration. I also paid only like 4$ for the set so it's not a big loss.

Anonymous 295


Monaca Nishi (Larme model) has a new line and I kind of want everything because reasons


Anonymous 296

I can assure you that the forever21 brushes will be the same quality as the brushes from ebay.

Anonymous 297

Yes, that was point. They just happen to more accessible than ebay. But anon said they only paid 4$ anyways, I just didn't want them to be ripped off paying much more than that.

Anonymous 298

I'm Dolls Kill trash for some thing, but honestly, a lot of their stuff you can find on Zaful, Shein, etc. for way less. Dolls Kill inflates the prices for regular or low quality items so much, it's ridiculous.

Anonymous 299

i generally just don't like resellers of bootleg shit.

Anonymous 300


To me, that's why they're so shameful. They hide behind this guise of being a cute little independent company where the prices are justified because they're "indie" or whatever when in reality, they're just like Shein/Zaful/etc. A while ago, they posted a pic at Forever 21 and they were clearly trying to shade them when it's like, bitches, you're just like them.

Anonymous 301

It depends on what replicas you're buying. A majority of the stuff sold by DollsKill are from other brands like Lazy Oaf. IIRC, their only in house brands are Current Mood and Sugarthrillz.

Anonymous 302


does anyone have cute backpack recs? ideally I would like a square utilitarian style bag but a lot of the nicer ones (anello, kanken etc) are either way out of my budget or all I can find are obvious fakes.

Anonymous 303


what's your budget anonsan? Do you have anymore pics of the styles you are interested in (asking because the one in your pic looks a different style than the 2 brands you mentioned). If you aren't opposed to buying used, eBay is a good resource. Also if you live in the US, there is always postmark!

Btw, offhand perhaps Betsy Johnson or Betseyville could be good options. They go on sale a lot so ignore msrp. I can't speak for the quality as I've never owned this brand outside some shoes, but some of the stuff is pretty cute and not super tacky.

Anonymous 304

that's true but they also have a lot of bootlegs of japanese indie brands which is super trashy.

Anonymous 305


Ideally, under $80. Thanks for your suggestions, I'll shop around a little. I'm not opposed to buying used and the Betsy line is cute and kitschy. The backpack in my post is from Doughnut Macaroon, I would love one but it's another brand with tons of fakes floating around D:

Anonymous 306

Hey anon you can get a lot of these brands authentic for less than $80. For example, this one: http://www.revolve.com/mobile/fjallraven-kanken-mini-in-lake-blue/dp/FJAL-UY23/?&d=U&currency=USD&mkwid=%7Bifsearch:s%7D%7Bifcontent:c%7D_dm%7Cpcrid%7C114237438731%7Cpkw%7C%7Cpmt%7C&pdv=m&matchtype=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItKOftJCm1gIVnrbACh2aHQPtEAQYAiABEgKOdvD_BwE&product=FJAL-UY23

Revolve has free shipping and returns btw.

Also check out shopstyle…you can browse prices from legit sites. :)

Anonymous 307

Thanks for the recs!

I just found the retail website for the doughnut bags based in Hong Kong. Does it look legit? I'm a total noob and I can't afford to get ripped off T-T


Anonymous 308

Are you based in HK anon? You can email the UK site and ask them about the HK store. I mean…the bags are made in HK so should be OK though. The site looks legit to me!

Anonymous 309

based in US and I ordered the bag. it came out to $75USD including shipping! I'll report back with a review of my shopping experience and the product itself. thanks girls!

Anonymous 310

the quality is really high, i looove the pleated plaid skirts from there and the price is worth the splurge. its one of the best items in my closet. the sizing is in centimeters and typically their s is like an american xxs, so i dont recommend it if you arent very thin.

Anonymous 311

>magda frackowiak AND daphne groeneveld on page one
WOW they must be expensive to have real haute couture runway models do catalog work

Anonymous 312

if you want to buy used, tons of people sell kankens on depop.

Anonymous 2057

Screen Shot 2017-1…

I got my doughnut backpack ya'll! I couldn't be happier with it. Shipping from HK to US took exactly 2 weeks and I was able to track my package. It was $75USD including shipping.

The size is the same as a Kanken bag and it fits my 15" Macbook comfortably. It has a really great organizer in the front flap so I'm keeping my pens, keys, chapstick and other nicknacks in there.

I got the black one since it looks professional and won't get dirty, but I definitely want to grab one of the cute pastel ones now! Highly recommend :3

Anonymous 2058

Yayyy! Congrats anon! I think black is a nice choice since it matches most outfits that way. :')

Anonymous 2077

I bought a dress and top from freepeople. And four dresses from kooding.com.

I have a shopping addiction… feels bad.

Anonymous 2114


i'm often pretty broke and even when i DO have money i'm extremely frugal, so i 90% thrift/ assault clearance racks for most of my closet. which i don't hate since i really enjoy taking the time to go thrifting alone, something about finding gems in huge messes and taking some time alone has always been really fun and soothing for me. the rest of my purchases are when i "splurge" on decent quality shoes or bags, and when i remember aliexpress exists for the more unique albeit low-quality pieces i can't find at malls

i don't think i have a huge shopping addiction so much as a hoarding problem, where i keep very cute but unwearable pieces because "it'll look cute when i lose the last 5-10 pounds i'm realistically never gonna lose" or "when i'm more confident/less of a hermit!!!!" but i sooorta remedy that by reselling my hoarded vintage/ cool brand name finds online and make back what i spent.

>>274 i'm actually super jealous of your taobao experiences, because i've always been too scared and uneducated on buying from there to go through with a purchase. i just go for the slightly more expensive aliexpress version of cute things i find because i figure shipping would make them about even anyway. also i love your new style! especially the first dress/ middle right silk top

Anonymous 2540

Does anyone know any good fb groups to buy/sell regular Asian clothes and accessories? The only ones I can find are cgl related.

Anonymous 2542

Anonymous 2562

>>2114 how do I find a top like this???? Pls halp

Anonymous 2564

I like YesStyle, Venus, Bluenotes, Buckle, and Garage.

Anonymous 2597


Anonymous 2630

>>2597 Thank you!! <3 <3

Anonymous 2632

I know this is a really late reply, but you can also find Chuu stuff here: https://www.yesstyle.com/en/chuu/list.html/bpt.299_bid.313550

I've been ordering from YS for years now and I've never had problems, but I know that some people have had different experiences.

Anonymous 2642


Just ordered these. Planning to wear the trousers at an Xmas meal with a turtleneck. The dress is for Boxing Day, will probably wear with brogues. Then the dress is for NYE, where the theme is glitter and gold. I need to stop spending all my money but I convinced myself that I needed these.

Anonymous 2643

I love the mesh cut-out part of the gold dress! I'm not a big fan of sequins, but geez, I bet it'll look amazing on you. I'm jealous because my boobs aren't shaped to have nice underboob. You should post pics of what it looks like on you when you get it.

Anonymous 2644


Ignore the dumb face the model is making but I ordered this dress for Christmas. It's horrendously hot during this time of year where I live, so I think it makes a cute Christmas-colours yet still summer dress? I really wish I could wear "ugly" Christmas sweaters.

Anonymous 2645


Thank you anon! I was worried it was a little risque but hey it's NYE lol I might as well get them out sometime. I will defo do that!

Cute dress anon! I really like that style of dress, with a floral pattern and the fitted waist. Also, the model's face reminds me of Tony Blair's Christmas card.


I buy their stuff from kooding.com. Be careful there's a lot of other nice looking brands as well…

Anonymous 2668


Dress came today! I think it looks ok. The underboob would look better on someone taller, I think, because if you're shorter, the mesh panel sort of disappears unless you're constantly pulling the dress down. It'll be fine for NYE though. I'm definitely on theme!

Anonymous 2670

It looks nice anon. Props for the underboob confidence.

Anonymous 2672

Not a fan of showing the underboob but you look nice in it. Also pretty color!>>2668

Anonymous 2677


I like it! wish I could pull that off.

Anonymous 2681

Giiiiirl you are rockin that dress! Have fun on Boxing Day~

Anonymous 2684

what's your height/weight?

Anonymous 2686

omg it looks so good on you! Thanks for sharing with us <3

Anonymous 2687

Thank you both!! <3

Thank you. And I bet you could, anon. I am the least confident person ever but sometimes you just have to.

Aww thank you!! Have a great Xmas :)

I'm 5 ft. 5, and I'm not sure how much I weigh. I think last time I was weighed I was 120lbs? It fluctuates quite a lot.

Thanks so much!!! <3

Anonymous 8427


>What are your favorite shops?
Target, TJ Maxx, Amazon, and thrift stores. I'm trying to get into the habit of shopping from small businesses more.
>What are you buying right now?
I have no monies.
>Wishlist items?
Okay I have a lot on Amazon, but recently I found some small shops that I would really like to purchase from in the future!

I really want to buy her floral knife:


Press-on nails:

Lip glosses:

Clean & Cute Panty Wash:

If anyone knows of any other cute small businesses, tell me!! Please.

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