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Lime Crime Angels Collection / Should I Buy Anonymous 2728

Hi gals, I'm debating as to whether I should buy the Lime Crime angels collection while they have this 15% off sale on $75 or more. I don't own a lot of lime crime and I'm aware of their past, but fuck, I really, really want this collection because I know I'd get good use out of it. I've always wanted their Diamond Crusher glitter lip toppers, but I've never caved in because they are so freaking expensive.

Also, I did look for dupes for their diamond crushers, but i've only been able to find one current company that sells a comparable product (a glittery lip gloss/topper that dries down and won't budge). I'm considering maybe only buying the angels lip collection? But idk, the highlight palette seems like I'd get multiple use out of it since I think those colors would look awesome as eyeshadows.

What do you all think? Should I go for it? Also, I am by no means a makeup hoarder. The only own two palettes (one that I purchased with my own money at a drugstore, the other was a high end palette that was gifted to me) and I recently threw away one I've owned for 6 years. I wear makeup a lot, though. I just try to be economical about it.

Anonymous 2729


*I only own two

Also, some swatches so you don't have to go looking for them:

The highlights/eyeshadows:

Anonymous 2730


The lip toppers:

Anonymous 2731

I've heard a lot of negative stuff about them - such as toxic ingredients, repackaging, lying about being vegan etc.

If you don't mind these things and you know you'll use them, then go for it!

Anonymous 2732


>Lime Crime

I mean, if you want to risk it then go ahead, anon, but I, personally, don't think is a good idea -you could get something similar or better in literally any other online store instead of risking your credit card info or supporting Doe Deere.

Anonymous 2733

i agree with the anons above me but i confess the colours are gorgeous.

Anonymous 2734

i don't think that she should just go for it regardless tbh. supporting shitty businesses is what keeps them in the market. and then people wonder why we allow makeup to just be garbage, and for businesses to just fuck us in the ass

Anonymous 2735

Screen Shot 2017-1…

the urban decay line looks comparable in effect? maybe try that? i avoid lime crime because they're untrustworthy af like other anons mentioned. i would maybe just look into buying some glitter palettes containing the shades I wanted, dusting those on top of my lipstick, then either using a sealant or a primer to make it last. Urban Decay has a topcoat for this that's got an iridescent/glittery finish to it, if you want to make it extra sparkly.

Anonymous 2736

The pigment on these is actually shit. Becca is better.

Anonymous 2765

OP i'd take it because i like most of their products that i've tried from them. but its all up to you. most people don't bother with LC because of their shady past.

lime crime makes good lip products and good eyeshadows. everything else i'm weary of (i mean the highlighters).>>2731 i legit don't want to start world war 3 itt but that was years ago and their products are safe and regulated now. there was that scandal with the foiled eyeshadows that went bad, but i don't think they were intentionally trying to make all their customers blind tbh. i understand why people don't support them though.

pls don't kill me they are one of the only indie companies that ship to my shitty country i don't have many choices ;-;


oww they looked cute that's a bummer. did you like the lip toppers? people either love or hate them. from what i've heard they look cute but they feel sticky and gross, is that true?

Anonymous 2766

I also heard that some of the "toxic" materials and repackaging stuff was from people who purchased bootlegs off ebay or whatever.

Yeah, the reason I was so tempted is because all the reviews I looked up on YouTube were stellar and a lot of people were saying this is their best highlight palette. Ugh I'm still torn because $76 is $76 but I know if I'm set on getting it I should do it sooner than later in case it sells out.

Anonymous 2768

The lip toppers are not as pigmented as the website or certain vloggers are making them appear to be. Its literally like taking a Sally Hansen diamond collection nail polish and streaking it over your mouth. Black Moon Cosmetics, Becca, and Dose of Colors have way better lipsticks.

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