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Piercings and other body modifactions thread Anonymous 2912

Do you have any piercings/body mods? Are you happy with them?Planning to have more in the future?
What are your thoughts about them?Let's discuss.

I have 7 holes in my ears so far (two for industrial piercing,one for tragus,two for earlobe and two for cartilage)I plan a smiley piercing and one daith,nothing more.I always wanted piercings around my mouth (snake bites etc.) but i fear that it'll affect my career in a bad way so i mostly avoid my face.

Anonymous 2915

When I was younger I really wanted a nose ring, but my mom was completely against it. She said it reminded her of a bull, hahahaha. That was way before Tumblrinas popularized it btw. Dunno, man. I can't get one now, it wouldn't look nice on me because of my kind of job, but it's fun to think maybe I would have had one had she said yes.

Anonymous 2916

Samefagging to add I love (idk how they're called) those piercings that go in your cheeks and look like dimples. Adorable!

Anonymous 2917


Piercings I have:
earlobes (as a kid)
septum (when I was 16)
tongue (last year)
daith (last June, pic related)
second earlobes (also last June)

The septum piercing is still there but I don't have jewelry in it anymore because I don't like the look anymore, but I have a retainer in because I'd find it a waste to just let it grow shut.

The tongue piercing I took out because I felt it was getting annoying.
It already grew shut once before because I had to take it out at the hospital when I got my wisdom teeth removed, so I redid it about a week later. (it couldn't be reopened, the piercing lady said my tongue grows shut incredibly fast)

The second earlobe holes I did with one of those sterile kits from Aliexpress.
I'm not a daredevil so I was a bit afraid, and I actually missed the first time and I stuck it somewhere on top of my earlobe (not the cartilage, just below)
I felt like an idiot for that but I ordered more to test beforehand so I still had 2 kits left, so I just did it and it turned out fine.
I would never DIY any other piercings than that though.

Anonymous 2919

I've got my ears and belly button pierced. Would love to get more but I tend to get keloid scars so I gave up.
People here still find them odd and "unprofessional" so I can't get a facial one if I want a job. Might give my ears another shot once I have the money.

Anonymous 2921

I wanted a helix but realized it would be inconvenient, since I somewhat do sport with contact. I'm just going to be simple and do a second lobe. Idk but after a while I was thinking the helix would look trashy. I always go back and forth about it.

Anonymous 2936


Anybody have any guides and recommendations on which piercings one should get to compliment features? I've been looking into getting a medusa piercing as one of my first since it's subtle and I think it'd compliment my face but I'd like to see someone explain the point of getting piercings in certain places and not for faces.

Anonymous 2941

This depends on your face. I doubt there are any guides for that, but you can always get fake piercings, try them out and see how it fits/looks on your face.

I did this when I was younger, really wanted a simple lip ring. Turned out it really didn't work with my thin lips

Anonymous 2960

I want hip piercings so bad, but I'm worried they'd turn off potential clients.

Anonymous 2971


I really really want a tongue piercing, it looks awesome, but I heard somewhere that the hole in your tongue can stretch and not come back to normal(sorry for lackluster explanation, esl). Can this be prevented with proper care?
I also want nipple piercings…the pain, though…

Anonymous 2972


Never heard of that one before and I think the chances of something like that happening are rather slim. There are bigger risks with tongue piercings than that, but with proper care you shouldn't have any issues at all.
If you really want one and think you can take care of it, you might want to give it a try.

I'd love to get my nips pierced too, but I'm not sure if it'd be worth it since my boobs are really small.

Anonymous 2973

I have three lobe piercings and I've been wanting a septum, tongue, bellybutton and nipple piercings since forever. I got a recommendation for a good piercers in the city I'm in at the moment and I could potentially get my septum done tomorrow for my birthday but I'm such a little fucking pussy and I've been chickening out for years.

I'm not even sure what exactly it is that terrifies me. I'm guessing it's the experience of something new that I'm not prepared for? Has anyone here got their septum done?

Anonymous 2990

I really wanna get my cartilage pierced. I also wanna get another piercing on my lobe too.
I'm kinda worried about getting cartilage tho because I heard it takes awhile to heal and the healing process can be pretty painful. Any pierced cartilage anons (or piercing experienced) wanna give some tips on the healing process/what to expect?

Anonymous 2991

No it doesnt stretch.
I used to have one, I loved it (never had a problem with it fucking up my teeth enamel either). The only problem I had with it was when I would drink a milkshake/frappucino, my tongue would get…not swollen but.. I dont know how to explain it, "soft"? Like someone put novocaine on it. Anyways I would talk funny for less than an hour and then back to normal.

Anonymous 2994

My most painful piercing were cartliga ones.They took really long time to heal.But with proper care most lasted 1.5,maybe 2 months.Intense pain fades away in a week tho.(btw always use needle for cartilage not piercing guns!!!)

Anonymous 3006

I got mine done in around 3/4 months ago and I didn't think it hurt that much. I thought the actual piercing was similar or less to a lobe piercing although it really throbbed afterwards for a few hours. It did hurt for the first month or so if I touched it or brushed against it but that's gone now and I can sleep on it some nights (if I do more than 1 night in a row it starts to get painful). I also didn't have the best aftercare for it so it probably would have been fine sooner.

Anonymous 3008

Cartilage is a BITCH because you tend to sleep on one side or the other, so youll def end up sleeping on it and then next day it'll be sore and maybe oozing a little. Then by night it heals again but then you sleep on it again and so the cycle continues.

My easiest piercings (and less painful, believe it or not) were my tongue one and my clit hood one. Both were fast, hurt for only a sec, and easy to take care of.

Anonymous 3009

Never saw the appeal in body mods like piercings, tattoos or worst of them all: Ear tunnels.

earrings can be nice looking but everything beyond that just looks stupid.

Anonymous 3015

>Ear tunnels

I don't see anything wrong with who wants them, but I don't understand why. They look so ugly and aesthetically terrible unless you're going for an EDGY look. Anyone with ear tunnels here to explain why?

Anonymous 3017

Just because you dont like it doesnt mean its stupid dude.

Anonymous 3098

I have a few cartilage piercings, they're not that bad imo. I've found my lobe piercings to have been more bleedy. IME cartilage throbs for a few hours right afterwards. My worst piercing was a misplaced industrial, I got it without glasses on and didn't think to account for them… but that's my fault. My conch didn't even hurt as badly as that one, and I got a fairly big gauge for that.

My easiest piercing was the last cartilage (helix) I got a couple years ago. No pain at all, I almost actually forgot about it.

As long as you're not lazy about aftercare and sleep on your back for the first few weeks, it'll be fine.

Anonymous 3182


I've been thinking about getting second lobe piercings. Not soon, but definitely sometime in the future. Anyone else have them?

Would it be better to pierce only one side first, then once it's healed the second, or just both?

Anonymous 3183


I got one on my right ear first so I could still sleep on my left side (side-sleeper here)
Honestly, I couldn't feel any pain or itching one day after I got it and I had no complications even though I was travelling in a van so it's a really simple piercing that heals pretty fast (for me at least)

Anonymous 3188


I got all of my then six ear lobe piercings (unfortunately, now it's just 4 because I lost two earrings while sleeping and the holes closed) at the same day no prob. Just sleep on your back for a couple of days and you're set

Anonymous 3189

Thanks anons!
I think I'll go one by one or ear per ear

Anonymous 3709

Yeah, I got -

-Ears pierced but the holes are a bit too big to wear normal piercings so they need a big back ect. from when I was in HS and decided stretchers were cool.

-Nose piercing on the side (used to be each side), And my septum.

-And a bridge piercing which I suggest people think LONG AND HARD about getting before getting one as I didnt.. Mine for some reason gets a horrible bump continuously which has made a scar beside it and doesnt look very good, TBH I wish I never got it.

Anonymous 3711

I have a nose ring aside from my ear piercings! Sometimes I forget and then I'll see myself in the mirror. I wear a hoop in it because I think it makes me look tougher or more edgy, lol

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