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Strabismus Anonymous 2966

I was wondering if any other miners struggle with this issue. My right eye points a little outwards (exotropia) and although it's not that terrible it bugs the hell out of me still. Currently thinking about eye-patching my good eye so I can strengthen the muscles on my other one. No idea how effective that'll be though. Does anyone know any other fixes?

Anonymous 2970

I have a cross eye, through my eye turns inward a bit. You could try eye exercises to see if you can try strengthening it as well.
What seemed to help me from making it less noticeable was making my weaker eye (the crossed one) the dominant eye when it came to seeing and such. So maybe eye-patching your eye will help as it will force your other eye to pick up.
But I think before trying anything, it might be a good idea to try to get advice from a optometrist.

Anonymous 3130

>Currently thinking about eye-patching my good eye so I can strengthen the muscles on my other one.
That would weaken them, lol.

Anonymous 3131

Yes, I have one eye that goes slightly the other direction. Nobody has ever mentioned it, but I can see they aren't perfectly aligned like they once were. Occurred after a really bad eye infection.

Anonymous 3135


i have the hypotropia one. my family never worried about it (no one in the family wore glasses, so no one thought i had a problem). years later, it turns out that my left eye is blind as shit and my right eye has been doing all the work. its either contacts or glasses. i said glasses… greatest decision ever.

the issue with my weird eyes was that it was soooo obvious. but when i started wearing my glasses that changed. you'd have to be really paying attention to my eyes to notice (at least in my case, your might be different). i'll wear a dark/vampy lipstick and all the attention goes to my mouth and not to my eyes, thank god. i can be wearing neon eyeshadow and the glasses still make it look normal and daytime. glasses are a blessing.

i tried fixing the weird eye with eyeliner/eyeshadow techniques for years and it never did anything. the moment i started wearing glasses the problem stopped being so god damn terrible and noticeable. again, if i take them off/get real close people can tell, but its not as bad.

do you wear glasses, op? i'd recommend it. getting glasses that make you feel cute can change the game for you tbh.

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