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Tall Girls Thread Anonymous 3090

For sharing tips and tricks on how to make the best out of your height!

How did you come to terms with being tall? (how to be more confident and comfortable)
Clothes that suit you the best?
Maybe other specific hair or beauty routines and styles?
Diet and excercise? (since there are differences depending on height/build)

Anonymous 3092

OP here, i forget to add something:
Do you have any tall icons you look up to? Somebody's style you follow?
Please share!

Anonymous 3097

Not a tall girl but I feel like only tall girls can pull off maxi dresses.

Anonymous 3100

I’m short and look great in maxi dresses. Just need to get sonething that fits you anon. :)

Anonymous 3101

>How did you come to terms with being tall?

I haven't yet lol Doesn't help that everyone likes to comment on my height first thing when they meet me, and usually I am the taller girl in the room. Makes me feel manly as fuck, especially since I have PCOS.
Maybe if I was thinner, I could trick my brain into thinking I have a model body. But alas.

>Diet and excercise

I usually jump rope. I shouldn't eat as many carbs as I currently do, though. Maybe I am not the best to comment on this due to my slow metabolism lmao

I try to look up to idols around my height to feel better, but it doesn't help as much as I wish.

Anonymous 3103

This thread was made specifically for tall girls, so that we can enjoy discussing things without fights between short and tall girls breaking out again.

So what made you think writing that short girls can also look great in maxi dresses contributes in any way to this topic?
You just had to put that in there…

Anonymous 3104

Sorry femnon, I wasn't trying to start a fight (I wasn't part of the tall/short infighting). This site is just reallyyy slow, so figured since anon is also not tall, it was OK to let her know that there are maxi dresses that fit all heights. :)

Anonymous 3112

I'm 6'.

I find I look best in shorter dresses that show off my legs. I'm pretty flat though, so I try and use what assets I have. I especially like styles with poofy skirts and waist ties.

I have straight bangs and medium hair, I'd like it to be longer but it stubbornly refuses. Diet wise I eat pretty well, lots of veggies. Due to my size though I get away with mostly anything and stay slim. I don't exercise much since I have a shit heart.

I fluctuate between liking my height and hating it. I hate how annoying it makes clothes shopping, and I hate how it makes me stand out. Sometimes though, I look at myself in a nice dress and like my shape. If I had the choice I'd like to be shorter, but I guess I can live with it.

Anonymous 3113

I find tall girls attractive, especially when they wear heals! The confidence oozes out in the way they walk and it's just so sexy.

Anonymous 3116

I am 5'8" and a lot of guys I've dated claim that they're the same height, but end up being shorter than me. lol So I guess I am closer to 5'9" now unless they're lying about their height.

I like being tall because if I start putting on some weight in the inevitable future, maybe I'll carry it better than if I was short. But I really wish I was a petite, short girl because I hate bringing attention to myself and looking like a lanky skeleton.

Some girl asked me how tall I was and told me "wow I'm glad I'm not as tall as you and I have an average (read: "normal") height, I'd hate being stared at." I'm not even that tall bitch

Anonymous 3117

Same, if men don't like tall girls then I will love all the tall girls

Anonymous 3118

I am 5'9 and sometimes it sucks how big I am naturally next to men. I am 140lbs and I am very busty, so it is not like I am a planet.

It sucks that I am not confident in any man picking me up. On other Hand I love how long my legs are and the aesthetics of tall women.

Being tall is sometimes great, sometimes shit.

Anonymous 3123

i love being tall, especially when men get obviously pissy about being short. i feel like an amazonian.

Anonymous 3124

i wish i were tall for this reason. plus, i'd like to be taller than my future girlfriend by a lot…

Anonymous 3125

Lmao yes, I love being able to look men straight into their eyes.

I may be wrong, but from my own personal experience, being tall helps to immediately be taken seriously.

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