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Makeup advice Anonymous 313

If this thread is redundant with the other makeup thread, feel free to tell me and I'll delete this one.

Let's ask for advice and answer each others' questions about makeup, and maybe about skincare too.

I'll start. I almost never wear makeup (at most maybe some colored lip balm and mascara), and while I take care of my skin, I feel like I should start using BB cream or foundation and/or mattifying powder or primer. But I don't know where to start with this, there are so many products that I don't know which ones could be useful and which ones would be a waste of money. By the way, I don't trust beauty bloggers and youtubers because there's a good chance they're sponsored to recommend some products and brands, I want sincere advice, which is why I ask here.

If I only want to hide my large pores and acne scars (not the colorful ones, they're more like some holes in the skin), should I only focus on some mattifying powder or a primer, or should I use one of these with a foundation or a BB cream? Also, which brands would you recommend for these products? I know korean BB cream is the best but I would rather be recommended things I can buy in stores and not just online, so I can try it to see if it's the right color for my skin.

Anonymous 314


To hide large pores and acne scares, it's more of a problem with texture rather than just concealing.

- Start with skincare if you can.

- Also be aware of how you apply your makeup. Brushes usually make texture worse because of the buffing and abrasion. My pores look really obvious when I start swirling a foundation brush around. It's better to just use a beauty blender or a sponge to pat on concealer/foundation, filling up the holes. I also do the "baking" powder method, I guess.

I recommend watching Wayne Goss, Thataylaa, and Stephanie Lange on YT for some tips.

I can only recommend products that work well for me, and I have a similar skin texture.

- AM: A gentle cleanser, Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum, Drunk Elephant B Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel
- PM: Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum / Peter Thomas Roth Retinoid (alternating)
- Once a week: Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

Makeup (Skin/Base):
- Primer: Too Faced Primed and Poreless
- Foundations that work for me, so I use depending on the coverage I want, from lightest to heaviest: IT Cosmetics CC Cream, Revlon Colorstay, Urban Decay All-Nighter, Marc Jacobs Remarcable (don't use a heavy hand with this!)
- Concealer: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer
- Powders: Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

This probably isn't helpful at all, omg.

Anonymous 315

1 - Kopie.jpg

How do I fix my wonky eyebrows?
Please send help.

Anonymous 316

Oh jesus I have the same problem anon
It's because one eye is placed higher than the other

You can try to grow them out and then going to a beautician (or whatever they're called) and try to get them fixed

Personally I just try to make them as identical as possible. People don't really notice that your eyebrows are uneven

I also have rather large pores and what really helps to cover them up is medium coverage foundation - I use maybelline superstay 24h, but it's going out of their assortment/they won't produce them anymore. Yay for me. :/

Nyx has a product called "pore fillers" which is supposed to help minimize them. I haven't tried it but maybe you could look up some reviews (http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/pore-filler/NYX_068.html?cgid=face)

What's really important and what type of product to use really depends on your skin type- ex. if you have dry or really oily skin then matter foundation can accent that or make your face produce more oil.

Anonymous 317

My face is a little oily, I forgot to mention it. I mentioned mattifying powder in my first post as an example because I've read that it makes your face less glowing for people who have an oily skin.

As for skincare, I'm a bit of a lazy slob so I barely use makeup, so I only cleanse my face every morning, not twice a day. I use cheap products, a cleanser, a lotion/micellar water and moisturizing cream. And once or twice a week I use some Tony Moly egg pore stuff. I have a konjac sponge but I feel like it's not working as well as it's supposed to be. I'm about to empty my bottle of cleanser and lotion, now that I think about it.

Anonymous 318


As someone with oily skin, mattifying powder works wonders, just be careful with how much you apply. I think you should give it a try, they're also cheap and it might really work well with a BB cream

Do you use a peeling gel? (or does that fall under cleanser? Not a native english speaker) Might be worth giving a shot if you feel like the sponge isn't helping.

Anonymous 319

I don't think my cleanser works as a peeling gel, but apparently the Tony Moly egg pore gel I use once a week works as one, according to the Sephora website.

Anonymous 320


Last night, I permed my lashes with one of those kits you find on Amazon and wasn't as wowed as I thought I'd be. My lashes are just sort of short, I guess, and my hooded lids don't help.

Anyway, for some reason, my mascara is going on super clumpy now. How can I prevent this? Should I get an eyelash comb or something?

Anonymous 321

kinda OT but i'd get lashes tinted first then try the perm

Anonymous 322

Dammit, did I mess that up? Is this something I can do at home or no?

Anonymous 323

What's the best mascara you've ever used? I'm willing to pay big monies, I need beautiful eyelashes.

Anonymous 324

You might want to look into extensions instead! Or learn how to apply single lashes.

Anonymous 325

Thanks, anon. I think extensions would really be the solution I need. Anyone knows how long they really last though?

Anonymous 326

I'm really new at make up, I never used it as a teenager so I got almost no experience. Except for putting up mascara and I even suck at that. I really want to try eyebrow powder. Does anyone have recommendation what kind of product is good?

Anonymous 327

Diorshow is really good. You could also try lash serums like revitalash, lash tinting, and lash perming to give the illusion of longer lashes. Extensions last 2-3 weeks I think. Although I never tried them, I looked into it. I think the issue is that you can't wear mascara with them and have to be extremely careful. It seems a bit of a hassle constantly having to get them fixed meh

Anonymous 328

A lot of people recommend Anastasia Beverly Hills. I don't have personal experience with it though.

Anonymous 329


Any recommendations on how to pull peach fuzz on the face out from the roots?

I use a manual epilator (as pictured). It does a great job on the hair around my lips, but the peach fuzz on my cheeks/jaw are very thin, so it can't completely remove it. It usually just makes it shorter.

I'm acne prone, so am concerned about using treatments such as creams or waxing. I'd really like to completely remove the hairs from the roots, but the hair is sooo thin and light.

>>Any suggestions are welcome!

Anonymous 330

I used to use an epilator for my peach fuzz and never had any issues (I also have acne skin). However I have heard some horror stories from people who got incredibly red and bumpy from this, so better spot-test it sometimes on the weekend where you don't necassarily have to go out the next day.

Anonymous 331


My foundation seem to turn orange a while after applying. I read that that can be caused by your skin, and since I'm not using a primer it might be possible. I want to give it a try before having to buy a new foundation…again.

Is there anything I should look out for or avoid while choosing a primer?

My skin is oily and it turns my face sliiightly sticky once the oil starts to build up, but powder usually helps.

Anonymous 332


how do do a better smokey eye pls

Anonymous 333


also y my face is wonky af, i apologise. this was my first go

Anonymous 334


First of all.. girl.. your eyebrows.
Second, you seem to be using a liquid eyeliner and having trouble applying it properly. Use a gel eyeliner to have an easier time to develop your technique without it looking like a hot mess.
Third, use primer on your lid before you put any kind of product on it. Goes like this, primer, base eyeshadow, transition eyeshadow, then gel eyeliner to the lids not directly on the lashline.

Anonymous 335

Hey anon, you have really pretty eyes…BUT the makeup is distracting from it. I'd say to just lighten up the makeup overall.

>>334 Makes some good suggestions although I personally know you can use liquid liner, it just needs to be very thin lines. A dark brown would probably look more flattering than black as well.

Basically your look is way too overdone. Shorten the wing, thin the liner, and use lighter eyeshadows and less filler on your eyebrows. I think once you do this, you'll probably be a lot happier with the overall outcome. Good luck anon!

Anonymous 336

>>My skin is oily and it turns my face sliiightly sticky once the oil starts to build up, but powder usually helps.

A matte primer would be perfect for you anon!

Laura Geller Spackle Mattifying Under Make-up Primer is the only one I know off hand (I use it, but I don't have oily skin…I just like the matte look), but am sure there are others.

Anonymous 337

Try to find products that make your brows look natural and a bit lighter! Easy on the pencil when applying. Remember, light/feathered strokes and build it up until desired! Keep the inner brow especially lighter and work on the shape of your brows because they look smudged and messy.

I agree with >>335 your eye makeup is incredibly dark but you have such beautiful eyes. You would look STUNNING with a natural looking light pink eyeshadow, curled lashes, and a bit of mascara. Maybe a bit of thin eyeliner on the outer corner of your eyes if you really want but I personally think you don't need any eyeliner and your eyes would pop naturally with just the curled lashes and mascara.

Anonymous 338

This isn't very good advice, but you know they say that eyebrows are sisters, not twins.

Anonymous 339

I actually like your brows

Anonymous 340

Same, if she wants to fill them in bit and add some gel that's more than enough.

Anonymous 341

Thanks, but my issue is mostly that they're so uneven leaving me sometimes with a permanent o.O expression even when completely neutral.

Anonymous 342

>any recommendations on how to pull peach fuzz on the face out from the roots?
This is how you get facial acne Anon. Your best bet is sticking with shaving if it bothers you that much.

Anonymous 343


I get great results from Rimmel Extra Super Lash, it's pretty much my go-to for mascara now, but I advise to use sparingly and wipe off the excess on the edge of the tube each time you draw the stick. A little goes a really long way.

Has anybody here ever tried eyelash tinting? I'm naturally a dirty blonde but my eyelashes really aren't all that visible.

Anonymous 344

I also use an epistick on my upper lip but I wax my sideburns.

Anonymous 345

I'm so bad at eye make up. I can't put mascara or eyeliner on because my hand gets shaky. Does anyone have tips how to not fuck up eye make up?

Anonymous 346

It might just be because I'm incredibly myopic, but when I'm applying eye makeup I lean in super close to the mirror, like to the point where my nose could almost be touching it. It's apparently unusual but it really helps in getting a precision application. Experience will see you get steadier each time too. You'll get it one day so keep practicing.

Anonymous 347

Same except I wear glasses otherwise I don't see shit lol

Hold your breath if they're very shaky

Anonymous 348

>same except I wear glasses
So do I aha, that's what myopic means. Myopia = shortsightedness :D

Anonymous 349

Oh, guess I learned something today lol

Anonymous 350

What's a good way to clean makeup sponges/brushes? I usually use shampoo lol.

How often do you all wash them? I kinda feel not daily washing is a good way to get acne

Anonymous 351

I wash after every use. It would feel icky using them again whilst coated in old, oxidised foundation.

Anonymous 352


Once a week with antibacterial soap. I have a lot of brushes, so usually it takes me a week to get through all of them. (I vary a lot with my makeup on day to day basis)
I wish I was this adamant, but I'm lazy. A really good practise though, so props to you.

Anonymous 353

Yeah well, to be fair I don't actually wash them straight away. I usually do it when I'm preparing for bed/completing my night routine. I think if you get into a habit of doing it every night at a certain time it just becomes routine after a while.

Anonymous 354


What are some good drugstore mascaras for sensitive eyes that have a natural finish to them?
Most mascaras i own make my eyes incredibly red, itchy and watery. I've heard Lisa Elridge mention Le-roche-posay one, but eventhough i love their products, their mascara is not available where i live.

I tried a bunch of stuff and found out what works best is to be Dove Beauty Bar. It's super cheap, doesn't damage my tools, works as well as any expensive "brush cleaner" and it leaves them squeaky clean.
I usually wash my sponge after every use and brushes every 2-3 uses since i almost always wear the same rotation of products.
Sometimes i use hair conditioner on brushes that are very old to make them softer, and then clean them afterwards, not sure if that damages them more, but it has been working for me to keep brushes alive and soft for longer.

Anonymous 355

i've always wanted to try goth makeup but black eyeshadow just doesn't work on me. i end up looking like a raccoon or just a mess. it looks too extra and never compliments my face. ;_; any advice on this? i'm not into the black lipstick vamp look but more on an everyday light goth look.

Anonymous 356

I know that feeling. Though my problem is more that I have hooded eyes and the eyeshadow I currently have is a nightmare to blend, so I just use nude colors (varying shades of brown) with a bit of eyeliner and mascara.

You can use lighter colors like grey, or maybe even purple, red, green etc, whatever suits you. Or perhaps heavier eyeliner than you usually do.

Anonymous 357


When it comes to heavy eye makeup the rule is not which shade you apply nor how thick you apply it, but rather what shape you apply it in. What looks good on one person isn't necessarily going to look good on you, and it's not because of the overall shape of their face but is almost exclusively down to the shape of the brow bone and your eye socket.
Experiment for a bit with different shape application, i.e. higher inner corner, cut-crease, no lash line, heavy lash line, cat-eye etc., eventually you'll find one that compliments your face.

Anonymous 358

good god that lady is hideous.

Anonymous 359


>international Dutch model Daphne Groeneveld
>one of the highest paid models in the world

Well that's just like, your opinion, man.

Anonymous 360

Goddamn, she's gorgeous. Beauty really is a matter of personal taste.

Anonymous 361

>implying that being a model means being attractive to everyone

Anonymous 362

would you girls happen to know what would suit my eye shape? ;_; i'm not very good at eye makeup. i could post a picture of my eyes if that would help!

Anonymous 363

I don't think you'll get far without posting a picture, don't be shy

Anonymous 364


I'd suggest going for more of a smokey, rounded eye effect with no winged eyeliner. Do you have brown or blue eyes?

If you have brown eyes, I'd suggest staying away from using black eyeliner in your waterline, I used to think that was necessary for a goth look, but honestly it's because all the girls I saw in tutorials had blue eyes. Plus, it'll probably make your eyes look smaller (I'm guessing you want them to look larger since your eyes are hooded). A nude waterline will likely be more flattering.

Also, I just realized that you didn't say your eyes were hooded - I confused you for the anon who posted below. I'll post anyway in case this advice is relevant.

Anonymous 365

Nobody said it does, but to assert that she's physically hideous is patently untrue.

Anonymous 366

If you post a picture of your eyes uncensored I can actually Photoshop a couple of different eye-shadow application styles onto it if you want.

Anonymous 367


She looks like her face is deformed to me (dif anon that the original one).

If her eyes weren't blue with a smokey eye, she'd be ugly. Lots of models are hired because they are different looking which can often translate to being ugly. It is so in this case, imo.

Anonymous 368


>this is the face of a hideously deformed young woman


It's sad isn't it.
I don't know what it is with some women that when they see another woman they instantaneously feel compelled to comment on her physical attractiveness. Even if people do believe Daphne Groeneveld is unattractive, why do they think everybody wants to hear their opinion on her appearance in the first place, and in a thread about makeup of all places? It's no fucking wonder we get meme'd on by men whenever we try organising or creating something if this is the way we treat each other.

Anonymous 369

Sorry I posted in the wrong thread. >>>/disc/1062

Anonymous 370

I've got to agree with you. If this girl had brown hair and brown eyes, she'd be considered pretty ugly. I think her nose is the real issue.
>>Inb4 angry anons accuse me and others of somehow needing to be supermodels in order to consider someone average or unattractive
I'm not saying I'm gorgeous, but I do have eyes and can see. Not everyone has the same tastes clearly

Anonymous 371


>Not everyone has the same tastes clearly

and that is the main point. everyone has different tastes, and that is it. i think potato noses look cute on some people and i definitely like my girls a bit on the chubbier side. not everyone has to agree with my tastes or anyone elses. same when it comes to people liking models' looks.

can we start talking about makeup again in the makeup thread now? please

is the nake heat palette worth it? i still have the first palette and i really love it but everyone is so hyped about this one. they're kinda expensive though…


Anonymous 372

except she does have brown hair. apparently you can't see very well, my guy. im sure she wouldve been scouted with brown eyes as well considering the amount of brown eyed models in the world lmfao. you guys >>367 need to stop showing your insecurities and go back to lolcow with this tinfoil garbage.

Anonymous 373

>>except she does have brown hair. apparently you can't see very well, my guy.

Um, her hair is platinum blonde, whether it is natural or not doesn't matter. Her agent probably recommended her to bleach it because brown hair + brown eyes with her face isn't "exotic" enough for most.

There's nothing wrong with brown hair or brown eyes, but since these features are more common, there is more competition generally among models with darker features than those with naturally rarer features (blonde/red hair, blue/green eyes etc).

>>Sage for replying because this site is slow so why not, but subject still a bit off OP-topic

Anonymous 374

oh, you're the anon on the other board who thinks Choke is a white supremacist for being dutch. we're done here.

Anonymous 375

I don't even know who Choke is….

Anonymous 376


alright! here it is~ i put on a bit of makeup but just foundation, mascara and brows. p.s i know my brows are bad. they naturally grow unevenly. ;_;

Anonymous 377

>not everyone has the same tastes clearly
No shit but is it really necessary for you to float around some random imaging board blasting some innocent stranger over her face. Do I go to recipe sites and leave comments on all the meals I don't like saying "GINGER IS A TERRIBLE INGREDIENT IT OFFENDS MY PALATE ENTIRELY AND I DON'T LIKE IT BUT THAT'S JUST MY OPINION THO"? When did it become a normal thing for women to tear each other apart like this?
Friendly notion, how about the next time you see a stranger you find physically unappealing and feel you absolutely need to comment on their appearance, you just… don't?

Sage for OT, I'm done anyway. Shit like this makes me really lose faith in my gender.

Anonymous 378

>>376 unhelpful miner is unhelpful but I just wanted to say your eyes are so lovely. I want to fall into them.


Anonymous 379

!!!!! >< thank you, anon! i did not expect a comment like that since.. well… there's nothing really special about my eyes KEK but thanks again.

Anonymous 380

you have really beautiful eyes <3

Anonymous 381

thank you so much! ^^*

also, is it bad that i'm replying to these posts separately just to say thank you? it seems kind of rude to not reply though….

Anonymous 382

Standing ovation here, anon. Preach. I agree with everything but the part of losing faith in our gender. We have idiots of every gender eh

And you have really lovely, big eyes. I'm biased because I have big brown eyes too kek

Anonymous Moderator 383

Please keep this thread on topic!

Anonymous 384

I always try and do my makeup as best as possible, but it never looks as "polished" as the youtubers I copy. Hell it's literally no where near it. Is it because I'm not using the same products or is it because
>I don't deserve hands

Video related; how can I become this good/beautiful waaaa

Anonymous 385

An important thing to remember that a lot of youtubers put filters over their videos so that it gives them the extra "airbrush" look. I don't doubt that the woman's makeup skills are good, but I would not be surprised if she is using a filter. (Sorry if this does not make sense!)

Anonymous 386

thank you! but where are the anons that said they would help me w my goth makeup ;_;

Anonymous 387

Sorry! I'm the Photoshop Anon and I actually dropped my laptop yesterday and damaged the screen (and then spent 3 hours crying over it). I'll load PS onto my bf's laptop later today and have a crack at it then.

Anonymous 388

I think it takes practice and what >>385 said. A lot of YT MUAs use filters and good lighting/angles

Anonymous 389

hey! it's totally okay. i'm sorry your laptop broke. ;; it's no rush anyway! i hope you're feeling better now, anon. ^^

Anonymous 390

I'm sorry I broke it too. It was a £600 laptop and the replacement part is gonna cost me £80+ ಥ_ಥ

Anonymous 391

can I get a quick rundown on setting powder, finishing power, loose vs pressed, setting sprays etc? What's the best for oily skin?

I currently use nature republic foundation followed by a Sephora matte foundation pressed powder. It's working well but I want to keep it looking its best for up to 8 hours.

Anonymous 392


Any anons that wear falsies or had lash extensions?

I'm really frustrated when it comes to my lashes. They are long-ish and look fine, but I can't curl them for the life of me. I tried using a heated curling iron, curl them a bit longer, using more mascara at the bottom and multiple coats, but the shit still bends down. In pictures it literally looks like I have no lashes.

I've been thinking about getting extensions, but at the same time it feels like a waste of money.

As for falsies - my eyes are hooded and it's quite a nightmare to position them and wearing glasses makes it just harder.

If any of you have any kind of advice, I'd appreciate it!

Anonymous 393

I feel like a I get a more matte finish that lasts with setting powder. Finishing spray is only useful to me if I'm going to go swimming or want a "glowy" look.

My two cents.

Anonymous 394

> What's the best for oily skin?

Tbh I found out that for oily skin (imo) it's best not to pile the stuff on or you'll end up more oily and it will often slip off if you don't use a good primer.

I use a matt primer and translucent setting powder on top of my foundation. It really made a big difference and I don't get as oily as fast as I used to. Unfortunately brands are a hit and miss, as usual. :/

As for long wear, just dab off the excess oil (with paper tissue or blotting paper) and reapply the powder a bit.

Anonymous 395

how do you stop mascara from transferring? I have very hooded lids that push down my eyelashes. I am currently using a Japanese water-proof mascara but i still get transfer on the bottom.

Anonymous 396


omg anyone who can help, please do, I suffer from this too (for a different reason).

I've heard Loreal Lash Paradise Waterproof is excellent, but I've yet to try it (I want to finish my other mascaras that work well, but not perfectly).

Have you every tried curling your lashes? If your lashes are strong, I'd suggest curling them even after you apply mascara (you're not supposed to do this, but it helps a little for me).

Anonymous 397

>Have you every tried curling your lashes?
Yeah i curl my lashes before applying, but unfortunately my lashes don't stay curled for long, I've only used a metal eyelash curler. I've heard people say using a heated curler will keep your eyelashes stay up (which i'm assuming will help prevent transfer) but i'm honestly a little dubious about a heat-based curler

Anonymous 398

lately on instagram I've been seeing a bunch of girls mix oil into their foundation, but i was wondering, wouldn't this cause them to get sunburnt/tanned more easily? I feel like your skin might suffer even if you put on sunscreen before hand.

Anonymous 399

>>398 wtf? Why are they doing that?

I can get mixing moisturiser in but yeah, surely oil would have loads of bad side effects? Plus it must feel so gross

Anonymous 400

What sort of oil? Do you mean the Farsali oils and things like that?

Anonymous 401

i'm not too sure but looking up on google, i think it is the farsali oil. They always use the eyedropper thing to mix with their products or directly on their face. is it like a serum or something? Oil on your skin when you go outside is still bad right?

Anonymous 402

Yeah, those are really popular right now. It's marketed as a serum – sephora says you can use it as a primer, serum, or highlighter.

Instagrammers seem to mix up with their foundation, but imo who really follows those weird tutorials anyway? They, like, drip their foundation down their face as well.

Oils aren't necessarily bad for your skin, though, assuming it's absorbed.

Anonymous 403


Blush tips for round faces? It seems all round-faced girls just stamp on the blush under their eyes or directly onto the fat of their cheeks.

The doll look is fun but I want to look more sophisticated now D:

Anonymous 404

I always apply mine onto the sharpest point of my cheekbones.

Anonymous 405

Ok are hooded eyes the same thing as your browbone coming down over part of your eye? Can you have one but not the other?

Straight on, you can see my whole crease, but from 3/4 angle my brow bone covers part of my eye. Some sites suggest this is a hooded eyes but other examples it looks like it's skin that makes it hooded, not just a low browbone.

So my question is, should I be looking at eyeshadow tutorials for hooded eyes or will they not work on me? Am I making any sense?

Anonymous 406

If you can't see the lid/it's mostly covered then it's hooded. Doesn't really matter by what.

Anonymous 407

Got it. That answers my question perfectly.

Anonymous 408

wtf is going on with that makeup, babe, i hope by now you have that situation fixed. You look like a hot mess, eyebrows, eyeshadow, even got the eyeliner in the tearduct somehow done although the eyeliner missed the lashline( I acknowledge that needs special talent). All that fried hair, eyebrows and hairline meeting together to form a mess of the century.

1) stop pushing the eyeliner inside the eye, you are asking for an infection.
2) eyes and eyebrows are generally supposed to line up vertically in the inner corner
3) that eyeliner is way too thick and goes way too far out, eyebrows and eyeliner are not supposed to join.
4) fade those caterpillars out in the center or something
5) whatever you are doing with your eyeshadow, it has made it look like your lids are hooded, i do not know how that is even possible
6) eyeshadow goes at the browbone, the shape of the browbone defines where the shadow goes no matter what.

>>334 and ALL of this, please.

Anonymous 409


Own those bitchy eyebrows

Anonymous 410


girl those eyebrows and liner make you look like a 13 year old experimenting with makeup for the first time.

Anonymous 411


Does anyone know of any good synthetic (vegan) powder brushes?
I've been shopping around but the ones I've found are either like $80 or the shops don't do international shipping.

Anonymous 412


I'm vegan and I have a really good brush set from a brand called Morphe (picture related). They're available in pink x blue as well if you like something a bit more colourful.


Anonymous 413


What the pink x blue ones look like.

Anonymous 414

>trying to use makeup a bit more often because of this thread and some tutorials I found some months ago
>mfw almost everytime I do I feel like my face is burning for at least a whole day, especially my eyes
>can only put some skincare products and lipstick and be sure it won't hurt
I'm cursed. I won't even try to find brands for people with allergies or fucked up skin now because I don't have that kind of money, so I'll just take care of my skin. By the way, I'll never understand how to put eyeliner correctly or put eyeshadow and make it visible, even though my skin isn't even that dark. More reasons to give up.

Anonymous 2065

You mentioned the problem with number '5'. I think based on what she's attempted, and looking at her eye obviously, she does have hooded eyes.

You might not have much luck with your typical eye shadow and cat eye. In effort to emulate some looks, you'll end up with an overabundance of eye-shadow that is swallowed up every time you open your eye. The typical cat eye placement will be problematic since it is prone to be cut off by the crease of your eyelid. This will lead to thick, long line. There's tutorials online for hooded eyes; you'll see them. The placement of eye shadow will focus on the outer rim of the eyelid descending into the lower lid. You really won't work much with the inner 1/3 of the eyelid or the crease because it is unflattering for dark colors. It'd be best to get use to working with a thin line, but a winged look is easier to attempt by placing the starting line 'horizontal' from the outer corner. It is a different look, but it's perfect to avoid the crease. I'll try finding the video that explained it to me… there's lots of videos online though that'll explain it. I dunno' if 'hooded' is the best term for it, but it's what they use. Some older people use the term 'bedroom eyes' which isn't any better.

Anyhow, I'm sorry to babble. I just want you to avoid some frustration. Most styles can be done easily, but looks with heavy shadow, dark/vivid colors, or an extreme wing require modification.

Anonymous 2072

i know this is the makeup advice thread but i really cannot get over too fsced selling literal loose glitter and body glue for $25

Anonymous 2074

Does anyone have advice specifically for 'performance' makeup, like heavier makeup that you'll wear on stage? I just don't want to look like a clown.

Anonymous 2075

Anyone here uses the lightest shade of the Fenty foundation?

I saw it on sephora and i was so happy to finally found a shade that almost matched me without needing to use a white mixer, but decided to see some reviews before purchasing.
I saw in some reviews that it oxidised pretty badly, while others say it did not, so i'm assuming it depends on the shade, maybe. Does the lightest shade oxidise a lot?

Also, is the finish matte or dewy? This also had a lot of conflicting opinions on youtube.

Anonymous 2091

Is it possible to just look bad with makeup on? i genuinely look better when I have nothing on but eyeliner and a natural lip colour

I've had my makeup done professionally and I hated how I looked. not even saying I'm "naturally beautiful" but makeup makes me look masculine

plus I always feel like it's lying and that makes me uncomfortable along with having a layer of stuff on my face

Anonymous 2092

I think so. I have a preference for really light makeup though, so maybe I'm biased. But if one has really nice skin – as I'm assuming you probably do since you think you look better without makeup – why cover it? It's not necessary. Plus a bare, fresh, healthy skin always will look nicer than a face with any type of product on it imo.

Anonymous 2104

I'm really good about washing my face and keeping it moisturized. I don't over-exfoliate, I drink plenty of water, and the only breakouts I get are around my monthly cycle. I've basically found what I think is a good routine for my skin.
Still, every damn time I go to put on makeup I have flaky bits of skin that make me look like a cakey mess even with minimal foundation. It's not insanely noticeable unless you're close up but it's really annoying and ugly to me. My skin looks fine before makeup but no matter how I apply it (I've tried brushes, beauty blenders, fingers, puffs, sponges etc) it. just. keeps. being. flaky. I've even tried adding an extra exfoliating day to my routine but that just made my skin irritated! Any advice?

Also while I'm asking for help: Does anyone have any tips for doing makeup specifically for taking photos of yourself? I'm trying to get really into Instagram lately but I'm a complete noob at modeling and photoshopping. Figured the whole thing would be easier if I just look better on camera in general (I'm unfortunately a little unphotogenic).

Anonymous 2105

What kind of makeup are you using?
If you can, use a primer or moisturizer so your skin doesn't get dry. Maybe even try using different types of foundation (if that's part of the issue).

As for taking pictures (and only taking pictures, not really going out) try contouring and highlighting and just generally heavy makeup so it's visible in the pictures and doesn't need to be touched up later once they're taken. However, it'll look like crap irl.

Anonymous 2138

Anon, nothing wrong with not wearing foundation. I never do because it makes me feel like Im wearing a mask. My skin is not that great either, I have a lot of sun spots but I dont care. Like you, I just wear eyeliner (Shu Uemura ftw) and lipstick sometimes.

Anonymous 2194

i used to feel this way too, it's about finding the best type for your skin/face. i used to never wear foundation of any kind until i found one that was thin and light enough to really look good. now i wear it all the time! i can tell you that you probably look fine, but finding the right makeup can really bring out your own beautiful features. also, where'd you get your makeup done? a lot of places/people only know how to do one look for different facial structures/tones and nothing else. it's hard to find someone who can work your natural features and style. if you want to get into makeup give it ago, but expect to try a lot.

Anonymous 2195

any tips for choosing a good blush? i really like bright pink tones but i think i should be wearing more of a coral. do you girls go by lips or fingertips/ear colors for your blush, or what else if anything?

Anonymous 2197

I try to choose something similar to what I would naturally blush to. I usually just pinch my cheeks and look for a shade that resembles it. Maybe try looking at pictures of people with your same skin tone and see what blush colour you prefer on them? At the end of the day though I think you should wear whatever you prefer so if you think you look good with the bright pinks then just keep using them.

Anonymous 2207

>I usually just pinch my cheeks and look for a shade that resembles it.

This is literally so smart I'm so mad that I've never thought of it

Anonymous 2217

I'd say give the color you like a try. I used to always look at the warmer apricot blushes, but stuck with cooler shades l "should" have chosen to match my Swinton. But when I decided to finally just get the color l wanted, it actually compliments my skintone much better and brings life to my face.

Anonymous 2218

Wish I had thought of that. Smart indeed!

Anonymous 2219

What do you mean by oxidise? I think when I tried one of the shades at Sephora the saleswoman told me the foundation tend to become a bit darker once it's applied and if you wait several minutes. But I couldn't really notice it because the shades she tries on me were all too light for my skin anyway because the lighting in the store was absolute shit. Also, I had two different saleswomen telling me which shade matched my skin color and they told me completely different shades and none matches. So I can't really tell you more, sorry.

Anonymous 2220

Meaning that the foundation mixes with the oils on your face, and becomes darker over time. Other factors are sweat and humidity.

Did the Sephora associates suggest two different shades of the same brand? When matching, try to go outside the store or even outside if possible to account for lighting differences.

Anonymous 2224

the makeup specialists at sephora suck generally.

Anonymous 2225

Thanks for the info! I wonder if it's worth it to go try different colors that are similar to what I want and see what looks best.

Anonymous 2271


Yesterday, I bought some primer (Soap & Glory's One Heck of a Blot, to be specific.) I've never used primer before, but everyone says it's an essential. Anyway, I cleaned my face and put on my usual moisturizer, let it kind of dry, put on the primer, then my usual foundation. Not even an hour later, my foundation started like flaking? Rolling up on my skin and just coming off. It was weird. I've never had this happen before, so I'd like to blame it on the primer, but maybe I used it wrong or something. Anyone have advice for this?

Anonymous 2272

Looks like the primer is silicone-based (by a glance at the ingredients, dimethicone is high up on the list). There may be an incompatibility between formulas of your primer and foundation.

Here's some compiled info about it: https://www.reddit.com/r/MakeupAddiction/comments/25hkqi/how_to_tell_if_your_foundationprimer_is_silicone/

Anonymous 2273

Thanks, anon! That's pretty helpful.

Anonymous 2310


Y'all please help me. I feel like there is so much space between my eye and eyebrow and I can never really create a nice eyeshadow look. Also my eyelashes have refused to get along with me so I have pretty much given up on them. They have zero curl whatsoever and cannot hold one at all. I've tried different mascaras, eyelash curler, hot eyelash curler - they are just like nope. (see pic 2) Also I can't even put on falsies because of that cuz my eyelashes don't want to incorporate into the false ones and it looks dumb as fuck. It also looks dumb as fuck when I have some sort of neutral eye eyeshadow thing going on with eyeliner and my eyelashes are just..not part of the look. It makes me sad because I really want beautiful looking lashes.

Anonymous 2311


About your eyelashes, I think the best solution for you are individual falsies, not the whole strips.

Megan Fox has a very pronounced brow bone and small eyes, I think you can copy some of the tricks they use for her, they use metalics, individual falsies or just half of the strips, and sometimes a lot of highlighter with her.

So this is what I think can work for you:
Eyeshadows: use metalic or glitter eyeshadows (very easy to work with to create a nice eyeshadow) in light colors, stay away from brown and black because those colors cause circles under the eyes to darken. Use a bit of highlighter in your brow bone.

Eyeliner: do your usual wing, it looks pretty.

Use almond oil and rose water to gently remove your make up to keep your eye lashes and skin healthy and hydrated, be careful with your skin around the eyes.

Anonymous 2320


>>2311 gave some good tips

Just wanted to add I think your eyes are really pretty, and the space isn't bad imo. My eyes and brows have way more space between them, and no one has ever said anything about them being far apart.

Anonymous 2326

Thanks so much for the tips. I never noticed that megan fox has a brow bone just like mine!
I have never tried indivudual lashes but I will try, I'm really desperate lol But I ain't giving up

Yeah, I'm not saying it's a bad thing. It's just not very easy to work with.

Thank you, anons

Anonymous 2327

I would add to this, concealer can be used to null the shape of the eye quite well. This allows you a lot more freedom with your makeup choices. By concealing the dark circles with a slightly lighter tone concealer than normal, your eyes pop out due to the contrast.

Lighten the inner corner a bit, it elongates the eye and brightens your eye at the same time, remember to blend it in. Also, highlight just under your browbone.

Unlike anon I am replying to, I would use eyeshadow to give shape rather than contrast. You need a slightly darker color to create depth, too dark makes the lids appear heavy. Pull your shadow up and out of the corner, to extend and lift the lid. Keep darker colours away from the tear duct, that smallens the eye visually. Aka, eyeline only 3/4 of the upper lid.

Wing out your eyeliner, that also extends the eyes, pull it up for a more open look of the lid. DITCH LINING YOUR WATERLINE WITH ANYTHING THAT ISN'T A NUDE, SPARKLY LIGHT TONE, PEACH OR WHITE. Avoid eyeliner all around the eyes.

Do not go for bushy eyebrows, the contrast will make your eyes appear even smaller. Do not go super thin either, check where your arch is supposed to be and go from there.

Curl your lashes before mascara, this makes your upper lid appear less heavy. Also, remember to apply it on the bottom properly. Falsies can create a very bold look, same with circle contact lenses. I would not recommend either as a daily routine, but on occasions it does the trick.

Anonymous 2357


I'm looking for a lipstick or lipliner this exact color! Like a soft pink-reddish natural nude!
Any recommendations?

(The girl in the picture used three different products and I just don't have time mixing that shit everyday)

Anonymous 2360

Maybe Nars- Dolce Vita?

Anonymous 2369

Thank you anon! It looks very similar to the color I want!

Anonymous 2506


How can I get this super shimmery eyeshadow look as pic related?
Is it metallic eyeshadow or yeshadow foil? Do I need to buy one of those jars with pigment or is there any brand/palette that u guys recommend for this?

Anonymous 2517

Too Faced just put out a gold chocolate palette, I ordered it but didn't get it yet. I know they get flack for having bad pigmentation, but I've never had a problem with them, you can also do wet application too.

Anonymous 2520


I was recently in Kiko and they have seriously sparkly and highly pigmented stuff in for Christmas. They also have a range of sparkly eyeliners that are absolutely gorgeous and I'd highly recommend them, pic related. They also have water eyeshadows and the gold is really intense.

And they're cruelty free :)

Anonymous 2521

Woah, I saw a Kiko awhile back. Never heard of it before so just ignored it…but now I'm definitely going to enter! Thanks for sharing sweet anon. :)

Anonymous 2524

Glad I could help :)

Anonymous 2979

How many times do you clean your brushes and how( what kind of product do you use)?

Anonymous 2980


i clean them once a week, usually on the weekend so they have time to dry. i use pic related, daiso makeup brush cleaner. it works super well and it's like $3-5. they also have a different kind for sponges too (like for cushion compact)

Anonymous 2981

Wish I could say I use a special product but shampoo diluted in water seems to do the trick. My brushes weren't expensive so I don't mind. I clean them once a month because I rarely apply makeup anyway, but I think you need to do it once a week if you apply makeup regularly

Anonymous 2982

I clean them once a month or less since i very rarely wear powder makeup. If i am wearing it regularly for some reason i clean them twice a week or more. I clean my sponge blender after every single use tho.
To clean i use dove soap bar, i wet it and swirl the brush around it then rub it with my fingers like when i clean my hair and it gets all the makeup off and my brushes are as soft as when i bought them and it lasts for months/years while being inexpensive (It's like 4 euros for a 2 pack and it does the job better than any brush cleaner i tried.)

Anonymous 2984

Thank you all for the advise!I'm still new to make up so I'm grateful for all the info you girls could give me. I think I will try the daiso make up cleaner.

Anonymous 3007

When I use mascara my eyelashes look far to long and to thin, almost like spiderlegs. I want to try using false eyelashes do you guys have any recommendations? You can also give tips because I never tried false lashes.

Anonymous 3121

Any of you bought makeup from notino (EU)?
All of the reviews i can find are about fragances which overall consensus seems to be not-fake and good quality/service, but i'm still scared that the makeup will be counterfeit shit full of lead that will kill me or something lmao.

Anonymous 3122

Recently I've been applying lipliner just underneath my eye and I love how it looks. Am I crazy or does anyone else here love the look of red around the eyes?

Also does anyone else keep their eye bags? I conceal mine if they look legitimately frightening, but otherwise I like the natural discoloration because it looks like eyeshadow.

Anonymous 3127

What do you think about Nyx's lipsticks and eyeshadows? I'm interested in the NYX I love you so mochi palette, the one with the more "nude" shades. I'm mostly looking for something that would stay all day long on my face.

Anonymous 3129

Never tried the eyeshadows, but the lip creams are amazing. :)

Anonymous 3132

How long do the lip creams last? Not the tube or lipstick, I mean once you apply it to your lips? I'm a bit worried I'll buy something that won't work very well since I'm not used to makeup yet.

Anonymous 3133

I recommend you go to sephora/nyx or wherever they are selling that brand and try one on yourself and see how long it lasts. Every person is different. People always rave about how Jeffree Star's liquid lips last soooo long but on me they dont last that long (although they are amazing I have to say). I mean they last long time but near the center of my mouth they always fade qickly

Anonymous 3134

That's what I wanted to do today. So I went to Nyx a bit before going to work and wasn't wearing make up but testing lipsticks isn't really hygienic. I know when I went to Mac once they tried lipsticks on me but they washed them everytime they had to use them on customers. But I never saw any employee in Nyx or Sephora do that so I was a bit wary. I ended up buying the I love you so mochi palette and a metallic lip cream at Nyx, I found the metallic lip cream lasted longer on my hand that the normal lip cream.

Anonymous 3466

At least I am not the only person who is having problems with eyeliner. It sucks because I am told all I need is eyeliner and lipstick and I'm good to go, but it takes me like a half hour to get that shit on and when I'm done I look like a raccoon with all my fuck-ups. I get close to the mirror, I hold my eyelid lightly, I hold my breath for as long as I can, I try to follow right above the lashes, but i still fuck up and end up having to get rid of mistakes with a wet q-tip. Right now I'm using this eyeliner that just looks like a thin sharpie. Please tell me there's a more newbie-friendly kind of eyeliner out there for people like me? Or there is some magic trick I didn't learn yet?
I keep baggy eyes more out of laziness. They are pretty dark on days I sleep too little/too much, but they aren't puffy. If I play my eye shadow right it just looks like I put makeup under my eyes too.

Anonymous 3475


There's a few useful tips from youtube beauty channels, i'll put the links for each one I can find again.

One by Jordan Liberty advised sketching the line out loosely with faint eyebrow pencil and then filling in with liner.

Charlotte Tilbury does a tiny dot with eyes open and then connects the lashline to the dot.

In one of Lisa Eldridge's videos she goes over the liner in an eyeshadow of the same colour using a thin brush to help give a more smooth appearance @ 2:16 on

There was also one from a Thai makeup artist where she draws from the wing first, going towards the inner corned of the eye. Starts at 1:22 here

Hope it helps!

Anonymous 3487


I have very large, round, prominent eyes with a sort of bizarro epicanthal fold in the inner corner and finding the right makeup is a bitch and a half because the shape is too weird, there are almost no makeup tutorials for it, and I've never seen any celebrities with eyes like mine.

If my lids are bare my eyes look too meaty and puffy, dark eyeshadow and the smoky eye everyone and their dog recommends looks ridiculous. Matte shadows are fine I guess but I tried a sparkly Cezanne eyeshadow trio with really bright pinks - basically everything everyone always says to avoid - and it looked nicer than the matte nudes?
On top of everything I have really bad dark circles and tea stained eyelids which make me look even more bug-eyed.

Anyone got any suggestions? I've looked for eons but nothing really came up aside from the usual "dark vampy eyeshadow" fare.

Anonymous 3488

I have roundish eyes too! What I find is helpful is only doing eyeliner on the outer 1/3 (not a wing, just liner), and extending it a bit beyond where your actual eye ends. Then on the bottom lash line use some less harsh liner (I use brown pencil liner on an eyeliner brush) and line the outer 1/2 of your bottom lash, connecting with the extended line you made on top.

The most important thing I've learned is to either avoid winged liner entirely, or do just a wing that's straight across instead of flicking "up".

Hope that makes sense :)

btw I love your unique eyes! They look like doll's eyes

Anonymous 3489

You have pretty eyes, I saw them on the recent posts page and thought they were very beautiful. I hope someday you can learn how to like them and fix the little things that bother you!

Anonymous 3499


Thanks for the advice, anons! You're really sweet, I guess I didn't even notice the negative self-talk until you pointed it out.

Anonymous 3546

Reminder to wash your makeup brushes ~ (◕▽ ◕✿)

Anonymous 3547

I just did thank you for reminding me

Anonymous 3703

My eye makeup always runs/smudges under my eye, like I’ve been crying.

Stop how. Pls advise.

Anonymous 3704

Get makeup that doesn't irritate your eyes. Don't cry.

Anonymous 3721

Prime + Concealer usually helps if you have oily skin, too

Anonymous 3785

A relative gave me this palette and I don't know what to do with it because I don't do makeup but a bit of eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss. I just don't like applying makeup that much and I guess I don't think I really need it. I had no idea it was expensive, I wish I could give it back lul.

Anonymous 3789

How do you make falsies look nice? I have tried them for the first time recently but they mess up the shape of my eyes and make them look smaller and heavy. I have seen girls making them look so light and neat, how do you go about doing that?

Anonymous 3790

Going lighter or less dramatic than you intend, also trimming them down to fit your eye shape.

Anonymous 3892

Any tips on how to stop my face going flaky after a few hours of applying?

Anonymous 3893

I assume you are talking about foundation? It could be that it doesn't match your skin type. Do you know your skin type? If you have drier skin, an oil-based foundation or primer will help. If you have more oily skin, a water-based foundation or primer will help.

Anonymous 3895

I believe it's combination and my foundation is for normal to oily skin

Anonymous 4032


I want to wear makeup but it's so hot right now that it seems pointless.

Do any anons have tips for summer routines or looks?
(Aside from using waterproof and setting things, I already lean towards long-lasting products since I have oily skin)

Anonymous 4861


How should I do my eye makeup? I own the basics (eyeliner, some eye shadows, highlighter, primer) but I'm not very skilled.

Anonymous 4873

Try applying some oil beforehand - it helps the makeup blend in better, as well. I use rosehip oil :)

Anonymous 4874


no. you shouldn't use oil. us primer.

Anonymous 6238


I'm having a hard time finding foundation that matches my shade, and even though nowadays there are more options in many brands, everytime I go shopping and ask makeup artists or employees in makeup stores they recommend things that make me look grey, orange or too pale. It's pissing me off because last week I went to Sephora, I asked a saleswoman to help me find the Fenty Beauty concealer that matches my shade the most and she was insisting that I was super pale and she tried to make me buy the 230 concealer while saying that it might still be too dark for me. She insisted that she won't try any other shades on me because they'll be too dark. Since my tan faded away and the lighting wasn't natural in the store I didn't notice that the concealer is way to pale for me.

So far I've been recommended the Fenty Beauty concealer and foundation in almost all shades between 120 to 280 and none match. I wish I could return my item but I only noticed it was too pale after opening the package. I'm usually told I look permanently tan but when I ask for help in stores I'm told I'm every single undertone possible by different people, I'm so confused.

Anonymous 6239

It's sadly a process of trial and error. Asking for samples of shades that look close to your skin is advisable, mid-high end brands tend to be happy to give you a few squirts in a jar. It really comes down to what matches your face+neck the best, I say neck too because the face can be a slightly different colour, mine is darker for example.
Don't panic if you buy a shade that isn't perfect because you can lighten it with a white mixer (lots of brands produce these, NYX have one iirc). Or perhaps you can bum it off on a friend or family member, lol.

You'll find that perfect shade in time, anon-chan!

Anonymous 6240


Anonymous 6241


I am deeply sorry

Anonymous 6243

Ok I will attempt this look, but I don't think it'll be beginner friendly.

Anonymous 6278


Where can I buy an eyeshadow shade of these subtle, light pink shimmers that seemingly every Korean celebrity wears?

preferably a western version that I can get at sephora or somewhere accessible

Anonymous 6314

Check out Colourpop, anon. Cheap but nice+buttery eyeshadows. They're always having sales and special offers so check em out.

Anonymous 6316


Any of the currently trendy warm eye shadow palettes work, e.g. Naked Heat/Cherry/3, ABH Soft Glam, Too Faced Peach, if you want to try swatching those in stores. Also drugstore equivalents exist in Wet n Wild, Maybelline, and probably others but I don't follow all the dupes. For singles, I think L'Oreal's Amber Rush is popular, but there is a plethora of light pink shimmer that you can sheerly apply.
And though the looks seem simple, there is definitely more definition with darker matte colors.

Anonymous 6372

What is actually the difference between BB cream and a regular medium to full coverage foundation? Is it just a marketing thing or is it actually different?

Anonymous 6399

According to brands, bb creams are shade-adjusting and contain skincare benefits in addition to your base, but honestly it's just another type of base product. There are general differences in how they are marketed, but the bottom line is that both serve the purpose of evening out your skintone by covering redness or blemishes.
Mostly marketing, slight difference if you consider tinted moisturizers different from normal foundations. (I consider them all base products, but acknowledge there is variation and that is why there are different terms for it)

Anonymous 6417

How do fair-haired miners do their eyebrows?
I have naturally light blonde hair and basically invisible eyebrows. Super dark "insta brows" look overly fake on me, but I look like an alien if I go without any brow makeup. Currently I just draw over my natural brows as best I can with a blonde or taupe color without trying to shape them in a specific way. As a result, they look very "natural" but more like 2nd cousins than sisters. My little brother describes them as "boy eyebrows"
Are there any better techniques out there for natural-looking light eyebrows?

Anonymous 6421

Have you tried dyeing your eyebrows? I don't know anything about this stuff but I remember a friend told me they make dye especially for eyebrows. Then you wouldn't have to worry about them being different and it would save time every day.

Anonymous 6424

I've considered it. Too scared to attempt it at home and I'm too poor to justify a salon visit for them. That goes in the "if I ever win the lotto and become some rich lesbian's trophy gf" category for me.

Anonymous 6473

nayrt but I'd use a slightly dark tinted brow mascara over a light pencil. It gives your brows more depth and the mascara lets you shape the hairs easier

Anonymous 7217


Has anyone used blotting powders like this one to reduce shine?

If you use a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation, do products like these work if you put it on after you put on the moisturizer?

Anonymous 7218

Yes, they work very nicely. It takes some practice to know how much powder to put on (too much may make you look cakey, too little and it won't have the intended effect).

Anonymous 7221


Thanks, I’ll try it out!

Anonymous 7225


Why do I always feel like I look like a clown while wearing make up?

Anonymous 7226


Have you tried having your makeup professionally done or taken classes on makeup techniques? (Sorry if I’m making an unfair assumption about your makeup skills.) Or do you feel that way in general with makeup on your face?

Anonymous 7270

Any tips on concealing under-eye bags? I’m trying with the YSL Radiant Touch concealer. It worked when the makeup artist at Sephora did it, but when I try doing it myself, the eye bags are still there, so I’m probably doing something wrong.

Anonymous 7271

How do you apply the product? Do you use your fingers or something like a beauty blender?

Anonymous 7272


Using my fingers or a brush.

Anonymous 7273

Nars radiant tinted moisturiser covers up my pores beautifully. I just use it with matte powder and setting spray

Anonymous 7275

Sorry for such a late reply, but what kind of brush do you use? I like to use a stipple brush to press the product in and then I blot my under eye area with a beauty blender. If it’s prominent, you might want to use a peach color corrector before hand. Elf has a really good color corrector for a good price

Anonymous 7276


No problem. Thanks for the help - I currently use a small stipple brush, but will check out your suggestions on using a beauty blender and color corrector if needed.

Anonymous 7279

what's your skin type anon?

Anonymous 7648

I guess this thread is dead but I will still ask, maybe someone will answer.
I just started getting into make-up recently and I am a bit confused with figuring out my undertone, according to the internet having turqoise/green/olive veins means you have a warm undertone and blue/purple veins usually mean a cool undertone, but I have mostly turqoise veins with a few sapphire and purple ones??? Is this me just looking a bit too much into it? It has been very dark these past few days so there was not much sunlight so that may have affected it but tbh I am quite dumbfounded

Anonymous 7649


This probably doesn't exactly help, but neutral undertones also exist.

When starting out foundation matching, there's a bit of trial and error. If there are stores that offer foundation matching, you should look into that as a starting place.

Anonymous 7665

my skin is so damn oily. i blot, use mattifying powder, tried mattifying primer but nothing works. my skincare routine is fine as well, i use lots of hydrating serums, niacinamide etc

Anonymous 7898

I have this elf setting spray that smells bad, and I've had it for a while. It's garbage right? Is setting spray even worth it?

Anonymous 8004


I made best experiences with pic related as a 30+ anon, simple and effective.

Anonymous 8033

Do they make one in a lighter shade than they did 10 years ago? I used to wear this in middle/high school until my dad told me I looked orange.

Anonymous 8035

i bought cloud paint in storm and it wad okay, hella pigmented yet somehow didn't last for more than 4 hours. i thought it would leave a stain but is more of a cream blush so i didn't think it was worth $22

i haven't tried lash slick but i tried a similar tubing mascara (Maybelline snapscara, considered a dupe) and it was lengthening and easy to take off, though if you keep it for too long it gets all crusty and clumpy. also it didn't hold a curl for me

Anonymous 8636


im so bad at eyeshadow :((((

Anonymous 8638

Post an example. It's probably not that bad.

Anonymous 8641

Big tip for ladies who have chameleon skin:

Buy a foundation in your undertone color then buy a translucent powder with a tinted pigment/mineral powder/finishing powder of your nearest overtone color. Apply overtone foundation first then powder, bam youre done.

I have cool light warm skin color yet its not tan nor fair. So my undertone is a cool color and my overtone is a warmer type. Yet not noticeable of a tan/brown color or white color, just pink with light brown mixed in. Its hard to describe.

Anonymous 8861

Is it true that moisturiser isn't necessary? I've been trying to be more strict with my skincare routine and actually wash my face and use moisturiser every day but I've read that it can lead to your face not producing enough moisture on its own. I feel like my skin must be pretty dehydrated because I'm hardly very old but I already have fine lines + big pores. Plus I use acne gel that has benzyl peroxide which apparently dries out your skin.

Anonymous 8862

The benzoyl peroxide can cause the pores and lines over time iirc. Yes to Watermelon gel moisturizer is a good lightweight moisturizer that absorbs fast. It's about maintaining a balance for your skin. Make sure you drink water too

Anonymous 8863

Thank you for the reply anon. Is it too late for me? I've been using this gel for more or less 5 years now. I haven't been using it every day and have gone for weeks without using it across those years but I'm worried the fine lines are here to stay :(

Anonymous 8864

Yes, moisturizing is necessary, but you can surviver without it. Sunscreen is your biggest friend in avoid new lines though.

> I use acne gel that has benzyl peroxide which apparently dries out your skin.

Were you using it dotting on just the acne spots or rubbing it on your whole face?
AHAs, retinoids, vit c or dermarolling could help with your lines, but i would try moisturizing after stopping with the gel for a while first and see if they appear less deep.

Anonymous 8865

>Were you using it dotting on just the acne spots or rubbing it on your whole face?
I pretty much put it all over my face but looks like I'd better slow up on that. Thank you for your advice, will keep my fingers crossed that my lines may disappear yet

Anonymous 8866

Probably not. Another anon mentioned dermarolling. If you decide to do that, make sure that you're not rolling too hard, and maybe even add marula oil after in a few drops going from forehead to throat. You probably just need to restore your skin's moisture balance.

Anonymous 8867

Sorry to be a bother but have you tried dermarolling before? I'm asking for someone else's experience because it sounds like it could be painful if done wrong and I don't trust youtube videos on it because they may just be shilling. Either way, thank you again

Anonymous 8868

Nta but i'm also thinking about doing it and from what i've seen it's not really safe to do at home unless you know what you're doing. You need to work your way up to bigger needles, and it hurts and will bleed. You should not wear makeup or anything after, and take cared because an infection can leave you fucked up, no sun the day after, avoid certain products like acids and serums. Also it's not a good idea to dermaroll where you have acne.
It should be done in small sections, and there are some rules to guide the direction you roll. Also should be done once every couple of weeks, 6 to 8 i think. Also, the stamp might be better than the roller.
Really dive into reddit and skin care forums about it, there are a lot of guides and warnings about people who do it at home. I wouldn't trust yt too.

Anonymous 8869

I've actually had laser resurfacing done for a few relatively not noticeable pockmarks that bothered me. It made my skin have the texture of orange skin for the better part of two years. I have tried dermarolling at home, but I only did it a few times. Skin looked plumper and more glowy for a couple of weeks iirc. It wasn't until after I tried the moisturizer gel and marula oil combo that I actually got complimented on my skin a few times, but it was a while after using the stuff that I noticed actual changes myself.

Anonymous 8870

Since she's only got fine lines, it'll probably be fine just to do the 1mm one at home to try it out. The punches are more for acne scarring and pockmarks aren't they? Trying the moisturizers and increasing water intake first to test the waters for a month or two would be the best course of action though. If you guys try it, organic cold-pressed marula oil is what I used.

Anonymous 8873

Thank you again anons. Will try just moisturising and drinking more first to avoid risk and if things aren't looking up will go for a soft derma roller

Anonymous 8874

Yeah, they seem to be for deeper scars and lines. Thanks for sharing your experience anon, i hope it works for her.
Good luck!

Anonymous 8875

Good luck with everything, and please report back on it.
I'm happy to share and just hoping that it helps.

Anonymous 9066

Since we are talking about skincare - does it bother anyone else how everyone online seems to have paper skin?

Like, i was searching for a cleanser and decided to go for a gentle one. Since i don't know that much about skincare i went online and the rave seems to be about korean products, but i cannot get them so those were out, and every single cleanser i searched for reviews and such on reddit or other sites you aways find people telling you it made their skin pull, it left them dry, the fragrance murdered their kids and burned their house down.

In the websites reviews were fine, so in the end i bought it and a moisturizer with fragrance and they really are fine… even a bit too gentle. If i went with the hivemind i would have spent a lot more for something even more gentle that might of left me oily. Same thing with foundations and anything that goes on your face really. I am wondering if people were exaggerating because my own skin is sensitive and dry, but most cosmetics still work okay.

Do you think there are really this many people with more than sensitive skin or is it just like the gluten stuff where they follow a trend?

Anonymous 9067

I have this sensitive skin but a little fragrance is okay. Even with body washes - you just have to be careful about the brand/company is what I've found. For example Aveeno advertises to be very accommodating for sensitive skin, but it always makes my skin dry and scaley. Like hard, which is wierd because my skin is really soft. another example is Lush, their products are amazing, and they are very scented. The Body Shop used to be my favorite, but then they were bought be L'Oreal and aren't the same a bit. Now their products are just irritating but smell good.

Anyway just wanted to give you my experience for some insight. I now try to use anything vegan & non comodegenic. If I like a stinky smelly peoduct enough I will use it like a perfume :- ) like put it on my arms where I'm not so sensitive.

I think the effects of scented products are long-term too, like you wont see if it's effected you negatively until you've tried it for awhile. Depending on your skin type.

Anonymous 9068

I forgot to mention the reviews part. I actually worked for a LHR company that has 5 stars and realized it was because we offered a discount to people if they choose to remive their negative review. I try to take reviews with pounds of grains of salts.

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