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Anonymous 3403

How can you properly use this in order to avoid infections?

Anonymous 3406

I hate these. But as long as you boil them before and after use, and store them in a safe place, like a cloth, it should be fine!

Anonymous 3407

Don't leave them in too long, boil before use, don't use soap to wash them (there's cleansers specifically made for them), you can use ethanol to wipe them between uses but you need to wait for all of ethanol to evaporate and always always wash your hands before inserting. And generally I don't use them overnight (although, I still get YI from time to time). Anyway, even though they are a hassle I still think they are better than tampons.

Anonymous 3408

>although, I still get YI from time to time
>even though they are a hassle I still think they are better than tampons

Yeah FUCK that. Tampons ftw

Anonymous 3410

the cup is pretty easy once you get used to it, but i'm scared to use mine now that i have an iud. i need to get into tampons, i've never really tried them cause i'm afraid of toxic shock syndrome

Anonymous 3413

>toxic shock syndrome
that shit is so scary

Anonymous 3414

Does anyone have any menstrual cup recommendations? I’m thinking about going with the MeLuna since it’s customizable but I don’t know anyone who uses it…

Anonymous 3416

I like pads because to this day tampons are still uncomfortable no matter how I insert them. I doubt I could use a cup though I'd give it a try if I could use tampons. I don't know the reason since I'm normal according to the gynos I've seen.
As long as you change pads regularly, they're great and feel more natural. The only downsides imo are that they're not very eco friendly and that they can be annoying on hot days.

The brand (tampons, pads, cups) really matters a lot because some still can have toxic materials.

Anonymous 3641

there are also reusable cloth pads as an option. I've been thinking about that for a long time (but I skip my period most of the time so never get around to it lol). apparently they really don't smell that bad and are pretty absorbent. I hate tampons, will only wear them if I have to go swimming when I'm on my period.
but other than that yeah I totally get you- pads are literally fine. I really like those infinity foam ones that always has- I can barely feel them.

Anonymous 3685

those helped me out a ton when i was struggling financially last year. basically just scrub them down with water (admittedly this can get gross but as long as you wash your hands and skin afterwards you're fine) and then soak them in bleach and soapy at the end of the day and you're good to go. they also cut down on waste, which is nice too

Anonymous 3686

*sink, not skin

Anonymous 6383

I've been using one for two years now and never had an infection from it. The cup has become smelly (a vinegar smell) recently though. I've been trying different methods to clean it, but I might just buy a new one. $25 and lasts for 2 years, sounds good to me. Mine is athena cup. Recently my periods have gotten very light, I only actually bleed 2 days and then have pinkish slime and that period smell another 2 days.
Anyway fuck pads and tampons, cup all the way. Nice to have one less thing I need to spend money on.
I've had pretty lousy care for the cup and leave it in overnight, and never got a YI from it. I've had YI from fucking dirty dicks though. Men are disgusting, you can't even trust them to wash their own penis before sex. They're like retarded dogs, honestly.

Anonymous 6385

I would never use a cup.
I'm scared of having to remove anything bigger than a regular-size tampon from my vag so I have never tried a cup. Pads are gross tho so I stick with tampons.

Feel free to try and change my mind

Anonymous 6386

As a regular cup/tampon user, tampons are also pretty gross once you get used to using a cup. The seal created by a cup keeps the smell down since it's not exposed to air until you go to dump it out.
Cups come in different sizes and materials, so you could start with a smaller, more flexible one if you're afraid. They also have loops/stems/balls for gripping.

I personally prefer cups because I can go longer without changing it and avoiding public restroom issues, there is less waste and continual expense involved, and you get to know how much menstrual fluids/substances come out, but I guess I'm a weirdo who is curious about that.

Anonymous 6390

Ha! If that doesn't convince her, then nothing will!
What the fuck. You better not be a serial killer.

Anonymous 6391

Nah, just a lady who likes knowing shit about her body.

Anonymous 6392


>she still has her period in 2019

Anonymous 6394

Well as long as you're not collecting it and using its measurement's differences to determine your odds of getting away with committing murder its ok.

Anonymous 6395

If you murder someone because you think measuring menstrual blood will help you get away with it, you deserve the chair just for being retarded.

Anonymous 6397

Er, to get your head run over hy an ambulance, you mean.

Anonymous 6398

Same here, it's fascinating

Anonymous 7523

So much this. I found it pretty surprising to see what came out, ha ha. And TBH, using a cup has made me more body positive and comfortable with myself. (Though I'm lucky in that I've never gotten a yeast infection from one before.) I use a Blossom Cup. It's so much better than the Diva Cup I used before. Diva Cups are bigger and longer and the material is too snappy when they open, which means inserting can hurt if it pops open too soon and blood gets flung everywhere if you're not careful. Umm…eew?

But seriously, I don't miss pads or tampons at all.

Anonymous 7524

I wanted to try cups but read some stories about it getting suck on your cervix like a suction cup and that scared me away. I'm not in a country where I could just go to the doctor if it got stuck.

Anonymous 7530

all you would need to do in that situation is to pinch the cup at the base to release the suction. that's why all cups have tiny holes at the top for that exact reason

Anonymous 7533

I've been using the cup for over a year and have never had an issue with infection. It also doesn't smell, wtf, are you guys not cleaning it? I just bought the cheapest one on Amazon and I love it, though in a pinch I'll use a tampon.

>tfw live in the south and birth control requires a prescription from a doctor
>tfw no health insurance
speaking of which, i'm about to visit Colorado. I'm considering buying an ass-load of birth control over the counter while I'm there and bringing it back to my homestate. Is this possible?

Anonymous 7554

>tiny tampons hurt
>different brand tampons, big or small, soft, "stiff", hurt
>insertion hurts no matter different methods way
>a (small) cup doesn't hurt

what gives? not complaining, but hey.

Anonymous 7561

Agree about smells. It smells less actually, since the fluids are not exposed to the air until you go to empty the cup.

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