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Labiaplasty Anonymous 3431

Is anyone else considering labiaplasty or has had it performed?

I really want it done.

My labia isn't really that big but you see porn stars who have zero labia lip and since they're featured it makes you feel like that's what is acceptable.. I also think it looks better so I have been insecure about that aspect of myself for awhile.

I want to get it done but I will be horrified if the surgeon doesn't do it probably. I saw some botched images and yikes.

Anonymous 3432

Do it properly** oops haha

Anonymous 3433

It really doesn't seem worth it unless you're planning to become a sex worker of some kind.


To who? Teen boys and incels who call you roastie but would jump on the chance to touch any vagina?

It's up to you, though, just giving my 2 cents. If it stresses you that much, go for it. Sorry I was no help.

Anonymous 3434

You shouldn't compare yourself to porn stars…

Porn isn't a good indication of what is acceptable and, in my own personal opinion, if you get around people who think it is you should ignore it and ditch them.

If you really think you'd be more comfy and it's about you and how you'll feel it's different, but don't let other people or any outside influence affect you or your choices with your own body.

Anonymous 3435

The fact that most pornstarns usually get the procedure and "bleach" the fuck out of their vaginas makes it look like the ideal, but that is not how most women look like.

Unless you have a problem there that makes it hard for you to clean yourself properly, or have intercourse, I would suggest not going for it, you can lose some of your sensitivity down there, google more about it.

Anonymous 3465

I've been considering it, but only because one of my labia is really big and it gets pinched if I wear tight pants. I don't really care how my vulva looks, it's just painful sometimes. The thought of it being botched, or losing feeling, keeps me from going for it though.

Anonymous 3472

I want one. I never want to be seen naked, I feel gross.

Anonymous 3473

Is it too big or are you just self conscious?

Anonymous 3474

Based on what I’ve seen looking at porn, mine is bigger than average. It’s really unattractive. I want an innie.

Anonymous 3591

this makes me so sad anon… please don't. porn is so not what is "normal" and NOBODY IRL looks like that. I promise. Women have all kinds of different labia, including big ones that stick out, and they are all great and wonderful. Unless it's a medical issue as already suggested, it's not worth it. Your body is fine and normal and healthy, and porn is NOT a good indication of what is normal and healthy!
I know this sounds preachy, but this is also a permanent surgery. I hope you at least try making peace with your labia another way before going the surgical route.
also i don't want to say this bc it shouldn't be what it's about but no one you're intimate with is going to care one bit (male or female), and anyone else who'd see it like a dr has already seen a zillion other labia before and isn't there to comment on aesthetics anyway.

Anonymous 3705

Ive felt the same way and still dont like looking at it >.<

But its something you just gotta come to terms with, I think anyway.

Someone who loves you.. Or is really horny isnt going to care :)

Anonymous 3707

>someone who loves you
>or is really horny
I really hope it's both of those, or there might be a problem.

Anonymous 4349

unless you want to become a pornstar, nobody will care what your vagina looks like. I've seen some really weird looking penises and I've never heard a guy talk about getting penis surgery.
except for the whole "hurr durr my penis too small" thing but if size doesn't matter for a penis, it sure as fuck doesn't matter for a vagina.

just don't do it. not worth the risk and time. get some more self confidence instead.

Anonymous 4382

Marinated and Gril…

I have small labia, pinkish on the inside, but the borders are dark purple/grayish like pic related, roasty.

Is that normal? Do men care about that?

Anonymous 4383

Yes it's normal.

If a man cares, it's his loss for having abnormal standards.

Anonymous 4384

Risk of botching your vagina sounds horrifying :x
Also is there any risk of losing ssxual sensation? If so, do not do it, if anything find a guy whose anti circumcision.
You can share your feels on the subject and he will likely accept you however your vag looks while understanding it's natural.

Anonymous 4388

tbh i suspect that having those inner labia is a big part of what actually provides sexual pleasure.
i basically have the 'porn star vagina' naturally (pink, no visible labia, 'clam' type) and I've never been able to experience pleasure from penetration, only clitoral stimulation.
the only bonus to it is that it makes it easy to shrug off the 'roastie' insult, I guess. But you should do that anyways regardless of what you look like down there because it's only used by bitter dweebs on the internet.

Anonymous 6402

girl don't get that shit done. i understand, mine is kinda big and i felt so insecure about it for the longest time. i've had sex with a bunch of guys and i'm now in a long term relationship and guess what… decent guys don't care how big or little it is. in fact guys have told me they find it hot

Anonymous 6415

>wait, what?
>sudden realization.jpeg
Maybe this is why I've never been able to climax from sex. It can feel good, even great, but just penetration is never able to get me off.

Not to give the lurkers more fuel, but what if the roast beef vag=slut stereotype comes from women who enjoy sex tending to have that larger labia minora thereby making men conclude that sex causes this when no amount of cock will stretch out my non-existent inner labia
This is probably false because that would require this misogyny to actually have some sort of reasoning behind it besides "ew vaginas are icky" but still.

Anonymous 7168

>facehugger alien
NOT ok

Anonymous 7170


tell me it ain't so……. holy shit

Anonymous 7171

Idk, I have an innie that looks like a pink butt and sex feels great to me, I've also had almost 100 partners, I guess it just depends on the person

Anonymous 7178

nah, they’re all fine

Anonymous 8124

Omg, sex doesn't stretch labia. What you have you keep it forever, no matter how many babies or sexual partners you have.

Anonymous 8162

>You shouldn't compare yourself to porn stars
This, period. Like how actors and models are often chosen because they have particularly notable features or features which align with narrow standards of beauty, porn actors are chosen because they also fit into the narrow standard of "beauty" within their genre of media. How these people look doesn't reflect how the average person looks or what features are "normal" or "beautiful" features. Plenty of people who aren't actors or models find unconditional love every day. Not that it's worth much, but my opinion as a bisexual woman with "small" labia is that large labia are equally fantastic. Sometimes I'm envious of them because I wonder if it'd make penetration more comfortable.

It's also unfortunate that it needs to be said in this day and age, but as other miners have pointed out, no amount of sex "stretches" the labia. Labia only becomes stretched if you purposefully attempt to stretch it out (search "labia stretching" on Google if you're curious.)

Anonymous 8164

> Sometimes I'm envious of them because I wonder if it'd make penetration more comfortable.
Bigger labia don't mean a bigger hole and viceversa. But, one could argue wether they (the labia)can help you spread your wetness around, which would actually help you make it more comfortable. Labia arouse the dick from the outside as well.

Anonymous 8229

This happens to me too sometimes! I had some lacy panties that I would wear occasionally and my lip got stuck in it one of the lace holes it was so painful. I was driving with others in the car so I couldn't deal with it right away and when i finally got to a bathroom it was such a relief.

Anonymous 10697

>Is that normal?
That seems normal

> Do men care about that?

The only ones who care, are men who are mentally ill because of porn

Anonymous 10700

This. Also, as someone who naturally has a "porn" vagina (an innie with a small hole), pornsick moids don't actually know wtf they like because there's a difference between what might look good on screen and what actually feels good to them irl. They think "tight innie vag is the best!" but when they get it, they complain the tightness is uncomfortable or unpleasurable for them.

Anonymous 10705

OP is old but I hope anyone reading this doesn't go through with this procedure. The only men who care are dumbass incels who won't see your vulva anyway, and you'd be risking sexual sensation for maybe somewhat better aesthetics. So much can go wrong with any surgery, but especially a cosmetic surgery on your genitalia.

Anonymous 11085

get it

there's no point in lying about this - some vaginas look worse than others. if something makes you feel unhappy, there's no shame in improving it. i think people always want to act like everything you find unsatisfactory is the result of some deep rooted issue that won't go away, but if you have a shit job, and change your job, your life improves. this happens with the body also, just ask girls who've lost weight

Anonymous 11112

Weight gain and weight loss are reversible processes, plastic surgery isn't reversible most times

Anonymous 11113


>the clitoris doesn't show up in anatomical textbook
What anatomical textbook are you referring to? The entire female reproductive anatomy was covered in first year anatomy class in my med school and reviewed every single time procedures are discussed in obstetrics/gynecology in third year. It's in Netter's and William's.

Anonymous 11114


Anonymous 11116

IDK anon

I'm literally an aspiring surgery addict but I would never recommend it to someone else. You are being put under general anesthetic (something that has a possibility of killing you every time it is done no matter what) to fix a purely aesthetic issue that will leave you unable to walk or sit normally for weeks and potentially ruin your ability to orgasm for the rest of your life because most plastic surgeons are male and do not know clitoral anatomy.

It's not worth the time, money, and pain.

Anonymous 11119

Losing weight if you're obese is objectively healthy, it's not just about beauty, which is subjective. There are dudes who love fatties, after all.
Getting your genitals cut up is objectively unhealthy in most cases (though there may be some cases where it's medically necessary). If you want medically unnecessary surgery down there, yes, you're mentally ill and it's caused by some deep-rooted issue.
I'm not entirely against people getting surgery to boost their confidence in some cases but your analogy that it's the same as a fat person losing weight it shit.

Anonymous 11124

I suggest staying natural. All labias are fine but if it's visible but not big like you said then it's actually perfect. When there is no lip, that's a little too childish, a little bit is sexy.

Anonymous 11125

I was wondering if this could be a porn-induced problem.

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