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What did you eat today? Anonymous 3476

Share your daily food intake and whether you're trying to lose/maintain/gain weight or just indulge in whatever you want (plus maybe add your weight and height)

Anonymous 3481

Diet's been irregular due to several things going on in my life, but this is what I usually eat.


2 pieces multigrain toast with peanut butter. (approx. 300 kcal)
half of a honeycrisp apple. (approx. 150 kcal)
some rice, chicken or beef, and spinach. (approx. 450 kcal)
chips and salsa (~150 kcal) or Greek yogurt and two clementines (80 + 50 + 50 = 180 kcal) depending on the nature of my cravings.

I also take a multivitamin (on some days, because they can make me nauseous). Been trying to incorporate more protein into my diet.

I'm 5'2" and currently weigh 100 because I haven't been keeping up with my usual diet. Trying to get back down to at least 95.

Anonymous 3482

>half an apple for lunch

Anonymous 3483

The apples are very large

Anonymous 3484

it could be useful to young miners~

Anonymous 3486

i went to an outdoor festival today and had some butterfly fries, macaroni and cheese, and some fried dough. probably five million calories. oh well, i wanted to have fun. roast me, miners.

>5'2, fluctuate between 118-125. wish i was 100 lbs but i love food too much so im chubby

Anonymous 3490

Why are you so god damn dense?!
>(plus maybe add your weight and height)
You should add your height, since there's obviously a difference between the caloric needs of a girl who's 5 ft and one who's 5'10 - not add to your height.
You won't grow taller no matter what you eat, but judging by you still believing bullshit like this and your reading comprehension, you might just fuck off since you're probably still underage anyways.

Anonymous 3491

Since this is a food thread, I suggest you take a chill-pill before food. Maybe one after food too just to be sure.

Anonymous 3492

5'4'', 95.5 lbs, 300 calories on assorted candy (it's my birthday and people are getting me candy, why). I'm planning on having a more substantial meal later today.

Anonymous 3495

Basically had 800 calories from drinking last night, kill me (plus 200-300 extra calories from candy, I want to add).

Anonymous 3497


Careful not to make this thread annachanny or it will probably be deleted

My whole day today:

1350 calories

1 banana
1 tangerine
Some pineapple
Lots of chicken
Lots of salad
2 teaspoons of rice
2 cups of popcorn
1 cup of milk

Anonymous 3498

tablespoons* sorry

Anonymous 3502

Instant ramen
Almond milk

Anonymous 3503

3 pancakes (guesstimating them to be 300 calories in total) and 1 brownie (85 calories) so far.

I'm still working on my birthday cake. One slice is 400 calories and I plan on having a piece today. Hopefully, that'll be it.

I hate sweets at this point. People know I like them, but to be honest, I'd rather have none so I can drink instead.

Anonymous 3505

Are you underweight by any chance? I am and I have this issue, too. Taking iron supplements is good, but they may cause constipation which can already be annoying if you don't eat a ton. Cooked spinach and kale is easy to make and has lots of iron in it. Propel is a zero calorie drink which comes in a mix form as well and has lots of electrolytes and sodium in it, and I find it makes me feel less hypoglycemic. I hope some of these recommendations help!

Anonymous 3513

meal 1- a slice of turkish bread with sliced tomato, half an avocado, a poached egg, feta, and a bit of pesto.

meal 2- tuna sushi roll and salmon sushi roll, both with avocado.

not really a good day for me… both meals are high in sodium and i hardly ate any veggies today.

i took a spirulina supplement and will probably eat a carrot or something before bed

i am 5'9 and like 125 lbs, i dont weigh myself that much

Anonymous 3527

You need to eat more carbs

Anonymous 3535


>3 pieces of kfc chicken
>3 kfc boneless chicken fillets
>8 kfc hot wings
I'm 6 foot and 135lb. I'm neither actively trying to gain or lose weight, I just eat what I want

Anonymous 3538

>roasted chicken
>Buttery toast

Anonymous 3539

I wanna stop being a fat fuck but it's so hard. I love having Korean instant noodles in the morning and there's this killer Chinese dumpling place near my house..

Anonymous 3554

breakfast: vector, OJ
lunch: leftover bbq chicken, carrots w/hummus, apple, cheese
snack: some doritos
dinner: mom made homemade fish and chips and they were delish
dessert: some chocolate

recently read intuitive eating so I don't weigh myself anymore, just focusing on not emotional overeating or eating to the point where i feel gross. 5'4", if i had to guess, like, 160? I'm just trying to do what feels good.

Anonymous 3556

can you tell me more about intuitive eating? been trying to get into it but it's not working…

Anonymous 3557

>7 chicken nuggets
>beef n bacon burger
>packet of oreos
>2 pumpkin and chive soup packets with 2 pieces of bread
>3 chicken tendies
>lots of vodka
>tasty sticks

ahhhhaaaa help me please

Anonymous 3558

Is there anybody who isn't dieting/eating extremely little…?


Nothing (was nervous because of some shit and therefore couldn't eat)
Popcorn and diet coke
Kebab and lemonade
Ice cream
More popcorn and a coke
2 sandwiches
Some mint chocolate
Salted peanuts

Anonymous 3559

I eat the same thing everyday, give or take. My main goal is to increase protein intake and eat less sugar. Calories are irrelevant to my goals.

Solid food:
>Two bananas
>Two pieces of grilled chicken
>Two fish sticks
>Three homemade quinoa veggie burgers with an extra patty on the side.

>water (ofc)
>three skim lattes (free at work bc night shift. I love coffee, plus protein from the milk is good for my goal!)
>two small cartons of milk
>glass of milk at home

~180 g of protein, which is great. Trying to lose 2 inches off my waist and am weight training 3 times a week.

>inb4 fatty-chan


Anonymous 3560

You mean, you feel as if you are eating a lot in comparison to other anons or little in comparison to other anons? I listed a few of my days and someone complained about it being ana-channy.

Anyway, since it's 4amish my time, I'll list what I ate yesterday:
1/2 cup of Rocky Road ice cream (NOT worth it, I can't believe I waited two days for that monstrosity; 170 calories)
2 gluten-free "protein" (kek) brownie muffins (280 calories)
3 cups of BBQ popcorn (200 calories)
1.5 cups of vegetable soup (200 calories)
1 large mug of regular black coffee
1 cup of decaf black coffee
Water (ofc)
Total calories: approximately 850 calories, maybe 860ish taking into account the coffee and multivitamins I take?

Anonymous 3561

I probably eat around 3000 kcal every day, so yeah, definitely a lot more than all of you.

Anonymous 3562

If you're the same person, that doesn't sound like it adds up to 3000 calories, unless it is huge amounts of everything.

Anonymous 3565

got my wisdom teeth out today so I'm happy to be surviving on a diet of maybe three greek yogurts a day. so ready to lose all this weight

Anonymous 3588

basically it's about letting go of the need to lose weight or be thin and focusing on eating what you want. If you google it there's tons of resources; I read the book "Intuitive Eating" after checking it out from the library and it was really helpful (unfortunately I didn't get to finish it; been debating buying it for a while). It's completely anti-diet, the idea is that you eat what you are hungry for (or the best alternative if that isn't available) and that sometimes that's a giant chocolate milkshake, sometimes it's a sandwich on whole wheat, sometimes it's a big fucking salad with tons of vegetables. The idea is that if you restrict yourself from what you want it won't stop you wanting it, so you should have some and enjoy it and move on with your life. Eat the damn donut. Drink the damn smoothie. Order the damn burger!
People seem to think it's like "lol what i would just intuitively eat doritos all day nonstop" but it's also about listening to your body and how it responds to food. Does this food make me feel good? Am I listening to my hunger/fullness signals?
At the same time though, it acknowledges that part of normal eating is sometimes choosing to eat something not because you are hungry, but because it is a special occasion or you just want some, that sometimes you will be overstuffed and sometimes you will be a little hungry, and all of that is normal and okay.
The emphasis on exercise too is more like… just move your body in a way you enjoy. That could be walking or intense weightlifting- if you enjoy it, that's what matters!
(Obviously too it doesn't argue against medically prescribed diets like those for something like celiac/PKU/peanut allergies, but I would argue that's well in the realm of "honoring your body's wisdom" anyway).
There's a podcast called How To Love your Body that covers it well if you want more info!!

Anonymous 3589

okay sorry not to double post, but it's hard for intuitive eating to "not work" imo. If you approach it from an angle of "oh if I eat intuitively I'll lose weight!" which isn't true- you might, and you might not. you might gain or maintain. You have to accept that to really get into it properly.
or if you just feel like you're not doing it right, maybe try looking at your "failures" at intuitive eating as learning opportunities (common advice in the community). like if I binge eat candy one night, I will be like "Okay. why did I do that? What lead me to eat that way? How did it make me feel?" to try and tease out the reason and then try to solve the issue to prevent yourself from being uncomfortable in the future.

Anonymous 3599

Anonymous 3604

yeah that's the one!

Anonymous 3605

Btw that link is to download it, so I hope you are able to finish it as you wanted anon.

Anonymous 3614

oh my god you angel!!! tysm!

Anonymous 3759

It's ok to be bad at english if it's not your first language but don't blame others for your mistake

Anonymous 3760

Gonna be blunt: that book sounds like absolute garbage. Toss it in the same wastebasket as "everything in moderation" where people make excuses to include junk into their regular diet.

Anonymous 3829

LMAO you sound exactly like everyone who thinks IE is garbage while knowing nothing about it. Give it a try, maybe do some research. I don't eat junk, just food. But you can have fun restricting and feeling guilty for eating chips/fat/carbs/sugar for the rest of your life if that's really how you want to live. I'd rather just eat and enjoy all foods. Life is too hard not to have cake when you want some cake!

Anonymous 3831

Please take care of yourself, anon.

Anonymous 3832

Cafe au lait, toast
Chicken, salad

Anonymous 3838

After a certain point, it becomes second nature to avoid junk food. Right now I don't even feel any desire to eat it because it grosses me out and physically makes me feel ill after I eat it. It's not about guilt.

Not sure why you seem so angry about this. You keep doing IE if it works for you, some people just from personal experience don't believe in it.

Anonymous 3845

Milk, toast. Some peanuts.
Meat, salad.
Orange. Kiwi.
Grilled cheese, juice.
Some peanuts again.

Anonymous 3850

eggs benedict this morning, then nothing else. I just ordered some chicken wings, though. I spent the whole day putting together furniture and it was pretty strenuous so I should be okay.

Anonymous 3903

I am. That's why I stopped counting calories and started living my life. What makes you think I'm not?

Anonymous 3904

Not sure where you got angry out of this, but ok. the reply seemed grossly misinformed, and when you get into things like IE you learn fast that it's backed up by a lot of research. Although I guess a little angry bc I don't like being told something I believe in is "garbage." There were better ways to disagree with me.

Anonymous 3907

I'm at the right BMI, but I'm wondering if I should go either keto or low/moderate carb. I feel so drained after meals and I think it's because of processed carbs. Maybe a diet of only meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits is the way to go.

Anonymous 3909

Don't just be skinny, anon. Tear those fibres and make them stronger. Ketosis is good for cutting, but I'd recommend just keeping your diet clean. Meat, fruit and vegetables sounds nice.

Anonymous 3910

I definitely want to try lifting once I move in a couple months to an area with gyms that aren't Planet Fatness. One of my goals is being able to carry my boyfriend who is 60 lbs heavier than me. I'm going to do lots of research and write out a good routine for when the time comes!

Anonymous 3911


Bagel with cream cheese and slice of ham for breakfast
FiberOne brownie thing I forgot I had for snack
Gonna eat some yummy sushi with noodles now for dinner didn't eat much today so I'm really looking forward to it!

Anonymous 3913

Good luck, anon!

Anonymous 3914

nom nom.png

I made an egg in a nest successfully, it was good.

Anonymous 3915

Oh God that's probably the best thing about summer. I miss my plain winter apples though.

Anonymous 3930

I had the day off so I ate a lot today, but since I didn't drink I ended up stopping because I was too full at just about where I should be calorie-wise for the day. And I made good food choices, it was all delicious, and I got some dark chocolate with orange bits in for dessert.

Anonymous 3931


I forgot to say what I actually had: gyoza and kinpira with some iced coffee for breakfast. Pastrami sandwich for lunch (I usually avoid wheat so this was a nice treat for me), a mid afternoon coffee with cream and milk, and then two salads, mackerel, eggs, and fried tofu for dinner. And two pieces of the dark chocolate for dessert.

Anonymous 3932

Egg and Spinach grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast and some watermelon for a snack.

Thinking of making some bone broth for dinner but addfhhjj this heatwave is killing me

Anonymous 3933


I haven't been eating very much due to really bad anxiety but after about 2 months it's finally calming down. I've been living off about 600 calories a day. Unfortunately the past few days I've been going to the extreme and eating upwards of 2000.

I was super unhealthy for lunch/breakfast today and had chicken nuggets, fries, and buffalo sauce. Had a banana for a snack. Dinner tonight is a white pizza with bacon and an arugula and fruit salad. I had my usual of an excessive amount of unsweet iced tea and I also got a passion fruit aqua fresca from the pizza place.

Anonymous 3936

Lift some weights, anon! With caloric intake, like that, you can make ALL KINDS OF GAINS!

Anonymous 3937

Omfg that was me a few weeks ago. I forced myself to fast every other day and eat less than 600 calories per day to end my compulsive eating. I've reigned myself in, at least, a little bit, I hope you are able to reach your goals, whatever they may be, anon.

Anonymous 3941

Oh boy, here we go:

>2 pieces of bread with nutella
>3 potatoes + 2 pieces of fried fish, ice cream
>fanta + 3 chocolate bars
>a piece of bread + potato salad, ice cream

Anonymous 3943

>2 bites of scrambled egg
>coffee with milk and sugar
>coffee with just sugar
>veal schnitzel and some type of tartar sauce
>mashed taters with fried potato skins
>rice and lemon
>ice coffee
>ice coffee

Before you talk shiznik… I had to write a paper in the speedzone, so the coffee was absolutely necessary..

Anonymous 3944


I just had dinner today
>a carrot
>bowl of honey bunches of oats with almond milk
>some pretzels

Anonymous 3947

>Cafe au lait


>Rice and beans

The day isn't over yet

Anonymous 3949

>iced green tea
>2 fruit + nut energy bars

>watermelon juice

>japanese curry + rice

>iced tea

>with potatoes, shishito peppers, & buttered bread

^it's my birthday so my boyfriend made me something special :)

Anonymous 3950




It's almost noon, so I don't know what else I'll have during the day.

Anonymous 3952

I had fish and chips

Anonymous 3953

IF 20/4 so I don't really eat conventional meals.

I ate greek yoghurt with oats, honey and prunes for my first meal, and beef with mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and eggplants for my second meal + 2 hardboiled eggs + a protein shake.

Anonymous 3973

like half of cup of original honey nut cheerios throughout the day

a mug of black peppered rice + a few chicken bits for breakfast

it's noon now and i might eat rice with some lettuce lol

trying to watch my cholesterol levels now

Anonymous 4001

for the past two days ive only had 80-160 calories worth of protein shakes a day, im going to keep it up until i run out whichll probably be tomorrow or the next day

Anonymous 4019

What do you anons with a bmi of under 19 eat?

Anonymous 4040

tell me what's in your shakes

Anonymous 4052


Anonymous 4103

Gluten-free raisin toast
Cream cheese
Steamed chicken breast


Chicken Sausage

I'll probably have another coffee soon. For dinner I like to have mostly protein and veggies. It's Friday, so I'll probably have a drink or two as well.

Anonymous 4108

2 pieces wholegrain toast with cream cheese


4 fish sticks (i love them lol)


one piece of bread (butterzopf, swiss speciality, i could eat it all day)

für dinner i'm gonna fill a bell pepper up with some rice and halloumi and stick it in the oven. excited!

Anonymous 4114


That sounds really good! I hope it turned out well for you.

I have a hangover today so I didn't make the best food choices…


Fig yogurt
…a whole pack of dark chocolate-covered cherries.

I did some exercise to make myself feel a little more responsible. Now I'm debating having coffee or tea.

Anonymous 4115

Been trying to watch what I've been eating lately but not really trying to diet? I might in the future, but right now I just find it interesting to list what I've eaten today.


A granola bar
Gyro & some potatoes
Had a big lunch so didn't want a big or greasy dinner and ended up making myself an acai bowl topped with bananas and granola. But now I'm kinda craving something salty so I might indulge in some chips and salsa later…
A peanut butter cup, had after lunch.

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