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What did you eat today? Anonymous 3476

Share your daily food intake and whether you're trying to lose/maintain/gain weight or just indulge in whatever you want (plus maybe add your weight and height)

Anonymous 3478

>add to your height
how do you eat to grow height?

Anonymous 3481

Diet's been irregular due to several things going on in my life, but this is what I usually eat.


2 pieces multigrain toast with peanut butter. (approx. 300 kcal)
half of a honeycrisp apple. (approx. 150 kcal)
some rice, chicken or beef, and spinach. (approx. 450 kcal)
chips and salsa (~150 kcal) or Greek yogurt and two clementines (80 + 50 + 50 = 180 kcal) depending on the nature of my cravings.

I also take a multivitamin (on some days, because they can make me nauseous). Been trying to incorporate more protein into my diet.

I'm 5'2" and currently weigh 100 because I haven't been keeping up with my usual diet. Trying to get back down to at least 95.

Anonymous 3482

>half an apple for lunch

Anonymous 3483

The apples are very large

Anonymous 3484

it could be useful to young miners~

Anonymous 3485

unless you're a preteen I doubt it would help, I've heard myths about drinking cocoa cola and coffee and whatnot to get shorter but I usually take it with a grain of salt, I suppose stretching can help but height isn't really all that changable

Anonymous 3486

i went to an outdoor festival today and had some butterfly fries, macaroni and cheese, and some fried dough. probably five million calories. oh well, i wanted to have fun. roast me, miners.

>5'2, fluctuate between 118-125. wish i was 100 lbs but i love food too much so im chubby

Anonymous 3490

Why are you so god damn dense?!
>(plus maybe add your weight and height)
You should add your height, since there's obviously a difference between the caloric needs of a girl who's 5 ft and one who's 5'10 - not add to your height.
You won't grow taller no matter what you eat, but judging by you still believing bullshit like this and your reading comprehension, you might just fuck off since you're probably still underage anyways.

Anonymous 3491

Since this is a food thread, I suggest you take a chill-pill before food. Maybe one after food too just to be sure.

Anonymous 3492

5'4'', 95.5 lbs, 300 calories on assorted candy (it's my birthday and people are getting me candy, why). I'm planning on having a more substantial meal later today.

Anonymous 3493

what the fuck is wrong with you? misunderstanding, big deal, check yourself into a mental ward if you sperg this much about a misunderstanding, especially as small as thinking someone saying to leave your weight and height means if you were trying to change your weight and height

Anonymous 3495

Basically had 800 calories from drinking last night, kill me (plus 200-300 extra calories from candy, I want to add).

Anonymous 3497


Careful not to make this thread annachanny or it will probably be deleted

My whole day today:

1350 calories

1 banana
1 tangerine
Some pineapple
Lots of chicken
Lots of salad
2 teaspoons of rice
2 cups of popcorn
1 cup of milk

Anonymous 3498

tablespoons* sorry

Anonymous 3502

Instant ramen
Almond milk

Anonymous 3503

3 pancakes (guesstimating them to be 300 calories in total) and 1 brownie (85 calories) so far.

I'm still working on my birthday cake. One slice is 400 calories and I plan on having a piece today. Hopefully, that'll be it.

I hate sweets at this point. People know I like them, but to be honest, I'd rather have none so I can drink instead.

Anonymous 3504

>low iron and low blood sugar issues, leaving me feeling dizzy and weak if I don't have sugar and iron for long periods of time if I'm not sedentary

how do I combat this anons? I feel so unhealthy usually if I feel this way I pick up a cheap unhealthy snack like chips, candy, or a taquito just so I can feel less like shit, mostly due to the fact I'm always on the move

Anonymous 3505

Are you underweight by any chance? I am and I have this issue, too. Taking iron supplements is good, but they may cause constipation which can already be annoying if you don't eat a ton. Cooked spinach and kale is easy to make and has lots of iron in it. Propel is a zero calorie drink which comes in a mix form as well and has lots of electrolytes and sodium in it, and I find it makes me feel less hypoglycemic. I hope some of these recommendations help!

Anonymous 3507

I'm not underweight, i do eat spinach and kale but I'm out a lot, and I live in hicktown so we don't really have health food stores around here, I always end up having to eat gas station junk food to not feel this way

Anonymous 3513

meal 1- a slice of turkish bread with sliced tomato, half an avocado, a poached egg, feta, and a bit of pesto.

meal 2- tuna sushi roll and salmon sushi roll, both with avocado.

not really a good day for me… both meals are high in sodium and i hardly ate any veggies today.

i took a spirulina supplement and will probably eat a carrot or something before bed

i am 5'9 and like 125 lbs, i dont weigh myself that much

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