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bras Anonymous 3569

do you wear bras? why or why not? (also do you guys cover your nips if not?)
personally i don't wear bras but i cover my nipples, partially out of respect for those that would rather not see my nipples and partially because it hurts when it's cold lol

Anonymous 3571

No shit, I have to make my average to small boobs look big and perfect somehow. Cue to VS Bombshell Bra.

Anonymous 3573

Yes because I have enough breast mass that not wearing a bra is sometimes a hassle (even just walking fast makes them hurt a bit).

I wish there was some way to put boobs away for when I want to exercise. Then put them back on for chilling at home.
And I want them to be smaller so they are more cute in bralettes.

Anonymous 3574

i wear them because my boobs are cone shaped so they look awkward under clothes, as if i was wearing a bullet bra.
i wish i had prettier boobs. mine are borderline tubular and it makes me feel like shit.

Anonymous 3576

i'm DDD/F - i have really large breast mass as well. i personally like the size! i don't care much for bralettes so i don't mind as much. but i understand. i only wear bras when working (i'm a mechanic - very heavy duty job) or exercising for convenience. i suggest the sports bras with zippers in the front. so much stability.

Anonymous 3579

Yes, but I wish I didn't have to as much. I can't really wear cute tops/dresses that are strapless or halter top style because my boobs are just ridiculous without support. Like, kinda saggy??? And I haven't found a strapless bra that works for me, yet. They all won't stay up. I wish I could live the braless life.

Anonymous 3581

Same here sister. I actually own a few shirts that mask the awkward shape, but it's still annoying. I have to avoid skinny dipping and all that fun stuff because I'm so insecure. Mine are at least small so I only wear comfy bralettes.

Anonymous 3585

TBH I wear them and they don't bug me much, but only because my nipples get super sore and chafed if I don't. how do you cover them?

Anonymous 3596

i have some clothes that don't require a bra but a lot of my friends/family say it's because my nipples are different.
i went braless for 2 years and it was pretty liberating. now i only wear bras when needed for certain outfits and when i do, my bras are wireless and have minimal padding.

Anonymous 3601

I have to wear tight or sports bra, I hate the feeling of my boobs not being squished dowm

Anonymous 3758

Is not wearing bras common? I thought nearly all women wear them.

Anonymous 3762

I think it's becoming more common with time. A lot of my friends don't wear bras whenever they get the chance, but they typically have smaller boobs. When I know I'm gonna wanna be comfortable or wearing a shirt that I know won't show my nipples, I don't wear a bra.

Im in a similar situation as >>3574, I wear bras cause I feel like it gives my boobs better shape cause they're cone-like and I hate it /: I still haven't found a good bikini to wear that makes them look nice and round and not flat or cone shaped

Anonymous 3763

I wear a bra always except when sleeping, I feel uncomfortable and very insecure without a bra.
Do you people really find bras uncomfortable? I always see those comics on the internet where a woman comes home and the first thing she does is she throws her bra away somewhere. But I just can't relate to that.

Anonymous 3771

The fuck is your problem mod, I am a woman and I'm not aware of any woman around me who doesn't wear a bra. Kys

Anonymous Admin 3773

I undid the mod's ban, sorry about that.

Anonymous 3775

Thanks and sorry for overreacting a bit(YOU CAN SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 3778

>The fuck is your problem mod, I am a woman and I'm not aware of any woman around me who doesn't wear a bra. Kys
>sorry for overreacting a bit
>a bit

Anonymous 3791

I've never been able to wear bras due to chronic pain. Because my chest is small fitters tell me to get crop tops instead that start half the width of my chest and stretch out, which doesn't help. I tried wearing one for a short walk into town and back and was left in agony for two weeks during college exams - every time I leaned into the desk while writing I would wince and pull back suddenly. It was really embarrassing.

I experience pain in my breasts, especially the nipples, without anything on at all, but having something constrict them is worse. Oddly, I sleep on my front and have always found that gave relief. Doctors have never been able to explain it so I just live in constant fear of visible nipples (painful nips really stick out a lot). A men's small tshirt works pretty well for bagginess but I get people call me faggot and guys in cars will yell "you look like a woman!" sometimes. Thanks I guess?

Anonymous 3793


Anonymous 3798

Are you on the pill? The handful of painful erogenous zone problems I had cleared up some time after I stopped taking it.

Anonymous 3851

I was on it for ten years, but the pain started years before doctors let me take it and got worse when I came off a year and a half ago. I figure I'm just hormonally fucked in general but the best I've gotten from a professional is "you did this to yourself by feeling for lumps after the pain started, the muscle must be bruised". I know now that pain isn't a symptom of breast cancer, and last year a friend told me it was common knowledge that it had something to do with hormones. I'm still waiting for the everything to get better when I'm older.

I haven't tried them yet but I worry it'll be money wasted if it just aggravates it. To anyone who uses them, how bad are they for visibility through shirts?

Anonymous 3867

I wish I didn't need to wear a bra everyday. They feel uncomfortable sometimes.

Anonymous 3868

They're supposed to be comforting, anon. Are you sure it fits?

Anonymous 3870

Maybe they don't. I have relatively big breasts for my size and it's hard to find good ones where I am. I should probably order some online. It's always like they're squished and begging me for air kek

Anonymous 3871

Go get it, anon. Hurry! Before the poor thing bursts apart while you're wearing it.

Anonymous 3872


Bras might be uncomfortable, but they also prevent saggy boobs and exercising without a bra is hell. So I am willing to accept that discomfort. The true unredeemed evil is high-heeled shoes.

Anonymous 3874

I'll just go braless and shake my tiddies when I walk. Thanks, anon.

Anonymous 3875

Anonymous 3876


Anonymous 3934

I’m weird, I usually do wear bras but if I’m at home and going to take out the dog or to the Walmart nearby to pick up some stuff I don’t bother putting a bra on. It helps that my tiddies are small.

Anonymous 3935


Sure thing anon

Anonymous 3938

Do you even need a bra, at that rate?

Anonymous 3939


D-don't judge me

Anonymous 3948

They’re not flat and I’d feel weird not wearing anything since my nipples get hard when they rub against something or it’s cold. I range from 36a to 34b depending on the brand.

Anonymous 6403

my boobs are small so i don't wear bras - literally don't need them. i wear tops sometimes where you can clearly see my nipples and it's actually feels really liberating and cool

Anonymous 6414

I'm a 34D and I only own 1 real bra (a pushup from VS) that I will only wear for when I want to have big tits.
I wear bralettes (like the Calvin Klein ones without lace or anything) for regular life stuff and sports bras for high-impact stuff. I've gone braless before, but I like having an extra layer in the winter to cover any hard nipple issues.
Used to relate to >>3574 but I have stopped giving a fuck.
Round, pushed up boobs that look like perfect orbs are so 2009.

Anonymous 7340

Y'all that are saying you guys have small tits and don't normally wear a bra, how small are yours? I think I'm a c-cup, but I wish they were smaller because then it'd be really easy to not wear a bra all the time.
If I'm going out to Walmart or going for a walk with my boyfriend, I'll tend to wear clothes that hide the shape of my upper half so that it's less obvious. But it doesn't help that I have very broad shoulders/almost barrel chested so there's a gap between my boobs.
The bras I do wear have no wires and have little/no padding.

I wish I wasn't self conscious about my breasts. Bras are dumb.

Anonymous 7344


I wear bralettes. I recently treated myself to a couple nice ones from free people (all on sale from asos) and I love them. I donated all my old normal style ones to a homeless charity and now only have bralettes. I have small boobs (I'm a B cup) but always wear a bralette when I'm out and about because I don't want anyone to see my nip outline and also I like my boobs to feel secure. I've never considered just covering my nips, I might look into this - thanks anon!

Anonymous 7383

no bra, no nothing. i only use them in special occasions. all bras i ever tried hurt and make it hard to breathe (even sport bras/fitted bras. its a nightmare). even when i wear sport bras my boobs wiggle. my nipples are rarely hard but even when soft they protrude. i stopped caring about staring ages ago, i just want to be comfortable. im a E cup.

Anonymous 7402

I'd LOVE to be that girl that comes home from work and just let her boobs go free.
Or put some dress on and be like "hmmm maybe I don't need a bra for this one.

BUT NO. I even sleep in a bra. I had one for sleeping, one for the daytime activities one for the night out one for sport etc. Now I just have one type one color(black).

I would LOVE to wear these bralettes you gals keep talking about, they're pretty af. But it hurts too much.
Swimwear picking is impossible

(I'm not even overweight, my boobs are just too big and saggy, I hate them so much)

Anonymous 7424

yes i wear a bra. i was stuffing myself into d cups. then i started having headches and shoulder pain. i went to a bra store. my size was a m cup. i wear goddess or elomi.

Anonymous 7434

Do these even exist?

Anonymous 7521


I've always hated bras, but now that I'm on BC it's even worse. Super uncomfortable on the nips, especially during PMS. I have small boobs and could probably get away with not wearing them, but I'd be too self conscious about how it would look.

Anonymous 7612

Yup. There are UK brands that go up to J, and a J cup in UK sizing is an M in US sizing.

Anonymous 7613

Also if anybody is looking for a good bra size calculator, there's a subreddit called abrathatfits that has one of the best calculators I've seen.

Anonymous 7614

You must be beautiful, anon, I'm glad for you.
Take care of them.

Anonymous 7629

I don't wear bras, mostly just bralettes or nothing at all. I'm pretty flat and bras just feel unnecessary. When I wear tight shirts I wear a bralette so my nipples are covered although sometimes during summer in my free time I don't even do that if the shirt is thick enough. Whenever I wear a loose sweater/hoodie or anything like it I go braless. The only bra I wear is for special occasions like weddings/some kind of formal party because it's important to have a nice shape on some dresses etc. First thing I do when I come home is take off my bralette.
The donation thing sounds great, I might do that for my padded bras which I used to wear in middle/high school because I was insecure lol

Anonymous 7640

What are you doing with us losers, anon? Go be a Stacy!

Anonymous 7642

I mostly wear crop-tops, kinda like sports bras when I'm at home, they're much more comfortable than conventional bras. I do have bras as well, I usually wear them for special occasions when I want to show off my tits.

Anonymous 7643

I wear bras daily. I started late (I think I must have gotten my first bra around the later years of middle school? I definitely didn't even start wearing the correct size until college lol. My mom had no interest it was just go into the store and try on bras that seem like they'll fit you. )

I'm a d-cup and I want to keep my breasts from sagging and prevent stretch marks. I used to not wear a bra to bed but it freaked out my bf so now I do.

Anonymous 7650

I only wear sports bras. The straps would always fall over my shoulder, I got tired of fixing them every 5 min.
switching to sports bras helped me a lot. I don't have much so I look completely flat, which should have made my insecurity worst, but it helped. I don't see them, so I don't think about them. Only when I put on my pajamas I am reminded of how much I hate the shape and size of them.
I don't wear revealing stuff, so I don't have to worry that the bras are seen or unfitting for the cloths I wear.

Anonymous 7664

i never wear bras, for some reason even if i wear sports bras my boobs start to ache really badly. i have small boobs so its fine though, and i don't give a damn if my nips are visible

Anonymous 7793

i mostly wear nipple covers nowadays, i find bras make my chest look too big in proportion to the rest of my body as im quite baby faced. bras are pretty uncomfortable

only downside to nipple covers is that i woke up to my cat having them stuck to her paws while she was running around frantically LOL

Anonymous 7798

I feel extremely conscious about my breasts so yea, my right breast is like third the size of the left one and bras make them look more even.

Anonymous 7799

Wearing a bra makes me feel less vulnerable/more confident in public so I only put one on when I have to go out

It's ok all our boobs arent of equal size

Anonymous 7852


im a b cup and quite petite in general so i prefer Bralettes or just going braless. it does hurt a little bit when it's cold but i just layer up to avoid that. i think being able to see a little nipple through a jumper is kinda cute. I'm going for that feminine/cute look.

Anonymous 8165


I'm a b-cup and I want to switch to bralettes since they seem comfy, but my mom says stuff like how my breasts NEED to be supported or else they'll become saggier in the future- is this true?

Anonymous 8166

Where can I find comfy bralettes for a reasonable price?

Anonymous 8176

Apparently they did a study on this and the results were that wearing bras either have no effect, or makes them saggier because the muscles weaken from not being used.

I don't believe this though, only smoking cigarettes and weight loss are proven to contribute to sagging as far as I know.

Anonymous 8183

I never bought that. My mother has like J cups or something and has to get bras special made and she even sleeps and showers in bras and they're not too bad. She does this because her grandma was a busty lady who never wore a bra and the results were apparently pretty horrific.

(I missed out on these genes, I'm a DD)

Anonymous 8225

>showers in bras
Does she have a lot of bras? Or a dedicated shower bra? Weird invasive question, I know, but I’ve never heard of showering with a bra on before.

Anonymous 8226

I don't really know myself honestly. I've never asked her about that. I know she has grooves worn into her shoulders from bra-wearing 24/7 with such heavy breasts, though

Anonymous 8228

I essentially always either have on a sports bra while out (one of the 'low-impact' types if I'm not running) or no bra at home. I genuinely worry that i fucked up by boobs by wearing too-small training bras while they were developing. They are not suuper large (c) but droopy as hell. seems unfair.

Anonymous 8274

I used to wear bras, but they were always kinda uncomfortable and the straps kept on falling over for years. this one time I was walking down the street and my bra unhooked itself and fell down out of my shirt.

now I wear bralettes. much more comfortable. and kinda suit my tomboyish style.

Anonymous 8275

>>8274What size are your boobs? What’s the limit on bralettes? Are they only for small ones?

Anonymous 8285

> I was walking down the street and my bra unhooked itself and fell down out of my shirt.
Okay, this is image is hilarious. I can’t remember ever having a bra unhook itself, though. Maybe they were too big?

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