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Daily workout thread? Anonymous 36

Does anyone have a daily (or weekly, w/e) workout routine or exercise? How do you keep from getting bored?

Also: any recs for a female fitness youtuber/IG that isn't totally insufferable lol

Anonymous 37

I do 60 minutes of cardio 5x a week and lift weights 3x a week. I usually stick to the elliptical machine, but sometimes I'll do the classes at my gym if I get bored. Thankfully my gym has TV so it isn't too boring

Anonymous 38

Found this list a while ago, idk if all of the links work but I think it's worth to take a look?


Would love to find some good youtubers myself. A lot of them seem pretentious and sometimes their advice is bs.

If anyone wants more home/bodyweight workouts, let me know, I've got a few lists saved on my blog and can link them here.

As for my personal workout;

>wide stance squats - 12 x 4

>stiff leg deadlifts - 15 x 4
>walking lunges - 10 x 4
>multi hip machine - side raises - 12 x 4
>multi hip machine - "kickbacks" - 12 x 4 (optional)
>glute bridge - 15 x 4

My upper body/abs routine is all over the place right now. I hate working my upper body so I'm still trying to find what exercises work for me.

Anonymous 39

Can someone tell me about weightlifting and how you got started? How heavy is your bar? I'm terribly weak and want to start with SOMETHING.

Anyway, I used to have a really good routine (cardio-based) but I don't do much of anything anymore and want to get back into it, so I'll be watching the thread.

Anonymous 40

Start out with dumbbells and/or only the bar. If that's too heavy start with body weight exercises.
You can look up exercises by muscle groups on sites like bodybuilding com, see which ones seem okay to you and try them out. As for reps, 4 x 10 is usually the way to go.

Here's an useful article on how to start, I think it covers most of the basic stuff alright.


Anonymous 41

Is it worth it to hire a trainer for a bit to get started?

I'm really clueless about form and lifting and stuff, and it feels nice to have someone figure out the whole planning and teach me the basics and then going off and doing my own thing?

Anonymous 42

Sure it is, if you can afford it.

Anonymous 43


>Blogilates x6 days a week (i usually put some music or youtube video (usually an LP or makeup tutorial) on the background because otherwise i get annoyed of cassey's energy very easily) (I also use target weights (ankle weights, dumbbells, etc) for her exercises, since after a while, i found out that my body weight was no longer enough to build muscle.)

>40-45 minutes of static bicycle x6-7 days a week (i put on an episode of Ru Paul, or any other "long" shows and it passes by without me noticing. Otherwise i find it boring as balls, even with music.) I find most cardio boring, but i find that focusing my attention into a TV show made me commit to the full 40 minutes without noticing it. I will make a certain show my "workout show", where i am only allowed to watch it while working out, and it gives me a lot of motivation to go back to the bike.

>30 minutes to 45 minutes of yoga from DownDog every morning.

Tried to start running, but it just makes me miserable since my knees end up hurting after a while and i am bored out of my mind while doing it, even when using apps like "zombies, run!" or going through interesting places.
Any tips to make it more enjoyable?

To all anons looking to start working out but losing motivation after a while:
Keep at it no matter how much you don't want to do it, how sore you are or how lazy you feel, you can even reduce the amount of time/exercise/difficulty as long as you keep doing it every single day. Even 10 minutes can make a world of a difference on your motivation.
I find that when i am too tired and i force myself to do a blogilates video thinking "ah this is the only one i will do, i am too tired" i end up doing the full routine simply because it feels natural after a while, and you don't really think about it since your body is accustomed to it. But when i stop exercising completely because i am tired or studies or blah blah blah, i find it very hard to start up again and it feels like a chore, even after all these years exercising.

Once a few weeks have passed, it will become part of your daily routine and you will crave for the moment you can finally exercise your body.
It's a long process, but once you achieve the point were you no longer think about it, it will become another autopilot routine like washing your teeth every night or making dinner.

Anonymous 44

This is what I do: http://newbie-fitness.blogspot.com/2006/12/rippetoes-starting-strength.html?m=1

I've been doing it for 3 weeks and can already feel major improvements

Anonymous 45

Can I ask some advice about exercise bikes? I really want one for my home because I'm agoraphobic as fuck but I can't figure out what to look for in a bike (brands/types/price range etc). It's a lot of money just to buy a shitty one by accident. What kind do you have?

Anonymous 46

Well, mine is incredibly old, like 10 years minimum, so i don't know if the market has changed at all.
The model is from BH Fitness, but looking at their website it doesn't seem to be available anymore.
I paid around 150 euros for it if i remember correctly, which was kind of a bargain considering how much it has lasted me.

Some pointers for bikes i'd personally recommend:
>The seat is the most important part, so i'd say always buy the bike in person and test it thoroughly. But otherwise, if you do not want to go to a physical store, look at a lot of reviews, and focus on the ones that talk about comfiness level of the seat, you are gonna be seated there a long time, and a shitty seat WILL fuck up your coxis and butt. Find one that is not too cushion-y or too hard, and that adjusts well to your butt.
>Also very important to check that the pedals are of good quality materials and will not rust after a few years or get stuck constantly or make horrible sounds.
>Check for adjustable straps if you want yours to have them (i personally prefer it with straps rather than strapless).
>Search for one that has adjustable seat height, rather than fixed one.
>Get one where you can control the toughness of the workout, mine goes from 1 to 10, 1 being a stroll through the park, while 10 will give me hulk quads in no time because that shit is tough. So this way you can decide between more "cardio" or more "strength" and get more out of your bike.
>A progress screen is not necessary, however, it can be a great help to keep track of your fitness without having to buy a sports watch, so i'd say if it does not up the price too much, get it with screen that displays your progress+kcal+velocity.
>Disregard gimmicky stuff like tv connect/ipad support/bluetooth or whatever other bullshit, as that will only fatten up the price for no reason since none of them are necessary. Since you are working out from home, you can always have your pc or mobile by your side and save 200 bucks on the gimmicky bike.
>Search for one that has very supportive heavy wide feet with anti-slip, otherwise you will wiggle a lot if you are doing cardio and it can get annoying.

I'm not sure of the current price points, but i'd say that with 100-200 euros, you should get a pretty nice bike that lasts you for quite a while, i personally wouldn't pay higher than that.

TLDR: Focus on the quality of the seats and pedals, don't get gimmicky bikes, check the weight support.

Anonymous 47


Sorry for double posting, but dropped image.
This is very similar to the one i have, and i personally find this kind of model the most comfortable.

Anonymous 48

All I can say about exercise bikes is that they are awesome but be sure to eat a lot too because I was using one every day and I got super skinny FAST.

Anonymous 49

I've been doing Freeletics bodyweight program for about a week now and I am very satisfied with it

Anonymous 50


I've been working out for almost 2 weeks, doing 20 minute HIIT followed with walking a mile or 2 in the evening. I do this 5-6 days a week, my boyfriend encourages me and gives lots of support.

I just have 50+ pounds to lose and I'm going by clothes instead of the scale like I used to. I just don't want to be fat anymore but I'm trying to work my way up to more vigorous workout routines.

Anonymous 51

How much weight did you lose and how long did it take, anon?

Anonymous 52

Well, I'm a bad example because I was already thin and I have an ED. So that's why I got "super skinny" fast. Just going to spoiler this all in case it's triggering.

I'm trying to remember exactly how much I lost and the timeline, but I started using the bike in earnest (almost daily), in conjunction with walking a mile or more as well as doing minor floor/body weight exercises a few times a week in either March or April 2016, and I know I was 5 lbs. lighter at least by May, 10 lbs. lighter by June. Not really a lot, but for me it was downright bony. My stomach looked really pretty though.

Anonymous 53

Just wanted to share some links in case anyone wants to try them out!

Beginner bodyweight workout - https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/beginner-body-weight-workout-burn-fat-build-muscle/ (tbh I'm one of the few people that finds cardio fun but if this is your thing, go ahead lol)

Fitness youtuber rec: Stephi Nguyen, her 10 minute ab workout has been killing me I love it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXToXYo7cMs

I'm also trying out the Couch to 5k app which I actually paid for so it better come through lmao. I'm a week in and it's making running bearable so I'll keep you guys updated.

Anonymous 54

You shouldn't restrict calories so extremely or stay in ketosis very without medical supervision, especially combined with a new exercise plan

Anonymous 55

Yes, coccyx. English is not my first language, thought it was spelled the same, my bad.

Although i don't understand if the second part was addresed to me or it was an error in the post number? I didn't mention my calorie intake in any way.

Anonymous 56

Not your fault, English a is pretty retarded language.

Anonymous 57

"Yoga with Adriene" in youtube is a nice yoga teacher with tons of videos for different types of yoga/different lengths/different difficulty levels.

Sometimes she talks too much tho.

Anonymous 58

Thank you sooo much, bb. I'll give this advice some thought, for sure.

Anonymous 59


Will yoga and pole combined make me lose weight?

Anonymous 60

mai (1).jpg

Losing weight is going to depend heavily on your diet.
Counting calories, eating healthy foods and adjusting your lifestyle overtime will assist you in weight loss much more than exercise.
I would still recommend exercise as an added way to burn extra calories but be careful! The machines and apps that tell you how many calories you have burned are not 100% accurate.
The best advice I was given regarding exercise was this:
"Do not associate exercise with weight loss, do it because it makes you feel good."

Anonymous 61

>started hitting the gym on Thursday
>tells personal trainer "this is my first time in a gym"
>Personal trainer says it's ok but that I will feel sore tomorrow
>Helps me exercise so I won't accidentally hurt myself
>4 days later
>Legs and knees still hurt like a bitch

I need to go back today and I want to know if this is normal. I thought I'd only feel pain on the next day but I guess not.

Anonymous 62


Totally normal, anon! Also happens when you stop exercising for a long time and then comes back. The pain/soreness will go away in one or two weeks.

Anonymous 63


Samefag to add though: If it hurts TOO much, tell your personal trainer, though. Don't force your body too hard and be safe!

Anonymous 64

Legs hurting = yes vry gud u did it!
Knees hurting = you're doing something wrong.

DOMS are to be expected when you first begin exercising regularly after a period of inactivity and will lessen as you incorporate more exercise into your daily life, but if you're experiencing pain in your joints then that's an indicator of either poor form or excessive loading. Do be sure to inform your PT and give your knees a bit longer too recover. After that practice your form a bit more and don't fuck around with your joints, because once they're shot you're genuinely fucked.

Also, if you're using a leg press/bench press, please ensure you're not letting your legs or arms lock out, i.e. allowing them to go completely straight and placing the resistance solely on the joint. I have seen too many videos where people have had their tibia shoot right out of their skin at the knee because they pressed too much weight with their legs and then locked out.

Anonymous 65



Thank anon. TBH i already kinda knew that, I guess I just wanted to hear what I wanted to hear (if that makes sense haha)

I guess a better question would be, will pole and yoga help me tone?

I'm already trying to follow a 1200kcal diet and I am starting pole classes this friday, I am looking forward to it!

Btw, Mai is very much appreciated.

Anonymous 66

Let us know how it goes, anon! I want to try out pole eventually but my arms are the weakest part of me lol

Anonymous 67


No problem! I'll come here to report how it was!

My arms are not the strongest either though (I kind of have this bat wings situation going on), but at the same time I still have a bit of muscle on my biceps from when I used to go to the gym. So let's see how it works lol

Anonymous 68

Tysm anons!

Anonymous 69

multi (12).jpg

It makes perfect sense! And I was delighted to see your Yuuko.

Also I am not sure about yoga for toning, but I do not know too much about yoga. Pole however will target damn near every muscle group while adding cardio and endurance. I think pole is good for building confidence and channeling your inner sexy too.

Like >>66 said, please keep us updated!

My arm strength is god awful right now but lifting weights has really helped. Maybe see if there are easy beginner classes in your area?

Anonymous 70



Hey there, miners! I just came back from my first pole class and lemme tell you: IT'S HARD.

But totally doable!

I really thought I was gonna go waaay worse in my first day, but the teacher was super chill and supporting. I even felt confident enough to show my flabby belly, which I really thought I wouldn't be able to do on the first day.

Even though my form is still shit, I was able to do the fireman (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km4B-c5ie9s) and the back hook (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-iZQAvShhc).

I am super fucking sore and I can FEEL where is going to be big ass bruises as it's hurting and the blood is flowing like mad, however it's kinda of addictive lol I really wish there was more than one class per week.

Now I am super hungry and gonna fetch me some food, I hope that was helpful, anons!

Anonymous 71

thanks for reporting back! I'm actually tempted to try this down the line once I get a job and stuff. I think it'd be good for my health and it might help me in my quest to view myself as a sexual person, rather than perpetually viewing myself as a 12 year old

Anonymous 72



Do it, anon! I know it's just my first day but I totally recommend it.

First, the warming up is a workout by itself lol lots of abs and leg work.

Secondly, I swear to god I've never been this sore, my biceps are swollen to fuck lol not even when I used to go to the gym is was swollen like that. I can tell that tomorrow is gonna be a bitch, today I am lifting stuff with some difficulty, tomorrow I'll probably won't even be able to lift my arms above my head. The bruises are also starting to take some color. Yet it's not a bad feeling so far lol I even started to laugh when I couldn't lift my bag correctly a few minutes a go.

Anyway, back to the class per se. I felt kinda powerful -flabby belly and all- when I saw myself in the mirror after completing one of the better attempts at the back hook. And that's only the first class! So I guess it's really true that it helps you feel sexier, so go for it anon!

I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should take things slowly and won't ace it at first; if you think you are a failure for barely doing a front kick on the pole, you're going to end up frustrated. Had to keep that in mind constantly, and was pretty satisfied when I could do my first acceptable-ish spin. So in a way, it's also cool to see your progress. (My class had one hour and a half duration, btw)

I'll totally start doing complimentary yoga as soon as the soreness go. It'll probably help tons with strenght and elasticity, and those are truly the core things to have when doin pole, so far.

If you ever start doing pole, keep ups updated as well, anon!

Anonymous 73

This was actually motivating as fuck, anon lol. Thanks for getting back to us! Definitely trying it out when I move closer to a pole place next month.

Also I'm totally here for hearing what people think about different kinds of workouts in this thread! It'd be cool to get some input on new stuff to try out.

Anonymous 74

I'll try to update you guys! Although, I have no idea how many months it will be until I have a stable job, so it might be a while before I can afford to throw my money at pole classes

Seconding the other anon, thank you for sharing with us!

Anonymous 2006

If any anons ITT like HIIT workouts like me, I highly recommend this one.

First because I was never bored; it moves quickly and the moves are pretty energetic. I had to stop at 13 mins because of period cramps, but I didn't even noticed I went this far to begin with (I was betting on about 7 mins), so that's a big plus for me.

Also, while doing the exercise, I thought I it wasn't that hard and that probably I wasn't getting "results" from it (I like to sweat and feel exhausted lol) but boi o boi, once I stopped my whole body became a fucking waterfall, and I mean that in the best of ways. It actually motivated me to finish the workout when my cramps get a bit more mild.

10/10 will do again.

Anonymous 8423


Anonymous 8471

I started using Chloe Tings Videos four weeks ago and I think they are amazing.
This is the first time that I'm exercising but I finally reached my goal of having a flat belly when relaxed. It was great to see how fast you can actually improve your performance. I needed a lot less breaks during the videos after the 5th day.

My next goal is to get a nicer butt.

Anonymous 8488

Just trying to find a way that works for me. Before COVID I was going to a local gym 2x a week to do one TRX class and one intro pilates and then yoga about 2x a month. I was also really busy back then and not trying to add much more and just focus on making those things a habit.
Since the pandemic I did nothing for months and then one day I snapped and my sister and I started getting up at anywhere between 6-8AM to do … something. My parents have a lot of gym equipment so we use that if it's raining, mostly we bike (it's not too hot out that early), sometimes we do general strength training (what I remember from TRX mostly lol) or use the treadmill. And now the pilates gym is open again and I'm so excited, and I can go back to very small yoga classes too.
It's been really helpful for me to keep the focus OFF of weight and body changes. I'm doing it for mental health and physical health to improve my cardiovascular fitness and maybe build some strength and improve my posture and flexibility. Also to have fun and make my days better. I have this mindset where any exercise>no exercise and if I don't enjoy it then I won't do it so I might as well have fun.

Anonymous 10645

I try to exercise about 10 minutes a day bc can't motivate myself to do more than that.
I keep from getting bored by finding new workout videos on youtube when I get bored of one. There are lots to choose from, so I never run out of new ones.
One female fitness youtuber I like is Pamela Reif. Her videos mostly don't contain any talking, they're short and to the point, as well as effective.

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